A Tough Cheerleader

I had a chat with Clyde out on the dead end today, and he was carrying a shovel around. He thought it made him look tougher.

Clyde: Doesn't this shovel make me look tougher? Like you wouldn't want to mess with me?
Yeah, nothing says tough like a horse carrying a shovel…and wearing a bikini.

Benedict asked me to make a delivery to Clyde today, and I agreed to help out. The gift was clothing, so Clyde changed out of his rainbow bikini and into a pep squad shirt. I’m not sure that this is helping Clyde’s attempts to look tougher, though. πŸ˜›

Clyde: Is this a pep-squad shirt? Huh. I guess I should make the most of it, though, and give it a try, clucky!
Oh, I think that Ben’s found himself a cheerleader… β™ͺ

I wrote Tabby a nice letter for a future ACCF video. And then I ordered a Mario outfit (shirt, hat, and mustache) at Nook ‘n’ Go. It’s also for a future video…just not an Animal Crossing video. πŸ˜‰ You’d probably never guess, even if you could brew up an idea.

Catalog: big bro's shirt, 256 bells.

I listened in on a conversation between Champ and Kitty. It started out with Champ asking what was going on with Kitty’s face. πŸ˜€ Too bad this discussion wasn’t with Tabby.

Champ: Yo, Kitty, what's going on with your face right there? tweedledee?

Kitty responded that she gets pimples on her left cheek when she gets dumped. I wonder who dumped her? I didn’t know she was dating anyone. But Champ brushed off that explanation, saying she probably got the pimples because she wasn’t working out hard enough.

Champ told me he was going to move out of town, but I didn’t want him to go. So I told him to stick around, but he said it was too late. But eventually, after at least seven separate attempts, he finally agreed to stay in town.

Champ: Your tears have, like, rusted the iron boulder of my heart, tweedledee.

I also did a little town maintenance, finally repairing the damage done during Pitfall Pandemonium. Nothing major, I just moved some gold roses back to where they were before, and I replanted an orange tree I chopped down to make room.

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