New Year’s Eve

I started up the game at 11:45 tonight, and a message informed me that the New Year’s Eve countdown had begun!

Hey, everybody! The year-end countdown has officially begun!

As I walked around, I was surprised to see lights on some cedar trees. Normally, I would call them Christmas lights. But I’ve been playing the game twice a week throughout December, almost always at night (and including Christmas Eve), and I have not seen these lights until now. Perhaps they’re just New Year’s Eve trees. 😛

Lights on trees on New Year's Eve.With Wild World, Nintendo seemed to go out of their way to remove any celebrations that could be seen as religious holidays. So the New Year’s Eve countdown is the only real western holiday that survived. Fortunately, the regular holidays returned in City Folk and New Leaf.

Anyway, I went around to talk to my villagers. Many of them mentioned the upcoming new year. Kiki said she was starting to feel nervous, while Pudge was looking forward to his first dream of 2017. He believes that the first dream of the year always comes true.

Pudge: Huh huh huh! I can't wait to have my first dream of the new year, pudgy.Baabara told me her new year’s resolution is to focus on herself more in the new year. That’s such a Baabara thing to say.

Baabara: I resolve to focus less on others and more on what really matters. ME!But surprisingly, she then got a bit philosophical on me. She wondered what will happen to 2016. In other words, where does the time…go?

Baabara: You ever thought about... what happens to time after it's gone? Where did it go?I headed over to town hall, where Tortimer told me not to panic. He gave me a party popper for the countdown.

Tortimer: Party poppers! How 'bout it, sprout? It's not a party without party poppers!I had five minutes to spare, so I went over the museum. Blathers told me that he has given up on his attempt to overcome his fear of bugs. Since he was making no progress, Celeste had a chat with him and told him that it’s okay if he’s afraid of bugs. Everybody has imperfections and that’s alright.

Blathers: "You detest bugs, Brother! And that is what makes you you! Got it?"I guess that probably wraps up that storyline; I enjoyed it while it lasted. Anyway, he identified the fossils I had dug up, and he accepted all three as donations to the museum.

I then went back to town hall and watched the final countdown. I fired off my party popper as the clock reached zero. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I fire off a party popper as the year-end countdown reaches zero. Happy New Year!Fireworks began going off in the sky above.

Fireworks go off to celebrate the New Year 2017 in Animal Crossing: Wild World.Since fireworks shows are one of the rare occasions where the top screen was significant, I played around with the Wii U Virtual Console screen display settings to get a better look.

Chevre, as displayed on Nintendo DS on New Year's Eve: So, this is what the year 2017 looks like, is it?Before wrapping up my night, I made a 20,000 bell mortgage payment inside of town hall. I then headed for home.

Here is a video of the night’s events. Happy New Year, everyone! Have a great 2017! 🙂

Earning the Fashionista Badge

When I spoke with Kiki tonight, she invited me to see the fireworks on New Year’s Eve. I think I’ll do just that. 🙂

Kiki: You should come watch the fireworks on New Year's Eve, kitty cat!I also had a little chat with Bill. Kiki and Bill both live near me, so I usually see them before I see other villagers. But not only did Bill call me a dumbbell again, but he also got mad at the way I answered his pop quiz about how ripe of a banana he is.

Bill: H-hey! I'm not rotten! And I'm sure not mushy! I'm all banana, baby!So I took the rotten, mushy banana peel known as Bill and buried that trash in the ground.

Bill: WHAT'S GOING ON?! THE RAGE! IT'S TAKING ME!! Yaargh, hunt me!!
Looks like you slipped up, Mr. Bananagrabber.

Well, I found the money rock that I never tracked down last time. And I know why I had trouble finding it: It’s hidden behind a tree. In fact, I only got a couple of money bags from it this time because I didn’t realize money came out after the first hit. So I went into Nookway, bought an axe, and then cut that tree down. Timber!

Using an axe to cut down a tree in Animal Crossing: Wild World.
I won’t have any trouble finding this rock next time.

Gracie was parked outside of town hall. She gave me a quiz to see if I could earn her Fashionista Badge, and I apparently did quite well this time. I even got a drumroll out of her.

Gracie: Darling, can I get a drumroll up in here? Ta-DAH!!!She handed me a certificate which called me a true fashionista! Did I really just ace her quiz on only my 2nd try?

Dear fabulous Jeff, You are beyond fabulous! Gracie has GOT to pay her respects to the only true fashionista! -GracieEven though the paper is called a certificate, Gracie refers to it as the Fashionista Badge. I was expecting the fashionista badge to be a physical badge, but I’ll certainly accept the award regardless.

Gracie: Maybe it's 'cause of that Fashionista Badge of yours!In case this helps anyone trying to complete Gracie’s fashion pop quiz, I’ll post each of her questions along with my answers (in bold print). Of course I was just trying to say what I thought she wanted to hear, but that strategy worked!

  • People who won’t settle for anything but designer labels… Have standards.
  • Honey, I just heard someone say, “That kid is the new hotness!” What do you think of that? Me?
  • You hit up a hot sale. You only have time to run for one area. Where do you go? Shoes.
  • When is it appropriate to sport legwarmers? Never!
  • What’s your greatest asset? Long legs!

Afterwards, she offered to sell me an outfit. I got to choose how much to pay, and I went with 2,250 bells. She gave me a grape shirt and some funky glasses. I kept the shirt on, but ditched the glasses.

In the museum, Blathers had more new dialogue for me. He told me he plans to take Celeste camping once the summer comes. He feels bad for all the scenes he’s created by getting scared over insects. Hopefully the camping trip will go well.

Blathers: I'd very much like to take Celeste camping in the summertime, you see...I found Chevre packed up and planning on moving out of town once again. I kept speaking to her until she told me she would consider sticking around.

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back late on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) with my blog entry for New Year’s Eve. Hope to see you then!

Update: Here is a video showing me earning the fashionista badge from Gracie.

No Holiday Spirit

Today is Christmas Eve in the real world, but not in Wild World. Sadly, ACWW is different from other Animal Crossing games in that respect. But I did receive a letter from “Mom” in the mail today, and she mentioned that the holidays were here. She enclosed a red boom box to the letter. I guess that’s my present. 😛

Dear Jeff, It smells like snow and hot chocolate! It's that time of year again! The holidays! Bundle up out there! -MomIt was snowing in town tonight, and Kiki commented on how the world seems quieter when it’s snowing.

Kiki: All the daily hustle and bustle seems quieter when it's snowing out.Static seems to be the town grinch. Apparently just saying hello to him makes him angry. Lighten up, man.

Static: Oh, hello! You tryin' to make me mad? 'Cause you're succeeding!Poor Pudge was still sick. Being sick is never fun, but being sick during the holidays is the worst. I bought some medicine for him; I hope he starts feeling better soon.

Pudge does a backflip as he takes some cold medicine.If there’s one thing Wild World does right, it’s giving backstory on some of the special characters. Even though Sable’s interesting dialogue has now been reduced to commenting on the day of the week, I’m now continuing to hear more about Blathers.

He told me that his attempt to get over his fear of bugs is failing; he even fainted after looking at his bug book. He’s really struggling with this, and I kind of feel sad for the guy. The other Animal Crossing games never made me feel anything about Blathers other than annoyance that he talks so much.

Blathers: The next thing I know, my sister was waking me up! Yes. Hoo. I'd fainted...After having him identify two fossils, I went downstairs to the Roost. K.K. performed Surfin’ K.K. for me. I actually enjoyed the song more than I expected.

K.K.: All right, get ready to dig the riffs on this ditty: Surfin' K.K.!Remember how I said Static was the town grinch? Well, Bill is even worse than a grinch. Since it’s Christmas Eve, I’ll try to say it as nicely as I can: He’s a jerk. He decided to give me a new nickname: Dumbbell! I wanted to grab a NES Zapper and go Duck Hunting.

Bill: OK, then from this moment on, you're dumbbell!For the first time , I failed to find the money rock today. I guess I could have spent more time looking for it, but I had a lot to do with it being Christmas Eve. Speaking of which, I hope you all have a great Christmas and holiday season! I’ll see you all next time!