Curly the Cannibal

I visited Curly tonight, and he told me that he put a fossil in his room. But then, he told me he prefers spare ribs to fossils! Wow, he’s a cannibal!

Curly: But, to be honest... I like spare ribs better than fossils...Why don’t you come over for dinner? I’ll chop up some spare ribs and maybe make some Curly fries too. You It will be delicious.

It’s funny because I remember seeing a post somewhere (probably Tumblr) that said all of the food dishes mentioned in Animal Crossing games didn’t include meat (fish yes, but not beef or pork, etc.). Wish I could find it now. 😛 Maybe it just referred to New Leaf, although I don’t think it made that distinction.

When I spoke to Rhonda, she said she was so glad she got to know me and become close to me. She said we’ll be best friends.

Rhonda: I want to be very close to you, captain! We'll be best friends, on my horn!
Yeah, I’ve heard that before. Get out of here.

I visited Joey, and he was telling me that fossils smell really good. Apparently they smell like dirty gems.

Joey: They're sweet and earthy at the same time. Like the smell of, uh, dirty gems!A new “Talking to Myself” message posted to the bulletin board says that pelicans are the symbol for savings. According to Katrina, at least.

-Talking to Myself- Katrina told me that the pelican was the symbol for savings. I'm not sure how I feel about that.I went to the Roost for the Saturday night musical performance, and K.K. Slider played K.K. Country for me.

K.K.: All right, get ready to dig the riffs on this ditty: K.K. Country!I didn’t make much money tonight–just the bells from the money rock and from selling the one fossil I found. So I only made a 10,000 bell mortgage payment this time. I’ll try to do better next time, if I can.

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