Nookington’s Grand Opening

Shortly before 11:00, I started up the game and quickly made my way over to Nook’s shop. There it was: The newly upgraded Nookington’s!

Nookington's department store in Forest.Today was the department store’s grand opening! Tom Nook welcomed me in.

Tom Nook: Welcome! Yes, welcome to the grand opening of Nookington's!Not only is there a second floor full of merchandise, but there’s a new hair salon on the first floor too. This was the first appearance of Shampoodle!

The entrance of the Shampoodle hair salon inside of Nookington's.I didn’t get a haircut today, but I still went inside to take a look and meet Harriet, the stylist. She told me that she’s like a fairy godmother that can make my follicle fantasies come true.

Harriet: Cute, nice, or spicy! We can make any follicle fantasy you have come true, sugar!I may get my hair styled another day, but for now, I just wanted to take a look around Nookington’s. The second floor looked much like it does on GameCube, but it has additional furniture along the south wall, where the GameCube game has clothing.

The second floor of Nookington's in Animal Crossing: Wild World.Before I could decide if I wanted to buy anything or not, the clock struck 11 o’clock, and Timmy and Tommy rudely forced me out.

Tommy: Yes, so would you please help us out and leave? ...leave?As you may know, the original DS version of Animal Crossing: Wild World required that a player from another town had to shop at your store before you could upgrade to Nookington’s. Fortunately, that requirement has been removed from the Virtual Console version on Wii U. So that’s why I was able to unlock Nookington’s even though there’s no online play.

Anyway, I then resumed my normal walk around town. Static was all packed up in boxes, ready to move out of town! That was not acceptable, so I kept talking to him until I got him to reconsider.

Static: Thanks for sticking with me. It's nice to be wanted. Maybe I'll reconsider...A message posted on the bulletin board complained about an unrealistic movie in which two hedgehogs fall in love. This seems like something Phyllis would write.

-Talking to Myself- I just saw this movie where two hedgehogs fell in love! The ending was so cliche! Bah! Unbelievable.The flea market was held today, where you can (try to) buy furniture from your villagers, and they may want to buy some from you. Moe welcomed me to his market, but he refused to sell me his skeleton! I have a bone to pick with him now. What are you scared of? Don’t be so spineless.

Moe: And that's quite the nice little piece, eh? Well, you can't have it.I then headed over the Roost to check out some live music. K.K. performed K.K. Dixie for me (and gave me the aircheck). Next, I went to town hall, where I found a turntable in the recycle bin.

I was about done playing, but I wanted to put my new song in my stereo at home. But as soon as I entered my house, Baabara barged in! She asked about buying my outdoor bath, and I told her she could have it for just 9,999,999 bells. That’s my special price just for Baabara. 😉 She declined the offer.

Baabara: NO WAY!
Your loss.

I didn’t want to wait around, so I just ended my game. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone!

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    1. Monique was especially rude. I remember in my Gamecube town, when I was a little Samzyy, she made me literally have a breakdown. Of course I was 3-6, and I have gotten over it.

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