Animal Crossing: New Leaf Hair Guide

Your hair style and color in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is dependent on how you answer Harriet's questions in the Shampoodle salon. This chart will show how to answer those questions to get the hair that you want. Unlike other guides, this one uses the exact wording of the English language versions.

Use these choices, beginning with the question where she asks if you're hoping for a casual or formal look. That question has a slider instead of a multiple choice option, so the first column of this chart tells you where to put the selector. Scroll down for the Hair Color Chart. After receiving 15 haircuts, you will be able to choose hairstyles of the opposite gender. I also have an Eye Color Guide available.

Hair Style Chart

at the topLoose and wavy!Laid-back looseness.Laid-back looseness / bed head bedhead
at the topLoose and wavy!Confident looseness. (boys)
Floaty-fairy looseness. (girls)
Confident looseness / Floaty-fairy looseness
at the topStylish side!I'm a role model!I'm a role model!
at the topStylish side!I like being left alone!I like being left alone!
a bit above centerIt's on the messy side.I wish I could clean it.I wish I could clean it.
a bit above centerIt's on the messy side.It's on purpose!It's on purpose!
a bit above centerMy room is clean!I like to style my hair!I like to style my hair!
a bit above centerMy room is clean!Natural is best!Natural is best!
a bit below centerI'm very serious!Fight and overcome!Fight and overcome!
a bit below centerI'm very serious!Grin and bear it!Grin and bear it!
a bit below centerI'm a trouble-maker!I'll settle down.I'll settle down.
a bit below centerI'm a trouble-maker!Rebel for life!Rebel for life!
at bottomBusiness!Fresh!Fresh!
at bottomBusiness!Vintage!Vintage!
at bottomPrivate!It's a party!It's a party!
at bottomPrivate!It's a date.It's a date.
at bottomPrivate!It's a secret!RANDOM

Hair Color Chart

For hair color, you have a choice of natural, intense, or bright colors. For natural colors, you must use a slider to choose what you want, ranging from "Totally black!" to "Lighter color!" Unfortunately, sliders are tricky to get just right. I have listed the colors in order, including the top, middle, and bottom options. Fortunately, the intense and bright color menus give you specific options.

black hair
brown hair
reddish-brown hair
orange hair
gray hair
gold hair
blond/blonde hair
Color of burning love.bright red hair
Color of a forest.dark green hair
Color of a deep sea.dark blue hair
A moody color.purple hair
Color of sweet hair
Color of a clear blue hair
Color of new leaves.lime green hair
Color of angel wings.white hair
I also have a helpful Face Guide and Crazy Redd Art Guide here on JVGS.

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