Static’s Birthday

After a quick shopping trip at Nookington’s, I headed over to Static’s house. Today is his birthday, so I made sure to attend his birthday party! Kiki was also there, and Static was getting emotional that two people showed up to his party. 😛

Static: To think I'd ahve as many as TWO people at my birthday party...
Well aren’t you Mr. Popular.

I then handed over his birthday present…a bird feeder! Squirrels are always getting into those things, so I thought he’d appreciate one that he can eat from, without having to feel guilty about stealing from birds. Not that Static has a conscience or anything. 😛

Static: Hey! Look at that! A bird feeder!He seemed rather neutral about it (he didn’t necessarily like it or dislike it), but he did appreciate the fact that I got him a present at all. He instantly rewarded me with a tumbleweed. Hmm, maybe that’s his subtle way of saying he didn’t care for the gift. 😛

But he did seem genuinely happy that Kiki and I cared enough to come. Happy birthday, Static!

Static, crying: Bwahhhaaaa! I'm so happy, ki ki ki!Outside, Rod was still looking for some new clothes. So I gave him a wrestler shirt. In return, he gave me a frock coat.

A bit later, I ran into Rod again. He asked for a new greeting, and I told him to say “cheese is life.”

Rod: Cheese is life!I went up and down the beach (well, technically left and right) looking for good summer bugs tonight, as I enjoy doing in ACCF. I also did some fishing along the way. Nookington’s was closed by this point, so I ended up putting some fish and bugs in my house to sell next time. But I also caught two new bugs, a goliath beetle and an atlas beetle!

I caught the atlas beetle!

I also caught a freshwater goby out of the river. Believe it or not, that was my first one! So I took all three of my new catches and donated them to the museum. Blathers told me he has a friend that thinks freshwater goby tastes great on pizza! Yeccchhhhh!

Blathers: A friend of mine claims that freshwater goby tastes fantastic on pizza.He then called his friend a loon. 😀

Blathers: What a loon, eh wot?Since I didn’t have much money in my pockets, I didn’t even bother going into town hall. But I’ll have a lot of stuff to sell next time. I enjoy these late-night summer bug hunts, and they help me make progress on my museum completion too. It’s a good time of year to play Animal Crossing. 🙂

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  1. I love static. He was one of my first starter villagers in new leaf. I had such a amazing experience playing new leaf for the first time. I can’t just get back into it. Where did those days go…. 🙁

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