Moving Away on Her Birthday

Today was La-Di-Day, and many of my villagers were talking about how great their songs would be. But none of them ever sang one for me, so no changes were made to the town tune.

Baabara: Yay yay! It's La-Di-Day todaaaay! That's the song I'm gonna sing.I didn’t mention it last week, but I got a letter inviting me to Puddles’ birthday party today (January 13th). But when I went into her house tonight, there was no birthday party. Instead, she was moving out of town. I like Puddles, but I decided to let her go.

Puddles: Well, ANYWAY... Thank you so much for everything! I had a lot of fun. Really!
So long, froggy. And happy birthday.

For no apparent reason, Bud was throwing some shade at Sable. He called her lazy! How rude! Sable’s probably the hardest working animal in town!

Bud: That prickly little Sable... She's being SO lazy lately, maaan!

Back outside, Kiki showed me a letter that someone sent her. It says “I’m not fat! I’m just fluffy!” There wasn’t a name on the letter, but I’m guessing it’s from Baabara. 😛

To Kiki, I'm not fat! I'm just fluffy! -A certain furry someone

After speaking with everyone, I went to the museum. Blathers identified three fossils for me, and then I went downstairs to the Roost. K.K. Slider performed K.K. Mambo for me. It actually sounds pretty good performed live.

I did some fishing in the river, and twice I saw a large fish shadow. Maybe a stringfish, I thought. But instead, I just caught two tires.

I caught a tire! Is this from Gracie's car!?
I was wheely disappointed. I should probably re-tire.

No luck so far, but I’ll keep trying.

I bumped into Big Top, and he wanted to buy a barbel steed off of me. But when he made his offer, the line was blank where the name of the fish should be. Oops.

Big Top: All right, then sell me your for, oh, 280 bells!

I made a 50,000 bell mortgage payment before returning home for the night. That’s all I have for tonight, but I’ll back again on Tuesday (probably) with another entry. And also, I’ll be posting my full Animal Crossing: Wild World review soon.

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  1. Hey, I also went to Puddles’ birthday party! She was with Moe, and yesterday, at his birthday party, Puddles was with him! It seems they are each other’s best friend. 😊

    And I also got Tota-mambo from K.K.! I heard it in Biskit’s house and liked it a lot.

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