I found Curly trying to move out of town tonight! After telling him to stay four times, he indicated he would reconsider.

Curly: My brain's all bamboozled... Maybe I should rethink the whole thing, nyoink!Kiki was still sick, so I gave her medicine again. The colds last too long in this game; it’s annoying.

Crazy Redd was in town, and I told him the password “ask for change” to gain entry into his tent. But as I was typing it, Baabara and Big Top both pinged me and walked towards me like they wanted something!

Baabara and Big Top both come up to me.But I was already into the dialogue that appears before I enter Redd’s tent. Inside, Redd had a calm painting for sale. I already had one of those in the museum, so I had no interest in buying another one.

As I exited the tent, Baabara and Big Top were both walking away from the tent. But I ran in front of both of them, and they both pinged me again!

Baabara and Big Top ping me again.Baabara just wanted a new catchphrase. I told her to say “shear me” instead of “your mom.” Big Top had lost interest in me by the time I was done with Baabara, and he did not ping me a third time.

The new “Message of the Week” was about blood, sweat, and tears.

*Message of the Week* Shedding blood, sweat, and tears is not as easy as it looks. And it looks hard!!When I spoke with Puddles, she told me her legs felt like lead. So she asked me to give her a piggyback ride home! That gave me a chuckle.

Puddles: Hey, c'mon, darling! Gimme a piggyback ride back to my house!However, she then backed out, saying she didn’t think I was burly enough! How rude! I’m fully capable of giving a frog a good ride!

Puddles: ...Although, actually... You don't look burly enough, so never mind, splish!Rhonda asked if I liked my house, and I said it was alright. She then accused me of caving in on everything. That’s pretty rude, too. She said she doesn’t want me to have to compromise on comfort…on her horn.

Rhonda: Because I don't want you to have to compromise on comfort, on my horn!I made a 15,000 bell mortgage payment at town hall, and then wrapped up my night in Forest.

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