Hopper Hops to Town

I saw a bug I hadn’t caught yet on a tree this evening. So I walked towards it…and then I scared it off. I reflexively swung my net anyway, and to my surprise, I actually caught it as it was trying to escape! I actually caught it the hard way. This was my first lanternfly.

I caught a lanternfly! You light up my life!I found a new house in town, and Hopper the penguin was inside. Even though he briefly lived in my GameCube town back in 2012, he’s not a villager that I’ve very familiar with. I haven’t seen much of him in any Animal Crossing game.

Hopper: My name is Hopper. Well, nice to meet you, slushie.On the bulletin board, there was a new “Talking to Myself” post about TV shows. The writer (probably Phyllis or Pelly) talks about how she can’t tell which TV shows are real and which are fake.

-Talking to Myself- I can't tell which talk show is real and which one is fake...and if I don't know, I don't wanna watch!Anyway, Nibbles was still bugging me about getting her some new clothes. And since I didn’t want anyone to have to see Nibbles’ naked niblets, I decided to buy an orange tie-dye shirt for her. She really seemed to like it, and she gave me a pilot’s cap to thank me.

Nibbles: I m-i-i-i-ght ask you for somethin' else later, niblet!
She actually looks cute when she closes her eyes.

Rod also asked me for new clothes today, so I bought a racer shirt for him.

Rod: Enough of that, though. You got something to say to me, ace? Jeff: Clothe yourself!He wasn’t thrilled with the shirt, but he gave me 510 bells for my trouble.

Puddles was still sick, and she described how she was feeling in way too much detail. She said she felt so queasy that she’s going to redecorate her shoes! That’s disgusting!

Puddles: Oooh... I feel queasy... I think I'm totally gonna redecorate my shoes...At the museum, I donated my lantern fly and identified two fossils. One of the fossils, a plesio torso, was one that I needed. It completed the plesiosaur.

The complete plesiosaur fossil in the museum of Animal Crossing: Wild World for Nintendo DS.I only need one more fossil (the parasaur skull) to complete this wing of the museum.

At town hall, I made a 23,000 bell mortgage payment. I then wrapped up my game for the night.

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