Nintendo of Japan Dream Town

Today is the day of the big snowstorm in Animal Crossing, and it will result in the ground being covered in snow starting tomorrow.

The big snowstorm.Over by the Roost, I found a lost item on the ground.

A lost item on the ground.Amelia was nearby, but the item didn’t belong to her. However, just a few feet away, I found the item’s rightful owner: Agent S! She was happy to get her fancy pouch back, and she rewarded me with a stove.

Agent S: I don't have much to give you in thanks, but I hope you won't mind a stove...Down on the beach, Gulliver was talking about matadors and bulls. He’s headed to Spain, and he’ll be sending me a gift from there tomorrow.

Gulliver: You've also got the dangerous and exciting birthplace of matadors. Such daring and bravery!Drago may breathe fire, but the snow cools him off.

Drago: I breathe fire! Playing in the snow really chills me out, nutella.He asked me to catch an ocean fish for him, so I went and found a squid for him. He thanked me by giving me a future tank. It’s not exactly good weather for a tank top, now is it?

Drago: It's a future tank! Hope you like it!I then went up to Main Street. In the Dream Suite, Luna told me that Meg Rowe from New Leaf was my most recent dream visitor. In Able Sisters, I bought a Santa beard before using the big sewing machine. This design is a retro gamer tee designed by Mike. It has a NES controller on the front and Mario on the back. If you’d like this shirt, it’s available on the QR Codes page. Thanks, Mike!

Wearing a retro gamer tee.I later returned to the Dream Suite, where I dreamed of Nintendo of Japan’s official dream town. TZ recommended the town to me back in September. The town has lots of flowers everywhere, and I stopped for a picnic with some gyroids.

A gyroid picnic.There are a lot of face cutout standees of Nintendo characters, including the cat suit from Super Mario 3D World. Me-YOWZA!

Cat Mario face-cutout standee.The houses and rooms are also based on Nintendo characters or games. This must be Toad’s shroom room.

Toad's mush room.And somehow I ended up in Bowser’s castle! I should have dressed for the occasion, but I’m still in my pajamas.

Bowser's castle in Nintendo's dream town.There’s even a Tomodachi Life room! Oh Mii, oh my!

A Tomodachi Life room in Nintendo's New Leaf dream town.Wendell lets you take all these patterns home with you, including the ones for the face-cutout standees. It’s a great town to visit, so give it a look if you haven’t seen it before. The dream address is 0000-0100-0017.

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    1. Sadly, Nintendo purged all existing dream towns when the released the Welcome Amiibo update last November. They’ve since made a new official dream town (dream address 0000-000F-4241), but it is not the same as this one. It does not appear that they’re going to re-upload this first one, but I’ll update this page if they ever do.

        1. Sorry, but I don’t know where you can find it. I wish Nintendo would re-upload this dream town, but that doesn’t seem likely at this point.

  1. aw man i need a fast food uniform from tomodachi got a code for it or anything and got any dlcs im looking for them if yes i will see u in your town ok

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