Dreaming of Hotel Dojo

Today, I made a Dream Suite visit to a town suggested to me by gg last November. Yes, that’s November of 2013. That shows you how far behind I am on dream suggestions. The dream address is 3300-0197-4819. The town name is in Japanese, so I don’t know what it’s officially called, although gg referred to it as Hotel Dojo.

This town's Dream Address: 3300-0197-4819.One of the first things I noticed when looking at the map was that the villager houses are pretty much all in a row in the southern part of town.

The town map of Hotel Dojo.A ninja suit is available near the starting point, so I put it on as I began my tour of town. Looking over the cliff, I saw an ocean of blue roses! I’ve never seen so many!

An ocean of blue roses.My favorite part of town had the illuminated public works projects (PWPs): The illuminated heart, tree, clock, and the arch (just out of view in this picture):

Illuminated public works projects.But there are many picturesque spots all around town, with tons of hybrid flowers just about everywhere you look. It’s a very pretty town.

A hot spring and bamboo trees.A pretty area near the wooden bridge in Hotel Dojo.If you’re looking for a good dream town to visit, you can’t go wrong with Hotel Dojo.

A fire pit, windmill, and campground in Hotel Dojo.There is one thing keeping me from doing a full Dream Suite Adventure write-up of the town, though: The houses. Don’t get me wrong, the houses are very nice and well-done. But nothing in any of them really blew me away. Maybe it takes a lot to impress me now that I’ve seen so many good dream towns, but the houses didn’t have that “wow factor” for me.

I’d love to see something truly unique that hasn’t been done; even one signature room can turn a good outdoor town into a great dream town. But with that said, Hotel Dojo is still a very good town well worth a visit. The dream address again is 3300-0197-4819. Thanks for the suggestion, gg!

Flowers around the fountain in Hotel Dojo.Once I was done dreaming, I returned to Forest. I found Aurora by my town tree, and she said there was something magnetic about me today; she wanted to keep following me around. Maybe the North Pole vibe of my Santa suit was attracting her South Pole penguin roots.

Aurora: I don't know why, but I just want to follow you around town today... Sheesh, what's wrong with me?I rolled together today’s snowballs into a snowman; this was my first bingo snowman of the season. He rolled his eyes at me and rolled number 29. I needed that number on the bingo card he gave me, so I punched it off.

Snowman: Aha! It appears you do have 29! Please punch a hole in your card!I’m not really concerned about completing my own bingo card though, since I’ve already collected all of the snowman’s items last winter. I may be able to help some of you out, however. Some days (or nights, to be more accurate), I’ll be posting that day’s bingo numbers on Twitter.

I’ll be back with another blog entry tomorrow, so I hope to see you then. Have a great day, everyone!

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