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Mayor: Breezy
Date of Visit: January 13, 2014
Villagers: Gaston, Francine, Genji, Timbra, Chrissy, Dotty, Mira, O'Hare, Doc, Coco
Previous Dream Address: 5600-2123-7700
Welcome to Avenir, a beautiful town where bunnies have taken over! A whopping 90% of the town residents are rabbits. Soon after arriving, I met up with Genji.

The paths are really pretty and they're lined with flowers, mostly pink roses.

Even when you venture off the path, you'll still see colorful flowers lining the banks of the river.

Coco may not have eyes, but she can still see this is a cool town.

When I spoke with Francine, she told me to check out Breezy's house.

So I did. Breezy's house is located near the edge of a cliff, with a great view of a waterfall. This may be the best looking waterfall I've seen in New Leaf so far.

Breezy is probably the biggest Gaston fan in the world. When she first got the game, she reset her town 79 times (over four hours worth) just to get Gaston! Not surprisingly, she has his picture in her bedroom.

Her house also has an amazing room with a variety of plants and flowers.

And I stopped briefly to use the computer.

Just east of the northern bridge, there's a forest of cedar trees. There are a number of famous mushrooms on the ground here. If you don't know, they're the mushrooms that turn you into a giant for a moment, and I can never resist them.

Of course, I had to say hello to Gaston in person.

I wasn't staring! I was just...admiring the mustache. I'm sure Breezy thinks Gaston is the star of Avenir, but Chrissy seems to think otherwise.

And poor Timbra must feel confused. She's a lone sheep in a town filled with bunnies. She has to keep reminding herself that she's not one of them.

But the other residents are all ears.

Here are a few other pictures from around town:

If you'd like to visit this dream town, then hop to it!

Feel free to leave a comment below or check out Breezy's Tumblr page.

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