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Today, the snowboy mailed himself to me! Well actually it’s just a different snowman.

A snowman for my house.As I began my walk around town, I found both of today’s snowballs…right next to each other! Lucky me!

Two snowballs side by side.I put them together and made another perfect snowboy! That’s the fourth day in a row! I should only need to make one more after today. And my snowman head almost lined up with the snowboy’s body…we looked a bit weird.

Snowboy: You did it!I went up to the Dream Suite and updated my dream town. I also decided to make a dream visit to a town that’s supposedly based on Final Fantasy VII. The bad thing is that it’s been so long since I’ve played Final Fantasy VII that most of the references went over my head.

Also, it was a Japanese town, so the characters and their phrases were in Japanese. I did recognize the chocobo song as the town tune however, and it quickly got stuck in my head! Anyway, this was my favorite room:

A cool sci-fi room.And even though it’s a Final Fantasy town, one room was devoted to Bob. The purple cat. Somebody is a HUGE Bob fan!

A shrine to Bob.All of those Bob patterns are available from Wendell. It’s a really good dream town, but I chose not to make a Dream Suite Adventure of it. If you’d like to check it out, the dream address is 2400-0255-4927.

When I woke up from the dream, I did some shopping on Main Street. Up at GracieGrace, I bought the gorgeous seat and gorgeous lamp. For now, I’m putting my gorgeous furniture in an exhibit room at the museum.

Several pieces of gorgeous furniture.Tiffiny invited people to go touring with her, so I joined in, along with Cameron and Raven.

Tiffiny, Raven, Jeff, and Cameron.We went on a giant petaltail tour and won the gold prize.

Tortimer: That's enough to net you a Gold Tortimer award and 20 medals!Nobody seemed to want to pick the next tour, so we all sat down and just waited.

Cameron: So...Tiffiny eventually chose the elite balloon tour, but we had some connection problems. My character lagged while walking in place on a pitfall seed for a good 10 seconds or more. I couldn’t do anything!

Walking on a pitfall.Unfortunately, we disconnected. But later in the night, I returned to Tiffiny’s town and did a couple more tours with her. She also gave me a pinwheel, so thanks Tiffiny.

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back with more tomorrow!

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