White Festive Tree DLC

When I started up the game today, I was surprised to find Pete outside my door. He gave me a letter from Nintendo: It contained the white festive tree DLC item! For a while, I was afraid this might be exclusive to Japan, but America has now received it as well. Yay! 😀

The white festive tree DLC.Pete thanked me for using SpotPass, and he gave me 15 MEOW coupons that were included with the letter.

Pete: Oh yes, there was a MEOW Coupon or two with your maiil today. Well, precisely 15 of them, actually.As you might expect, the white festive tree can not be ordered from the catalog.

White festive tree DLC: Not for sale.By the way, thanks to Beth for picking up a Santa’s coat for me. My Santa look is now complete. As she visited to shop, I spotted an igloo at the campsite. I believe this is my first one of the season.

An illuminated igloo at the campsite.Apollo the eagle was camping inside. For some reason, he seemed to be flexing his wings for me.

Apollo, flexing his wings: But now that I'm hooked, I just can't help myself!Lily asked me for an ocean fish, so I went seaward (when I was good and ready) and caught a sea bass for her.

Santa Jeff fishing in the ocean as a sleeping Gulliver naps nearby.
I did not wake the sleeping sailor.

I immediately took the fish back to Lily, and she seemed a bit too excited for it.

Lily: Hey! A sea bass! Thanks for bringing me one. It's even more amazing than I imagined!

She then gave me a splendid tee for my trouble. Not the greatest reward, but then again, a sea bass isn’t the greatest fish either.

My recent dream visitors have been Antique from Garden and Jack from Una. Also, Rolf mentioned a dreamer named PooBinGo from Poopsvil.

Rolf: That reminds me! I recently had a dream involving PooBinGo from over in Poopsvil.On that pleasant note, I’ll wrap up this entry. Thank you all for visiting, and have a great weekend! See you next time! 🙂

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