Citrus Day

It must have been citrus day at Nookington’s. Among the furniture items available today, they had an orange chair, a lime chair, and a grapefruit table.

An orange chair, a lime chair, and a grapefruit table for sale in Nookington's.
Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the Citrus

Outside, Baabara asked me for a new catchphrase and I told her to say “your mom.” As I was trying to get her to use it in a humorous way, she asked me to deliver a letter to Kiki. But then she saw that I didn’t have an empty slot to hold the letter.

Baabara: Just look at your grubby paws! They're full of stuff!

Being the genius that she is, she then asked me to take a letter to Rod. Duh. I couldn’t do that either. And then she again asked me to take a letter to Kiki! Again, not possible. At this point, I was sick of talking to her and I moved on.

Static’s replacement has now moved in…into the same exact spot where Static lived! Inside the house, I found Joey the duck. I think I know where he came from… Joey just moved out of my GameCube town the other day. 😉

Joey: Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Joey, bleeeeeck.Crazy Redd was in town, and I used the password “bean curd” to get inside his tent. He had a scary painting for sale for 3,920 bells, so I bought it. Over at the museum, I learned that it was a genuine painting! So Blathers happily accepted it for display in the museum.

The scary painting on display in the museum in Animal Crossing: Wild World for Nintendo DS.Next, I visited Rhonda and saw that she was finally over her cold. She thanked me for the medicine I’ve taken her, and she gave me a token of her appreciation…a grapefruit table. Good thing I didn’t buy that one at the shop (even if it was a juicy deal).

Rhonda: A deal's a deal. Here's your grapefruit table. Enjoy, bigfoot!I caught a few fish and bugs, but nothing very valuable. Since I didn’t earn much money tonight (and what little I did earn went to pay for that painting), I didn’t make a house payment this time.

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