Acorn Festival Begins

Today is the first day of the Acorn Festival, and I rushed over to town hall to speak with Tortimer. Er, I mean, Cornimer. He sang a nutty song about acorns for me.

Cornimer: That's right, I love acorns! And they abound when I'm around!He then introduced himself as the mysterious Cornimer. 😛

Cornimer: Allow me to introduce myself! I am the mysterious Cornimer! Ooh! MEESTEERIOUS!Cornimer explained that he uses his special powers to scatter acorns around town. He compared himself to the tooth fairy, but in reverse. There’s got to be a better way to say that.

Cornimer: Much like the tooth fairy... but in reverse, with acorns, not teeth, and no tiara!He told me to bring him all the acorns I can find, but not any rotten acorns. If I take him enough acorns, he will give me prizes. So I began my search. Acorns appear under regular (non-fruit, non-cedar) trees, from what I can tell. So I began picking them up.

Picking up acorns during the Acorn Festival in Animal Crossing: Wild World.I returned to him with some acorns, but before he accepted them, he gave me my fortune. Apparently I’m a medium acorn.

Your secret fortune: Medium Acorn. Life: Wait and see... Hopes: It could happen. Karma: You're on track. -Look behind you!He then gave me a mush stool in exchange for my first seven acorns. I continued my search as I made my rounds. Many of my villagers were also talking about the festival.

Hopper: I'm talking 'bout free acorns for a whole week, know what I mean?
Are you aware you’re a penguin and not a squirrel?

The acorns come in various shapes, which you can see when you open your pockets.

Varying acorn shapes in my pockets during the Acorn Festival in ACWW.As far as I can tell, the shapes don’t matter. Other than the rotten ones of course, which you don’t want to give to Tortimer. I just put mine in the recycle bin at town hall.

Rotten acorns in the recycle bin at town hall in Animal Crossing: Wild World.Puddles was still sick today, but I didn’t buy her any medicine. I was actually going to, but I just forgot. Oops. But if the five doses I’ve already given her haven’t helped, I don’t know that a sixth would’ve made a difference anyway.

Puddles: I, like, feel all barfy... I hope I didn't catch a cold, rib-ribbit...During one of my stops at town hall, I made a 15,000 bell mortgage payment.

In all, I gave Cornimer 42 acorns. In addition to the mush stool, he also gave me a mush end table, a mush lamp, and a mush chair.

Four pieces of mush furniture I got from Cornimer during the Acorn Festival.There are more items to earn, so I’ll be playing more this week.

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  1. I recently discovered your blog and I’ve been addicted to it haha. Keep up the awesome job!! I’m still catching up with the December posts right now but just want you to know that I love your blog. 🙂 I’m planning to get Animal Crossing because of it now. 😉

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