Velma’s Pic

Velma is gone now, and I got her goodbye letter in the mail yesterday. I was happy to find Velma’s pic attached to the letter!

Velma's goodbye letter.The quote on Velma’s pic is “Work smarter, not harder.” I believe this is my 21st villager picture (not counting special characters or duplicates).

Velma's pic: Work smarter not harder.Dreaming of Clambake

I made a dream visit to Mkay’s town of Clambake (dream address 5100-4022-5551). It’s a pretty town; I especially liked the fountain surrounded by clovers.

The fountain area in Clambake.There are a lot of trees in Clambake, so it feels like a forest. I stopped to rest (and enjoy the view) at the metal bench near the river. It’s a serene, peaceful place.

A metal bench near the river in Clambake.The sky was beautiful as I prepared to wake up from my dream.

The event plaza in Clambake.It’s definitely a nice town to visit, so give it a look if you’re interested!

Back In Forest

And then today, it was raining in Forest. Rolf said I probably didn’t care if it was rain or broccoli falling from the sky! Yes, I care! I don’t want to clean up a bunch of broccoli all over town! And I know Rolf sure isn’t going to eat any veggies!

Rolf: Heh. I bet you don't even care whether what's falling from the sky is rain or broccoli, tiger.

Velma’s exit opened up a new spot for a former villager to appear on Main Street. And I spotted Kidd there tonight! It’s good to see him once again!

Kidd: Oh! What a surprise... Nice to see you again, Jeff!So I lost a goat in town, but gained one on Main Street. Anyway, I stopped in the Dream Suite and Luna told me that Gabriel from Notebook was my most recent dream visitor. Yesterday’s visitor was Morgan from Bakewell.

Dizzy was sick with a cold, so I bought some medicine for him. He flipped as he gulped it down…and yet, I’m still not sure exactly what I’m looking at in this picture. His lower half looks a bit angular, if I’m seeing things right.

Dizzy flips for medicine.

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  1. I heard Velma’s quote once from one of my co-workers in late 2014, and I forgot that was her quote, so it was cool to see that. Anyway, that dream town is nice, and so is your town! 🙂

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