Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Blog

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Blog
Hello, and welcome to my Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Blog! I'm Jeff and here you can follow along with my adventures in the game. Unlike other Animal Crossing games, Happy Home Designer does not run in real-time. So some blog entries will cover multiple game days. If you'd like, you can start from the beginning or just jump right in! At the bottom of the page, you'll be able to find links to all of the entries. Or read my review.

Note: Nintendo doesn't seem to store the room designs very long, so the project codes I've posted in many older entries will no longer be valid. Sorry, but I do not plan on re-uploading the old rooms again.

Day 123

I connected to the Happy Home Network to check out the monthly challenge for May 2017. This month's theme is "an underwater emergency." The two featured items are an inflatable Resetti and a submarine. I've previously acquired the submarine in entry 104, but the inflatable Resetti was new to me since I missed it the first time around.

I didn't have any watery rugs I can use outdoors, so I quickly made an all-blue pattern to be used as water. I then used a tropical rug to put Tom Nook (and his house) on an island. I then put two submarines in the water, but out of reach of Tom Nook. I don't want him hitching a ride. You're stranded here, yes yes?

Tom Nook is stranded on an island in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

Indoors, I used the water floor and underwater wall, and underwater sounds as the sound scenery. I had to put the inflatable Resetti here, but I'm not sure why he's here. Maybe a mermaid reset her 3DS or something. I added in some grass standees (to stand-in for some seaweed or sea grass) and I put a few seashells around too.

But even though I do have a mermaid statue, I thought it would be more fun to let Tom Nook play the role of the resetting mermaid. So we find Tom Nook relaxing in his floor seat (or sea floor seat, in this case), playing the latest Animal Intersection game on 3DS. But he's shocked to find that the game's real estate agent (Ron Crook) is charging him lots of money (nearly a million shells) for rent.

Tom Nook is shocked while playing Nintendo 3DS.
So he angrily resets his game, foolishly thinking that he can evade Ron Crook that easily. But Animal Intersection doesn't work that way, and a giant Resetti tunnels up from the ocean floor to scream, yell, and teach Mr. Nook a lesson.

A giant inflatable Resetti tunnels up to scare Tom Nook in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.
The scare leaves Tom feeling weak and exhausted, and he retreats to his sea-anemone bed for some rest. Before crying himself to sleep, Tom Nook vows to become a better person.

Tom Nook sleeps on a sea-anemone bed in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.
In the morning, Tom Nook wakes up feeling uncomfortable--he even wondered if he wet his pants! But then he remembers that he's living underwater, so everything was already wet. But what about Resetti? Was it all a dream?

If you'd like to sea this home in person, swim over to project code 0005-5752-540.

Thanks for stopping by!

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