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Lion Town


Date of Visit: November 9, 2013
2nd Visit: April 1, 2017
Villagers: Bunnie, Mott, Bud, Rex, Mint, Lionel, Rory, Rosie, Leopold, Elvis (as of 4/1/17)
Previous Dream Addresses:
2800-1841-9922, 2800-1439-3680
This is about my Dream Suite visit to Lion Town. The actual name of this town is in Japanese (Raion), but I think Lion Town is an appropriate English moniker. New Leaf only has five lion villagers in the entire game, but all five are present in this town. There are also pictures of lions in various locations all around town.

Luna welcomes me to Lion Town.

Right near the bed, I found a famous mushroom. I can't resist these things.

I turn into a giant by eating a famous mushroom in Lion Town.

The gray paths look really nice, as do the lion pictures. The lion patterns actually spell out "LION" with the town tree representing the "O."

Lion designs spell out the letter N in the word LION.

Here's a look at the fire pit and just one of the special tree stumps.

A fire pit PWP in Lion Town.

One of the four human residents lives in a tent.

Inside a player's tent.

This was the first actual house I came to, although I would soon find out it's actually a school.

The outside of the schoolhouse building in Lion Town.

Bud told me to take my time and check out the town. That's some very good advice.

Bud: Well, take your time and check out the town. It's fun, maaan!

Nearby, I found some beans. You can keep throwing beans anywhere you want, as much as you want. It's quite a bit of fun! Why even go to school when you can throw beans all day?

Throwing beans in the dream of Lion Town. So fun!

Eventually, I did go inside the schoolhouse and I was amazed by how well-done it is. This is the first classroom.

A great looking classroom in Lion Town.

The back room seems like it could be the teacher's office perhaps.

The teacher's office in Lion Town.

On the right is the science lab. This is really impressive.

The science lab in the schoolhouse of Lion Town.

And the nurse's office is on the left.

The nurse's office in the schoolhouse.

The music room is in the basement, with a variety of musical instruments. This is one of the best New Leaf houses I've ever seen.

The music classroom in Lion Town.

I went to meet Mott, who is a lion villager of course.

Mott: Well, take your time and check out the town. It's fun, cagey!

Back outside, the cube sculpture is in a great spot and looks incredible with these tiles on the ground and the street lamps nearby.

The cube sculpture PWP in Lion Town.

The train station has a number of presents on the ground for dream visitors to use.

Some gifts for dream visitors to Lion Town.

They include a cup of coffee, a bubble wand, and several clothing items. This is what I looked like after putting the clothes on.

The outfit I found on the ground.

I wasn't sure what to make of the second house I reached. It's certainly nice, but it feels a bit crowded with all of these items in it.

The kitchen is particularly elaborate.

A kitchen in Lion Town.

And this room is best described as the lion room. It has two merlions, five lion villager pics, and several other lion pictures displayed as well.

A lion themed room in Lion Town.

The upstairs isn't quite as fancy, but it's pleasant.

And the basement is a very cool arcade and snack shop.

An arcade and snack shop in Lion Town.

Every aspect of this town is beautiful.

The fountain PWP in Lion Town.

The final house seems to be a restaurant.

A fancy restaurant.

And in the basement, the chef is preparing food while someone else uses a vintage telephone.

The restaurant kitchen, with the chef hard at work.

Even the beach is gorgeous, with blankets on the sand and a colorful variety of flowers all around.

Picnic blankets and flowers on the beach.

There's even a lion-themed face-cutout standee.

A lion themed face-cutout standee in Lion Town.

Whether you like lions or not, this town is simply gorgeous and extremely well-designed. It's the best dream town I've visited so far, and I'm not lion! Make sure you give Lion Town a visit!

A metal bench PWP in Lion Town.

The windmill PWP in Lion Town.

The stonehenge PWP in Lion Town.

The hot spring PWP in the dream of Lion Town.

UPDATE, April 1, 2017: Lion Town is back online with a dream address of 2B00-0046-7AE2! Some things have changed, but it's still a very beautiful town, of course!

The view from the beach, with flowers, a waterfall, and a glimpse of the Sphinx in Lion Village.

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