So Much Drama

Big Top had his belongings all packed up in boxes tonight. He was about to move out of town, just before his birthday next week! But of course, I talked him out of moving.

When I visited Joey, he asked me if I knew what paparazzi are.

Joey: Jeff, do you know what paparazzi are, bleeeeeck?He said he couldn’t understand what kind of father is a “Razzi.”

Joey: So, I don't get it. What kind of father is a "Razzi"? It's all so confusing.Outside, Rhonda told me she thought her outfit made her look pretty.

Rhonda: Hey, champ! Like my outfit? I think it makes me pretty, bigfoot!I took a step back to see what she was wearing…the bone shirt I gave her last time. Um, okay…

Rhonda wearing a bone shirt in Animal Crossing: Wild World.
What lovely bones you have.

I then listened in a conversation between Kiki and Rod. Kiki asked Rod what type of cake he would be, if he could choose. Rod replied that he’d be a “beefcake,” because of the muscles all over his body.

Rod: Beefcake! Get it? 'Cause I'm totally muscled out to the max, in my ears.Kiki got mad because Rod put such an image in her mind. She thought it was completely disgusting.

Kiki: Ew! Why did you have to make me picture that!? That's disgusting!Kiki stormed off in anger, while the argument made Rod depressed.

On the bulletin board, I found a new “Talking to Myself” message posted. The author admitted to eating 17 chocolate waffles yesterday. 😛

-Talking to Myself- I'm making a daily diary of what I eat. Did I really chow 17 chocolate waffles yesterday?! URP!
Do you like waffles? Yeah, we like waffles!

Puddles was still sick with a cold, so I gave her some medicine again.

Down in the Roost, I asked K.K. Slider for a random song. He then performed K.K. Technopop for me. It’s not the best song when performed live…particularly at the beginning. Sounds like there’s not much to it.

K.K.: All right, get ready to dig the riffs on this ditty: K.K. Technopop!After selling some things at Nookington’s, I encountered a scorpion! I had my net out, so I swung at it…but I missed. It moved in and attacked me! Unfortunately, it had better aim than I did. R.I.P. Jeff.

Jeff falls after being attacked by a scorpion in Animal Crossing: Wild World.Earlier, Kiki had asked me to make a delivery to Hopper. It took me a while to track him down, but I eventually made the delivery. Surprisingly, Kiki was standing nearby, still mad about her argument with Rod. Hopper used his catchphrase in spectacular fashion.

Hopper: Heh! Heh! Forgetting about a gift is like forgetting to breathe, if I fart!
Giving him this catchphrase was the best decision I’ve ever made. 😛

He opened the gift, which was a cake shirt. He hated it so much that he said it was going to make him hurl. 😛 And if that reaction wasn’t extreme enough, he even said he couldn’t be friends with someone with such bad taste. And yet he keeps saying “if I fart” as he criticizes someone else for bad taste. Haha, I love it. 😛

Hopper: I just can't be friends with anyone with taste that bad, if I fart.
So much drama tonight.

I had to wait for Kiki to calm down before I could tell her I made the delivery. But she eventually gave me some slate flooring as my reward.

Anyway, I found three fossils tonight, and I also caught some bugs and fish. I made a 25,000 bell mortgage payment at town hall, and I still have some stuff to sell next time (since the shop closed before I was done).

But there were two things I didn’t catch (well, three if you count that scorpion earlier). Two sharks. I spotted them in the ocean, and both times, they took the bait before I could reel them in. I’m convinced that sharks require a faster reaction time to catch than other fish in this game. It’s kind of annoying that I keep missing out on them!

My latest Wild World video is now online! It’s Ep. 10, and it includes some of the more interesting/funny events from August through this past Tuesday. I hope you’ll check it out. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be back on Tuesday with another entry.

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