December Flea Market

Kiki was still sick when I visited her tonight, so I gave her some medicine once again.

Kiki takes her medicine.The flea market was being held today, and as usual, I wasn’t interested. Big Top called his shop Mega Mart, but he should have called it Fish Mart. Five of the six items in his house were fish!

Big Top: Come again! Big Top's Mega Mart will be waiting!After Blathers identified two fossils for me at the museum, I went downstairs to the Roost. I asked K.K. for a random song, and he performed K.K. Samba for me.

K.K.: All right, get ready to dig the riffs on this ditty: K.K. Samba!At town hall, I made a 15,000 bell mortgage payment and then headed for home. But before I could put my new song in my stereo, Puddles barged in. She said my stuff was quite unique, and then she called me obsessive!

Puddles: You're a little obsessive, aren't you? Eh, rib-ribbit?She then said my one-story model would look cute in her house. Uh, no. That’s a special reward that’s irreplaceable (I think). Since I refused to sell it, she called me cheap!

Puddles: What?! J-rock, how can you be so cheap?
Excuse me? This is my house. You can get out.

I normally like Puddles, but she’s being a rude little…frogger tonight.

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