Low Temps Prevent Freezing?

I received Puddles’ goodbye letter in the mail today. Ever feel like the letters that animals write are nicer than the animals ever actually are?

Um, like, hi, Jeff, Thanks for being so nice to me in Forest! I'll cherish our memories forever! TOTALLY FOREVER! -Sincerely, PuddlesCrazy Redd was in town, and he had an awesome painting for sale for 3,920 bells. I bought it, but Blathers informed me that the painting was a counterfeit.

I had a chat with Hopper as he stood between Nookington’s and Able Sisters. He told me he needs old-school furniture because he’s mature and sophisticated. But I was feeling immature and unsophisticated, so I had no interest in helping him out. 😛

Hopper: I'm mature and sophisticated! I need old-school furniture!On the bulletin board, I found a weather bulletin posted. It said there will be plenty of snow for making snowmen. But the interesting part is that it said low temps will prevent the lake from freezing. That’s not quite how things work. 😛

-Weather Bulletin- Sticky, plentiful snow. Ideal for snowman making. Low temps will prevent the lake from freezing.And the Message of the Week said not to cry over spilt milk…unless you can cry milk.

*Message of the Week* Don't cry over spilt milk. Unless you can cry milk.
That’s a dairy hard thing to do.

After I was done making my rounds, I made a 40,000 bell mortgage payment at town hall. I then ended my game for the night.

Yesterday, I posted my full review of Animal Crossing: Wild World. I will also add a link to the menu bar.

4 thoughts on “Low Temps Prevent Freezing?”

    1. True. Some Harvest Moon games have lakes that freeze over in winter, allowing you to access a new area, like a cave or an island. I always thought that was a cool idea.

  1. Nice review on Animal Crossing: Wild World!

    I agree with most of the points, this game has some truely amazing dialogue and backstory.
    It is one of my least favourites of the mainline games aswell.

    Here are all the Animal Crossing games ranked imo:
    1. Let’s go to the City!/City Folk
    2. Gamecube/Population Growing
    3. Wild World
    4. New Leaf (I have alot of explaining when I say New Leaf isn’t number 1, I won’t go through it here)
    5. Pocket Camp
    6. Happy Home Designer
    7. Amiibo Festival

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