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Entry 53: Traveler Tales

After a StreetPass tag, a boat came to the dock to drop off a traveler named Faith, along with some imported ribbon cardigans from Video Game Island. The boat also took Chase away--he was Miss Piggy's sixth child.

Once Faith set up a tent at the campground, I went inside to visit her.

I remembered to make sure I had some play coins available before talking with her. And they came in handy, because she sold me some chorizo (one of the special foods) for three play coins.

She told me she became friends with Shaq, and she was telling him stories about her travels. Apparently she was picked up by a giant bird?

She didn't stop there, though: She's a real talker! She went on and on about ALL of her adventures.

Lucille 2 told me that she and Popeye were thinking of having another baby. I'm not going to stop them! Pop open a can of spinach and get to work!

The following day, Faith left a nice note at the campground.

Miss Piggy and Zoidberg told me they got a letter from Chase. He's currently on StreetPass Relay Point Island, waiting for another boat to pick him up. I haven't been hearing from any of my other travelers in a long time now. I'm starting to wonder if StreetPass Relay Point Island is really a one-way ticket to the void.

Cute little Madison is now all grown up! As her parents' first child, I've made her a permanent resident of the island.

And Lucille 2 gave birth to daughter #3, Leah.

I gave Squishy an equally squishy tomato, and she loved it! She started dancing for her all-time favorite food. I've now found all four of Squishy's favorite/worst foods.

Gavin, the son of Conan and Maeby, has now grown up and moved into his own apartment. It looks like his head is taller than his body.

I realized I haven't been using the sewing machines and frying pans very much. When you give an islander a sewing machine, he or she will make a new outfit. So I gave TZ a sewing machine, and she made a denim miniskirt. Perfect for the middle of winter!

And when you give a resident a frying pan, they start cooking a food dish. I gave one to GOB, and he started frying up something good (or at least I was hoping).

He fried up a nice...milkshake? I'm guessing it must be a banana milkshake.

February is here now, and that brings a new skyscraper interior that's on sale for this month only. It looks like a fancy restaurant, much like the one sometimes used by islanders to propose to their sweethearts.

And to celebrate the Super Bowl, a football uniform is now available as a SpotPass item. I'm not sure why George Sr. was the model for this, though. Even Miss Piggy would make a tougher football player than he would.

It can be purchased for $100.00 at the import-wear shop, and it comes in four colors. But why not orange?

I tried to give Jeff some hard candy, but he refused it, saying he didn't want it again. Islanders will refuse food if they're too full or if they've had that food before. However, neither of those seemed to be the case. If an islander has had a food item before, there will be a checkmark next to it--but there was none. This must be a glitch.
I gave Velma an oatmeal cookie, and she started dancing! It was her all-time favorite food.

UPDATE: The next time I played, I was able to give Jeff the hard candy and I got my checkmark. Even though it wasn't a serious problem or anything, I'm relieved that it wasn't permanent.

Thank you for stopping by!

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Notes: Nintendo has graciously provided me with an advance copy of Tomodachi Life. Thanks, Nintendo! All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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