Catching a Scorpion

Since my pockets were full, I made my way over to Nookington’s before it closed tonight. Tom Nook gave me over 24,000 bells for the stuff I had in my pockets.

Back outside, I saw the shape of an eel in the river. So I fished out my very first eel.

Animated GIF showing the eel I caught in Animal Crossing: Wild World (ACWW) for Nintendo DS (as played on Wii U Virtual Console).I went to the museum to donate it, and I noticed Blathers had some new dialogue once again. He said he misses the days of living in a big city. Apparently, no one from the Farway Museum wanted to move away to curate the new museum opening up in Forest. So, they sent him.

Blathers: 'Twas my understanding that no one from the main Farway Museum would move...That actually sounds like the plot of the Mr. Bean movie. 😛 But Blathers said he doesn’t regret coming to Forest, he just gets homesick sometimes.

Anyway, I found Rod all packed up and ready to move out of town. I didn’t want him to leave, so I talked to him over and over until he reconsidered.

Rod: My brain's all bamboozled... Maybe I should rethink the whole thing, in my ears!Outside of town hall, the message of the week said that if you lose something big, just pretend pirates took it. 😛

*Message of the Week* If you lose something big, pretend pirates took it.While walking on the beach, I saw something I hadn’t seen in Wild World before: A scorpion! Fortunately, it wasn’t moving much, so I walked over to it and caught it! 😀 I think I really lucked out getting it on my first try!

Jeff swings his net at a scorpion in Animal Crossing: Wild World (ACWW).While coming up between Nookington’s and Able Sisters, I spotted an even bigger bug in the distance! Oh wait, that’s just Gracie.

The outline of Gracie in the distance.I’m not even going to waste my time on Gracie. 😛

I then returned to the museum to donate the scorpion. Blathers told me that scorpions can be affected by their own venom! He wondered why they even bother carrying it around. He compared it to walking around with a piano above his head. 😛

Blathers: If I walked around with a piano above my head, I'd expect to be squashed, wot!
You’ve got to tune out those thoughts, Blathers.

When I bumped into Puddles, she showed me a letter she got about the barbaric treatment of animal crackers. 😀 Sounds like Nintendo is poking some fun at PETA. 😛

Stop the Slaughter! Animal crackers live in tiny cages before they're cruelly eaten. Protest this barbaric process! -Animals for CrackersI finished up my night with some fishing and bug-catching. Since the shop was closed, I once again filled up my pockets with things to sell next time.

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  1. Congratulations on the scorpion! I should really get back to being active on this blog – your posts literally always makes me smile!

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