Static Wants to Shave His Fur Off

Chow sent me his goodbye letter in the mail, and I received it today.

Jeff, Thanks for being here for me. I'm a better animal for knowing you. I'm leaving Forest behind, but I'll be thinking of you in my new home! -ChowA notice on the bulletin board informed town residents that the fireworks festivals are almost here! They take place on Sunday nights in August, and there are four of them this year.

~Fireworks Show~ The show starts at 7 p.m. this coming Sunday! Come welcome the start of summer with your pals!
It’s not really the *start* of summer, you know.

I’ll try to check out the fireworks at some point this month. Although, I still have some leftover unused fireworks from last year! Oops!

Roman candles and sparklers sitting on the ground outside of town hall in Animal Crossing: City Folk for Nintendo Wii.The hot summer temperatures are making some of the animals uncomfortable. Static even said he’s thinking about shaving his fur off! Don’t do it, Static! Just buy an air conditioner or something!

Static: It's so warm that even I'm thinking about shaving what fur I've got off, cluck!When I had a chat with Tank, he told me that Nan recently became a vegetarian. So I guess that means she ate meat until recently, then? Hmm, I wonder who what she ate.

Tank: Oh, the way, Nan became a vegetarian recently.Opal asked me for a new catchphrase, so I told her to say “I’m a gem.”

Opal: I love the sound of it... I'm a gem! It's like a magic word that makes me irrestible, I'm a gem!
She was surprised to find that it did help her self-esteem.

I then caught a few bugs, but it wasn’t late enough for the really valuable ones to be out just yet.

4 thoughts on “Static Wants to Shave His Fur Off”

  1. I found my old Wii and started playing City Folk again today. Tabby lives in my town, but so do two of my villagers from my very first City Folk town.

    The nostalgia is intense.

      1. Kabuki moved into my town yesterday, too. He lived in my ex’s town back in the day, and I always said I was going to steal him. Nine years later I finally got him!

        I like all the cat villagers, though…probably because I’m a crazy cat lady and have four real ones.

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