Elephant in the Room

Kiki was sick with a cold tonight, so I gave her some medicine. It turned her world upside-down. Get well soon, kitty.

Kiki flips upside-down as she takes some medicine in ACWW.Yay Day is coming up tomorrow…that’s the day that you’re supposed to give everyone compliments. Hopper told me he was going to be extra nice and compliment everyone he sees. But then he backtracked, admitting that wasn’t very realistic. 😛

Hopper: Oh, who am I kidding? I never say anything nice to anyone!When I ran into Baabara, she told me that she bought some new sunscreen…but she was wondering if she put on too much. She said it might be interesting if she turned the color of tuna salad.

Baabara: It might be interesting to turn the color of tuna salad...
What is wrong with ewe?

Big Top asked me if I had a favorite place, where I like to go to take a nap. He then confessed that his favorite place was the floor of my house! He sneaks in and takes a nap there when I’m not home! 😮

Big Top: Huh? Oh, me? Well, when you're out, sometimes I like to snooze on your floor!
You WHAT?!

He’s lucky I haven’t caught him yet. There’s no way I could ignore the elephant in the room.

I went down to the Roost to check out some music. K.K. Slider played K.K. March for me. It was a little too upbeat for my mood, but oh well. You can’t specify a certain mood of song you’d like, unlike later games.

I did a little fishing, and started shaking some trees. I ran into Big Top again, and he showed me a letter he received. It advised him to stop second-guessing and doubting himself. Good advice.

Young Big Top, You always second-guess yourself. Think of all the time you'd save if you stopped doubting yourself! -The Voice of ReasonA couple of the trees I shook contained bees that I couldn’t quite catch, so my face got stung a couple of times. But some of the other trees had money bags in them, and one had a kiddie couch. But as I was doing that, I heard a mole cricket nearby. I checked my list, and saw that I had not yet caught one!

So I started digging. I had to dig 35+ holes before I finally found it, but I then switched to my net and caught the little bugger.

I caught a mole cricket! I don't see any moles on you, little guy!I donated the mole cricket to the museum, and I made a 30,000 bell mortgage payment over at town hall. After that, I returned home, put my new music in my stereo, and then ended my night in Forest.

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