Jeff's Dream Suite Adventures - Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Looking for some good dream towns to visit? Here you can read about my Dream Suite adventures in Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS. I'll be visiting dream towns, taking pictures, and describing my trips. I will include the dream addresses, so you can check out these dream towns for yourself.

Note: Nintendo purged all existing dream towns prior to the New Leaf update on November 2, 2016. Some of the dream towns featured here may be lost forever, but I will update as many as I can with new addresses. The dream addresses marked with asterisks are current and will work with the New Leaf update!

Hula Key


This spooky town is a great place to visit around Halloween. Check out the creepy rooms of the mayor's house, eat at Demon's diner, & find the five bodies!



This Star Fox themed town has references and art based on the 3D shooter series, and the city itself has high-tech paths above a futuristic city!


(was 4100-2965-4780)

This dark, rainy village might seem like a horror themed town, and much of it is. But there are also movie and fairy tale rooms, so it's not all doom and gloom.


(was 4600-4718-6634)

Journey to the space colony of Fishburg. The planet (Terah III) is in the process of being terraformed, but things aren't going so well, as you'll soon find out...



It's all farming and nursery rhymes in beautiful Farmland. Visit Little Bo Peep's wool shop, Old MacDonald's farm, and the muffin man's bakery.



This city of the sun and moon has gorgeous landscaping and beautiful themed rooms. Stay at the inn, visit the throne room, or just take in the sights.



Hit the roads in this town with city streets and crosswalks, falling cherry blossom petals, and a treasure hunt!



This storybook town lets you visit Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, attend Cinderella's wedding, visit the winter wonderland at the north pole, and more!



If you're feeling lucky, visit this Irish themed town that has four-leaf clovers, pots of gold, and an Irish pub. It's a gorgeous town, inside and out!


(was 1700-1138-5540)

This all-sheep town has ten sheep villagers, rooms devoted to each one, patterns for each character (including NPCs), and a secret wolf meeting!



This town is home to a cosmic bowling alley, a supermarket, a game show studio, and more. It's a good looking town indoors and out!

Town of the Artist

(was 3200-0330-2755)

This desolate horror town has a cemetery, but the creepiest sights are indoors. The rooms tell a violent tale!


(was 6000-3337-2258)

This great town has a gorgeous flower heart, an Egyptian desert, a movie theater, schoolhouse, and more! One of my favorite dream towns so far!

Pink Sea


This beautiful town is filled with pink flowers, pink paths, and even pink villagers! It also has a rainbow flower garden and a cool gyroid band.


(was 4200-2464-0961)

Have a far-out time with this town's great spaceship, a fancy bathroom, a 7/11, and of course a bunch of topiaries.


(was 5900-3084-4006)

This town is home to an amazing church and a great cafe. It also has some nice PWPs and beautiful landscaping.


(was 5600-2123-7700)

This beautiful town has been taken over by bunny villagers! Visit Gaston, Chrissy, Francine, Coco, Mira, and more!



This Zelda themed town is based on Ocarina of Time. Link revisits some familiar locations from the N64 classic.


(was 4300-3221-7292)

Based on the board game of the same name, Clue has you trying to solve a murder mystery. Who is the killer?

Lion Town


This lion-themed town has a detailed school you can visit, as well as some gorgeous landscaping. A must-see.


(was 4400-2122-7881)

This is a Mother 3 themed town created by StarmanPhantom. Meet Lucas, Duster, Kumatora, and Alec.


(was 5700-2038-6151)

Nintendo's official New Leaf town has Mario & Pikmin themed houses and cutouts, & lots of Mario's mushrooms.

Aika Village


This creepy town has an eerie atmosphere, evil dolls, and an underlying mystery just begging to be unraveled.
Feel free to check out my town too!



A look at my town Forest. Includes pictures, town history, PWPs, villager list, and other information.

*Dream addresses marked with asterisks are updated & work with the New Leaf update, Welcome Amiibo.

Looking for additional dream towns to visit?

Here are some links to blog entries in which I've mentioned other dream towns. Unlike the Dream Suite Adventures above, they are not full write-ups and some might only include a couple of pictures. But if you're looking for more dream towns to visit, you may find this list helpful.
ACNLpics(5D00-003F-B507)*visited 10-9-17
Pallet(4B00-0033-32C5)*visited 5-10-17
Ninten(0000-000F-4241)*visited 1-18-17
Pastelia(5C00-0039-FCB2)*visited 9-24-16
Sweets (Disney themed)(2900-0694-7821)visited 8-22-16
Wintervl(5B00-0010-964B)*visited 7-14-16
Kefton(4E00-0023-C552)*visited 5-6-16
Pucchin(5800-4155-0731)visited 5-3-16
Alker(5A00-0012-01EA)*visited 4-26-16
Lilliput(6B00-0010-6C05)*visited 3-30-16
Clambake(5100-4022-5551)visited 3-20-16
Scarlett(4600-2362-5644)visited 1-7-16
Wander(4700-4655-7319)visited 9-3-15
Hitokui(1C00-0077-A492)*visited 8-21-15
Lebanon(4C00-0073-C02F)*visited 8-8-15
Celestia(7200-2261-9812)visited 7-29-15
Nintendo of Japan(0000-0100-0017)re-visited 7-23-15 (now with Splatoon stuff!)
Charvale(7800-3247-9305)visited 5-13-15
Lillypad (Zelda LTTP town)(6200-2296-1288)visited 2-4-15
Hotel Dojo(3300-0197-4819)visited 12-22-14
Nintendo of Japan(0000-0100-0017)visited 12-10-14
T. Zelda's Hyrule(4F00-0025-AAB7)*visited 11-23-14
Gewalt(1700-0177-9037)visited 10-6-14
Habitat(7500-2158-2503)visited 9-23-14
Rainbow(5000-2428-6314)visited 9-21-14
Milani(4100-2802-1949)visited 6-18-14
Final Fantasy VII Town(2400-0255-4927)visited 2-17-14
Anville(6900-2923-1084)visited 12-8-13
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