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Mayor: Amethyst
Date of Visit: December 6, 2013
Villagers: Deirdre, Filbert, Kitt, Gabi, Angus, Robin, Fuchsia, Zell, Rolf
Previous Dream Address: 4300-3221-7292
Welcome to Clue, a dream town loosely based on the board game Clue (or Cluedo in some countries). When you first arrive, you'll find some tiles explaining how things work. An animal has been murdered, and you have to figure out who the killer is and what weapon they used.

The town creator has left a few gifts for you by the town tree. One of them is a shovel, which will be vital to your quest. There are also a couple of glow wands, which don't really apply to the story, but can be fun to carry around.

The four suspects are the four human residents of the town: Silver, Sapphire, Gold, and Amethyst. You may see them around town, or in their houses.

There are also four face-cutout standees that show the four characters and the outfits each one is wearing. This is very helpful because it shows them all in one location.

Silver looks like Rob Ryan!

You'll find clues buried around town. Much like being shown a card in the board game, the clues you find let you know who is NOT the killer. There are also four possible weapons, as shown on sign boards: a bow, a sword, a katana, and an axe. The weapons you find are NOT the murder weapons. By the process of elimination, you'll be able to solve the crime. It may help you to place the clothes and weapons you find in front of the corresponding face-cutout standee or sign board, to help you remember what's already been ruled out.

The town has a maze-like layout which can be tricky to navigate.

And there are a few pitfall seeds to keep you on your toes. The buried items are often well-hidden, so solving this mystery will take some searching.

One really cool aspect of this town is that the houses are themed to match the color/gem of its resident. For example, Silver has the astro exterior on his house, and Gold's house is also colored appropriately:

The interiors of the houses often match as well. The inside of Amethyst's house has lots of purple, and it looks really nice.

If you give up, or want to verify your accusation, the answers are revealed in presents down on a private beach. I had trouble finding a wet suit, but the town creator assured me there is one hidden somewhere in town.

Figuring out the killer is easier than figuring out the murder weapon, simply because there will be multiple clothing items scattered around town, but only one of each weapon. It took me a little while, but I eventually solved the crime. I won't reveal the killer and murder weapon, though--I'll let you solve the mystery for yourself. Anyone that enjoyed the board game Clue should definitely check out this town. Clearly, a lot of time went into making this town and it shows. Feel free to leave comments about this town below, but no spoilers, please!

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