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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Blog
Hello, and welcome to my Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Blog! I'm Jeff and here you can follow along with my adventures in the game. Unlike other Animal Crossing games, Happy Home Designer does not run in real-time. So some blog entries will cover multiple game days. If you'd like, you can start from the beginning or just jump right in! At the bottom of the page, you'll be able to find links to all of the entries. Or read my review.

Note: Nintendo doesn't seem to store the room designs very long, so the project codes I've posted in many older entries will no longer be valid. Sorry, but I do not plan on re-uploading the old rooms again.

Day 121

The Happy Home Network challenge for March 2017 is called "A Treasure Trove." The items this month are a giant teddy bear and a mountain of bills. Since I've already unlocked both of those items (in entry 111 and entry 97), respectively, I chose not to participate this time. But if you haven't yet unlocked them, this is your chance.

Out on Main Street, I found myself a client. Cranston the ostrich wanted to grow his own rice, so I decided to help him build his field of dreams.

Outside, Cranston insisted on a rack of rice and a scarecrow. Then I added some (newly unlocked) rice bales and a tractor. And for good measure, I put in some cornstalks.

Cranston's rice themed farm in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.
I just wish I could see him drive that tractor. That would be funny.

Indoors, I gave Cranston a rice-paddy wall and a field floor. (The dirt floor was unlocked for this project, but I didn't want to use it).

I gave Cranston some more rice bales, and a rice-plant bed to sleep on. Then I added a pine table and two pine chairs. He also got a rice cooker and some rice balls. Last but not least, I added some plants.

Cranston's rice themed home in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

If you'd like to visit Cranston's rice farm, just snap, crackle, and pop your way over to project code 0096-5782-270.

The QR code to visit Cranston's rice farm home in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.
Thanks for stopping by!
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