Kiki’s Birthday

“Mom” sent me a letter in the mail today, talking about the arrival of autumn. She included an acorn with the letter, just like she did last October. I got that one out of storage; these acorns may come in handy this week.

I spotted a ladybug on a flower today, and I got my net out and caught it. It was my first one, so I made sure to donate it to the museum.

I caught a ladybug! So petite! So lovely!I chatted with Rod outside of Able Sisters, and he said it would be funny if Joey and Hopper turned out to be brothers. They may both be birds, but they’re different species. Joey is a duck, and Hopper is a penguin.

Rod: Wouldn't it be funny if Joey and Hopper turned out to be brothers?He then said it would be hilarious if they were actually sisters! Yes, that would be quite a surprise. 😛

Rod: Then again, it would be HILARIOUS if they were sisters, ace!Puddles was still sick, and I gave her some medicine…for the 5th time! I’m getting tired of this. But at least Puddles was very grateful. She even said I was at the top of her friend list. And I believe she actually meant it.

Puddles: You know what name's on the top of my friend list? Jeff!Today was Kiki’s birthday, so I attended her party. Baabara was also there to help her celebrate. For Kiki’s present, I gave her a ring! A life ring, that is.

Kiki: Check it out! You got me a life ring!Despite the shocked look on her face, she seemed to enjoy the gift. She then thanked me by giving me a lovely wall.

At town hall, I made a 25,000 bell mortgage payment before wrapping up my day in Forest. But I’ll be back with another entry soon!

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