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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Blog
Hello, and welcome to my Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Blog! I'm Jeff and here you can follow along with my adventures in the game. Unlike other Animal Crossing games, Happy Home Designer does not run in real-time. So some blog entries will cover multiple game days. If you'd like, you can start from the beginning or just jump right in! At the bottom of the page, you'll be able to find links to all of the entries. Or read my review.

Note: Nintendo doesn't seem to store the room designs very long, so the project codes I've posted in many older entries will no longer be valid. Sorry, but I do not plan on re-uploading the old rooms again.

Day 125

I found Coach out on Main Street today, and he wanted to host an athletic tournament at his house. I picked a location with a large open area, without any ponds or mountains to get in the way. I also set the season to summer, and made sure the weather was nice. Hopefully, Coach wasn't planning on an ice skating tournament.

The only furniture items unlocked for me with this project were the exercise ball (which makes sense) and...milk. Milk?! Coach is a BULL. Besides, I'm not sure how milk relates to an athletic tournament.

But anyway, I used a soccer-field rug, soccer goals, and a ball (customized to be a soccer ball, of course). Two customized ball catchers provide more balls than Coach will ever need. Some small cedar trees line a path to the house, which is on the left side of the property.

Coach's soccer field in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for Nintendo 3DS.
Admittedly, this is a lot like the outside of Hamlet's house, but I didn't have any other sports-themed rugs to use outdoors. So I thought this was the best fit. Don't worry, the inside will be different.

Indoors, Coach insisted on a hurdle and a scoreboard. I used the sporty wall and sporty floor, along with cheering as the sound scenery. The sporty floor has a small running track on it, and I placed two hurdles on opposite ends of the track. Unfortunately, the hurdles don't look very good from the side, so that's why I didn't use more of them. I added two stadium lights on the back wall.

I put the excercise ball in the corner. Maybe the runners can bounce over to it for some warm-up exercises before the big run. Or they can roll over to the unicycle, which can help them step up their game. Six counter seats allow spectators to sit and enjoy the activities.

A gym for Coach in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.
An athletic running track for Coach in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

Now this place is ready for an athletic competition, and that's no bull. If you want to give this track a test run, hop on over to project code 0191-5705-577. But as always, Nintendo doesn't seem to store house designs for very long, so I don't know how long it will be on their servers.

If you don't yet own Happy Home Designer, you can buy a digital download code for it at

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