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Mayor: Squishy
Date of Visit: October 8, 2014
2nd Visit: October 15, 2014 - UPDATE
Villagers: Phil, Biskit, Flo, Chops, Mira, Angus, Opal, Bam, Freckles
Previous Dream Address: 6000-3337-2258
Welcome to Cosmic! This town has some colorful paths lined with blue and orange roses across most of the town. This area near the plaza has a bunch of goodies to play with: A bubble wand, a tweeter, a toy hammer, a megaphone to help find animals, a pinwheel, and a chocolate coin to eat. It may be a bit squishy from being out in the sun all day, but it's still delicious!

In front of a bell, there is a metal bench surrounded by a heart made up of pink roses and black tulips. What a beautiful place to sit and relax, especially for lovebirds.

Curlos walked by, and I stopped to chat with him briefly. He's well aware of the fact that this is a dream. And I love his catchphrase.

I made my way over to a house, where Ariana asked me to turn off my phone.

That makes more sense when you realize that her house is a movie theater inside! There are refreshments in the lobby, along with movie posters for Peter Pan and Jaws.

I snuck in without paying for a ticket! But what am I watching? Happy Days?

Back outside, I took a break to get warm by the fire pit. A sign reads: "Cosmic camp site. No ugly animals." I'm not an animal, so I think I'm okay.

Near the northwest corner of town, there's a great-looking sumo ring! (If you're not familiar with sumo in Animal Crossing, it's a game where players try to push each other out of the ring. The first one to fall into a pitfall loses. This video shows how it works).

Blue is my favorite color, so I flipped for this part of town that had two statue fountains surrounded by blue pansies and blue violets. Gorgeous. There was also a famous mushroom here, which I couldn't resist.

I hopped across the bridge, where I met Cole, a black bunny.

I walked like an Egyptian to the desert in the southwest part of town. It's complete with Sphinx and a pyramid! What a great idea!

Oh no, did something happen to Toad? Because this looks like it might be his grave! He was such a fun guy!

"Thank you! But my body is in another plot."

Rosalina's house is made to resemble Rosalina's ship from Super Mario Galaxy. It didn't have much to see on my first visit, but see the update down below for pictures of how it turned out.

I met up with a human player named Katie, who said "Good day, class." Each character's greeting in Cosmic is apparently a hint of what their house will be like. Katie's house is the schoolhouse and day care center.

The first room has an art studio on the left and a computer lab on the right.

The room to the left has a more traditional classroom setting. I like how each room of the school has a fire extinguisher. Safety first!

The opposite room is the music room. Maybe I can take some woodblock lessons!

Squishy's house has a lot of purple in it.

The back room has sleek furniture, modified to be purple. I think I can tell what Squishy's favorite color is.

The room on the left is filled with sweets! You can get cavities just by being in here too long!

The east side of town has several nice face-cutout standees, including this Peach one. They're not exactly my style, though; I'd make an ugly Peach. Mario wouldn't even bother saving me.

Beware of the chain chomp! Especially at feeding time!

Here are a few other pictures from my adventure in Cosmic:

UPDATE - October 15, 2014
Squishy has now updated her town. Rosalina's house now resembles her ship, the Comet Observatory, from Super Mario Galaxy. Here are pictures from the various rooms:

And outside, I found Wendell. So if you want some of these patterns, you can take them with you.

Cosmic is one of my favorite dream towns I've visited so far. But be sure to check out the other adventures too! There are lots of great dream towns to visit!

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