Fish Abs

Crazy Redd was in town tonight, and he had a lovely painting for sale. Unfortunately, that’s not a piece of art that I still need for the museum.

A new “Message of the Week” was posted to the bulletin board, and it was about the saying “getting there is half the fun.”

*Message of the Week* If getting there is half the fun... What happens if you turn around halfway?There was also a new “Talking to Myself” post. And this one was about pretending to be an old lady.

-Talking to Myself- If you're nervous about going somewhere for the first time, pretend you're an old lady. Works for me!

Bud asked me to catch a yellow perch for him, but he seemed a little too enthusiastic about the fish’s sleek body and hard abs. It was kinda creepy.

Bud: That sleek, shimmering body! I'd kill for that kind of chiseled physique!Bud: Just thinking about hard abs like that keeps me up at night, maaan!

At town hall, I made a 45,000 bell mortgage payment. I then set out to do some fishing in the river. And before long, I caught a yellow perch.

I took the fish over to Bud, and he told me he would’ve caught one hours ago if not for his pulled…trapezoid.

Bud: Oh, if it weren't for this pulled...uhh...trapezoid, I woulda had one hours ago!He also said his rhombus was killing him. He must be out of shape. 😛

Bud: Yeah...and my sore rhombus. It's been killin' me.Anyway, he gave me 510 bells for the fish. I resumed fishing for a few minutes, but I didn’t come across anything good. So I wrapped up my night. See you next time!

If you haven’t yet seen my latest Wild World video, Ep. 12, here it is! It shows highlights from my town from November through January.

6 thoughts on “Fish Abs”

  1. Actually about Frobert, he left without warning today. I now have Filbert the lazy squirrel as his replacement. I don’t need phrases for Vesta and Filbert.

  2. If anyone has some ideas for new catchphrases for my Wild World villagers, let me know. I have a few. Hopper will say “unlike you”. Truffles and Peewee will say “kick me”. Mallary will say “hunt me”. I need some ideas for Walker, Frobert, Poncho and Vesta. For Vesta don’t suggest “shear me” because she is a normal villager.

  3. I presume you are recording each play session through your Elgato and keeping the raw footage for each one of these Wild World Moments videos? That must be a process to do each time and I bet the file sizes are pretty demanding on space… 😛

    1. Yes, but I only save the clips I plan on using for the videos (and the video frames I use as the screenshots for this blog). Everything else gets deleted, so the space gets freed up again as long as I don’t fall too far behind. 😛 Having a 2 TB hard drive also helps.

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