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Entry 52: Two New Babies

I recently gave some tempura to Jeff and some spaghetti peperoncino to Breezy. Both of them turned gray and melted into puddles after eating their worst ever foods.

Lucille 2 asked me to help out with Sophie, so I tickled her and played peekaboo until she cheered up.

On the news, I heard about the new comedy duo that won the comedy festival: Zoidberg and Alien. They're out of this world!

It wasn't long before Sophie was all grown up and ready to travel the world. So long, Sophie!

Darth Vader then told me that he and Peach were thinking about having a baby. I told them to go for it.

Two days later, Peach gave birth to a daughter. At first, they wanted to call her Scarlett. But Miss Piggy already had a daughter by that name, so I asked Peach to pick a different name. She chose Madison. Welcome to the island, Madison! She even has a crown like her mother!

She was crying, so they asked me to rock her to calm her down.

Even though I've witnessed fights before (including this one), I had forgotten how I triggered them. But a comment from ThePikaWither on blog entry #9 answered the question. After one of the fighters gets sad from not being forgiven, he or she will have a thought bubble of the other person. Click that bubble twice and you'll be able to witness the fight they had. I tried it out when Breezy and Miss Piggy had a fight, and I got to witness them fight over a teddy bear.

Alien reported seeing a cloud shaped like Conan!

He felt that Cloudy Conan was comforting him over a mistake he made...

But Cloudy Conan refused to comment.

But maeby maybe Conan's appearance wasn't so innocent after all. Because literally just one minute later, Conan told me that he and Maeby are going to have a baeby baby. If you'll remember, Maeby was married to Alien until they broke up in entry #44. Could the cloud have been Conan's way of floating gloating?

Shaq told me he would like to go on a romantic vacation with Lindsay. So I gave him a travel ticket, and he and Lindsay headed off to Cambodia, where they visited Angkor Wat.

I gave Bobby Hill a gummy candy, and he loved it! He started dancing for his all-time favorite food. I'm guessing this must be his chicken dance. Caw-ca-caw!

Annyong wished that he was all grown up, so I granted his request by spraying him with deodorant an age-o-matic.

He's now all grown up. I actually gave him an age-o-matic once before, but I must have turned him back into a child afterwards (apparently). For now though, I'll probably let him stay an adult.

Yesterday, Maeby had her baby! It's a boy named Gavin. That seems like a good name for the son of Conan.

And today, they asked me to help babysit Gavin. Peekaboo was the only thing that would calm him down.

It had been a while since I've taken any group photos, so I decided to make a rare visit to the photo studio. Here's a picture of all my islanders (excluding the babies). Say cheese!

Thanks for visiting. See you next time!

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Notes: Nintendo has graciously provided me with an advance copy of Tomodachi Life. Thanks, Nintendo! All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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