New HRA Reward, New Fish, New Pig

I received a letter from the Happy Room Academy (HRA) today, telling me that my house scored 70,777 points. But the interesting part is that they sent me a gift for exceeding 70,000!

Jeff, your room gets 70,777 points! Amazing! Please take this gift to commemorate earning 70,000 points! -Happy Room AcademyI guess adding Big Top’s pic last time pushed me over the 70k mark. The gift was a one-story model, which is a model of a one-story house, of course. 😛

The one-story model in my Animal Crossing: Wild World house.While fishing by the waterfall, I caught my first large char!

I caught a large char! Ready? set?!I donated it to the museum, and I noticed that the fish is actually just called a char (not a large char). It kind of annoys me that some fish/bug names aren’t consistent, but oh well. 😛

Blathers: Sadly, it is NOT deemed acceptable to char them, rendering all puns moot.I found a new house in town; Curly just moved in! He introduced himself, and then he called me skinny!

Curly: You oughta drink protein-enriched coffee now and then, skinny!
Excuse me for not being a pig like you.

When I visited Joey, I saw that he had two dharmas in his house. Whyyyyy? They’re kinda creepy-looking…and why does he need two of them?

Two dharmas in Joey's house in Animal Crossing: Wild World.I ran into Puddles outside, and she was acting a bit weird…saying my lucky sound of the day is ear-splitting opera? What???

Puddles: J-rock's lucky sound of the day is...ear-splitting opera!Puddles: If you're feeling down, just dance the wrestling dance!I thought she had lost her mind. But it all made sense once she explained herself. She was just making fun of Katrina!

Puddles: ...Well, I was making fun of Katrina. That's all, rib-ribbit!Once I finished making my rounds, I made a 20,000 bell mortgage payment at town hall and then ended my game for the day.

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