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Big Top was over his cold and feeling better today. He thanked me for the medicine I gave him recently by rewarding me with a concrete wall. Thankfully, it fit easily into my pockets. 😛

Big Top: Uh, OK. I've got your concrete wall right here, your mom.Crazy Redd was in town, so I went inside his tent to check out what he had for sale. He had a common painting this week, but I already have one of those in my museum. Then I saw he also had a cool sword–a white katana. However, he wanted 73,600 bells for it! No way!

Redd: And I'm gonna offer it to you for ONLY 73,600 bells!
Can’t you slash the price?

Outside, I ran into an angry Hopper. He told me to shut up because he was in a bad mood. It wasn’t my fault, though! He must have had an argument with someone else.

Hopper: Shut up! I'm in a really, really bad mood right now!Rod was all packed up and ready to move out of town. I decided to let him to go. Even though I did ask him to stay one time, I didn’t feel like talking to him over and over until he agreed to reconsider. And that’s what you have to do. So long, my mousey friend.

Rod: I dunno if I'll ever come back, so...I'm dedicating my crunches to you...A bit later, I ran into Hopper again and he pinged me. He thanked me for putting up with him, and he admitted that he gets crabby sometimes (yeah, like just a few minutes before). So he surprised me by giving me his picture!

Hopper: Here... This is, uh, my picture, slushie. Here's hoping you like it.I made a 20,000 bell mortgage payment at town hall, and then I returned home to take a look at Hopper’s pic. This is my 7th villager pic so far. Hopper’s favorite quote is on the back: “This is my good side.”

Hopper's pic in my upstairs room of villager pictures.

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  1. Hopper must’ve given up whatever he’d been eating that was giving him gas (I noticed he didn’t say “if I fart” anymore).

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