Snowman TV

I had a chat with Hopper this afternoon, and he was quite annoyed by the snow that was falling. He said he wished he could be collecting shells on a warm summer day. Okay, sure, but he’s a penguin! He should like the cold weather!

Hopper: Aw, man! I wish the sky would knock off all this stupid snowin'...

Big Top was finally over his cold, and he thanked me for all the medicine by giving me a modern wall.

I visited Puddles, and she told me how she enjoys to sit at home and pig out on dark chocolate. Sounds good to me!

Puddles: Hi there! Sometimes, it's nice to sit at home and pig out on dark chocolate!
Puddles is my spirit animal.

Rhonda was all set to move out of town, but I got her to reconsider. I might as well try to get her picture before I let her go.

Rhonda: Jeff, if you want me here so badly, I'll think about it.I noticed two snowballs were fairly close together behind Nookington’s, so I rolled them up into a snowman. It wasn’t my first snowman of the season, but it was my first snowman of 2018. And it was my first perfect snowman of the season. He should be sending me a gift in the mail. 🙂

Snowman: All flawlessly executed! And my face... Perfection!
Are you sure you’re not leaning?

At town hall, I made a 35,000 bell mortgage payment.

I ended my game for the moment, but I started it back up around 9 p.m. I had some new mail, and it was a letter from the snowman. He sent me a snowman TV; I put it in my house.

The snowman TV in Animal Crossing: Wild World (ACWW) for Nintendo DS.

I went over to the Roost to check out some music from K.K. Slider. He played K.K. Rockabilly for me.

After that, I visited Hopper. He told me a bit about Pascal’s past. Apparently he was hit in the head with a soccer ball when he was young. That was apparently the cause of his philosophical ways. 😛

Hopper: From what I hear, when he was young he was hit in the head by a soccer ball.Hopper: He wasn't hurt, but from then on he started mumbling random philosophy.I did a little fishing, but I didn’t catch anything good. So I ended my game shortly thereafter.

I’ll be posting my next Wild World video within a couple days…and possibly by tomorrow. Check here to see my latest videos: jvgsjeff videos.

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  1. Your Animal Crossing Blogs are so cool imo! I love reading them! I have all versions of the game except GameCube and I like seeing what that game is like.

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