Back Rub & Bad Rhino

Crazy Redd was in town today, and he had this quaint painting for sale. I made the mistake of not checking to see if there was already one in the museum. Hint: There is. So I bought it, wasting 3,920 bells in the process.

Redd: A quaint painting! Cousin, you've got incredible taste! Ol' Redd is in awe!It actually turned out to be fake anyway. Just for fun, here’s a picture of me leaving Crazy Redd’s tent. 😛

Coming out of Crazy Redd's tent in Animal Crossing: Wild World.

When I spoke to Rod, he told me he was impressed by the size of my house. He even asked whose back I had to rub to get a dream home like that. Hey, what are you implying?!

Rod: Whose back did you have to rub to make that dream come true?
None of your business! That’s between me and Tom Nook.

On the bulletin board, there was a new message of the week. I thought it was pretty amusing this week. 🙂

*Message of the Week* Home is where the heart is. Home is the rib cage.I visited Baabara, and she was talking about her all-new makeup. She said she bought so much of the latest blush by Nintendique that they gave her a free trash can. She then gave the trash can to me. How exciting.

Baabara: I got so much they gave me a trash can. Here, you can have it!
Doesn’t it look like she’s holding it in her mouth? Good dog.

Back outside, I was about to catch a bug that was on a tree. But then Rhonda came over, went right up to it, and scared it away! Bad rhino!

Rhonda about to scare a bug away in Animal Crossing: Wild World (ACWW) for Nintendo DS.So I buried a pitfall seed for Rhonda and started to push her towards it. But Hopper was also nearby, and he walked right into it!

Hopper falls into a pitfall that was meant for Rhonda in ACWW.I then spent some time fishing and bug-catching. I didn’t catch anything new, but I did snag some valuable bugs. Unfortunately, Nookington’s closed before I could sell them all. With only 23,000 bells in my pockets, I didn’t bother making a mortgage payment this time. But I should be able to make a fairly big payment next time, once I sell all the stuff in my pockets.

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