Strange Conversations

Wishy the shooting star sent me a letter in the mail, and I received it tonight.

Earthbound Jeff, I heard a special someone make a wish one night... It's my job to make that wish come true... -From Wishy the StarInside, I found a baby panda. I don’t think that’s what I wished for, but it’s not like I can return the gift or anything. 😉

Animated GIF showing me opening a gift in Animal Crossing: Wild World.Big Top was still sick, so I bought some medicine for him again.

Big Top: Eyes swimming... Head burning... Toenails aching... Must have...medicine...

Hopper commented on the size of my house, saying that I must get canyon-like echoes…if he farts. This catchphrase of his just keeps on giving! 😉

Hopper: I bet you get canyon-like echoes in a house that big, if I fart!Rod was talking about push-ups, and he asked if I knew the perfect number of push-ups to do. I had to answer using a slider…but the two extreme options were 99 and 100! Not much of a range to choose from. 😛

Rod: So what's the perfect number? ...Do you know? 100? 99?I answered 100, and he suggested that was too many. He said 100 push-ups might give you a bone ache in addition to a muscle ache. I don’t think one extra push-up would be that much different, but sure, Rod. 😛

But that wasn’t the strangest conversation of the night. Rhonda told me that putting a lot of bugs in your room is like having an air freshener. She said everything smells better when you have a beetle in your boudoir. I’ll take her word for it.

Rhonda: Everything smells better with a beetle in your boudoir!I went down to the Roost for some music, and K.K. Slider performed Mr. K.K. for me.

K.K.: All right, get ready to dig the riffs on this ditty: Mr. K.K.!After that, I caught a few bugs and fish. I then made a 25,000 bell mortgage payment at town hall before returning home for the night.

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