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Mayor: Freak
Date of Visit: January 13, 2015
Villagers: Erik, Wolfgang, Chief, Marcie, Felicity, Ankha, Bruce, Kid Cat, Freya, Pietro (as of 1/6/17)
Previous Dream Address: 4400-2995-0443
As soon as I arrived in Funkytown, I could see that it's a visually appealing place. It has nice stone paths, a rectangular pond/lake, and the fountain is surrounded by gold roses and Jacob's ladders.

After walking around a bit, I went into the first house I came across. It belongs to Freaky (not to be confused with Freak, the mayor), and it has a winter theme. The ski set was in the main room, snowman furniture was in the west room, Jingle furniture was in the east room, and the ice set was in the back.

The upstairs is a sci-fi/space room, and the basement (which truly looks to be underground) appears to be the site of an archaeological dig. There are lots of fossils and dinosaur miniatures on display here.

Outside, a snow-covered pyramid sits next to the modern town hall.

The town flag here is Colonel Sanders of KFC fame. It's making me hungry. But I notice there aren't any chicken villagers in this town. At least, not any more. *licks fingers*

Colonel Sanders on the KFC flag in Funkytwn.

After a brief chat with Ankha, I went into Loser's house. The main room is a showcase where many villager pictures are on display.

The other rooms in the house display the Pave, gorgeous, princess, egg, and mush furniture sets. Once I was done exploring Loser's house, I went outside and headed down the ramp towards the ocean.

The beach has drawings of smiley faces, a heart, and a cat. I wonder if Katie's been down here.

The third house I entered belonged to Hippie, who is apparently a big gambler. The main room has the card furniture set, some tables for playing poker, and lots of money set out. Place your bets!

The west room has the Target Gracie furniture set, and there's a great-looking office in the back room.

The east room is a mix of gold furniture, Egyptian items, thrones, crowns, and other artifacts and works of art. This room must be worth millions of bells! Only royalty (or Tom Nook) could afford a room like this!

Upstairs, I found the set of a game show! There are TV cameras, lights, a colorful wheel, game-show stands for the contestants, a lovely phone (perhaps for the phone-a-friend lifeline), and a bunch of chairs for the studio audience. This is a very well-done room, and it's not something you see every day. Unless you live in Funkytwn, that is.

A game show themed room in Funkytwn.

The basement is even more unique: It's a cosmic bowling alley! Let the good times roll! It looks like a lot of fun, but I couldn't find any employees here. Maybe they went on strike.

Cosmic bowling in Funkytwn.

Since it's winter here, it is pretty cold. But this fire pit will help warm you up.

The mayor's house has creepy/Halloween furniture in the main room. A good scare is never out of season.

The west room is a small supermarket. Even though I've seen the 7/11 items before, I like how Freak used tables to add aisles to the store.

The obligatory Mario room is in the back, and the east room has a mix of summer and fall items. The upstairs room clearly belongs to a sloppy pirate. I like that black GameCube on the shelf back there!

The basement is a nice-looking bar, complete with...a lit cigarette? Oh, it's an incense burner. The smoke actually rises from it.

When I went back outside, I found a scarecrow in a pumpkin patch. Next to a money tree. He could probably hop down and take the money, if he only had a brain. Well, some legs might help too.

Here are a few other pictures from this beautiful town.

Be sure to give Funkytwn a visit for yourself! Feel free to leave a comment about this town and check out my other dream adventures too!

Update, January 6, 2017: Funkytown is back online with a new dream address of 4A00-0031-54D2.

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