Pashmina’s Birthday

I got a letter from Jingle in the mail yesterday, thanking me again for the help on Christmas Eve. Since I made all of the deliveries perfectly, he sent me his picture along with the letter.

Today is Pashmina’s birthday, so I went in to wish her a good one. Bob was also there to help her celebrate. Wait, are they kissing?!

Pashmina and Bob celebrating Pashmina's birthday. Are they kissing?When I talked to her, Pashmina told me that Bob gave her a gigantic present! Ummm…

Pashmina: A little while ago, Bob brought me a gigantic present!
Really? Where is it?

She asked if I had a present for her too. So I gave her a customized outdoor sign, and she seemed to enjoy it. That was a relief, because I sure wasn’t about to kiss her!

I also spoke with Bob, and he said he helped Pashmina set up the party last night. So he’s been here with her since last night?

Bob: A huh huh huh! We set it all up last night, on my paws!I got another pack of Welcome Amiibo cards for Christmas; here’s a look at the cards I got this time.

My 2nd pack of Welcome Amiibo cards: Hopkins, Paole, Maddie, Maggie, Candi, and Tad.I got Hopkins, Paolo, Maddie, Maggie, Candi, and Tad. Two of them (Paolo and Maddie) were duplicates that I already got in my first pack last week. Tad is probably my favorite of the bunch, but Candi has been a long-time resident of my GameCube town. So I decided to scan her card first.

She seems to be running a store in her camper. She has a merchandise table, a basic display stand, a shopping cart, a shopping bag, a store shelf, a modern cash register, and more.

Candi's RV, which appears to be a small shop.Who said you can set up shop here? Do you have a license to run a business out of your RV, Candi?!

Candi: Hey! Do you want to see my driver's license? I have it. Don't laugh, OK...?No, a driver’s license isn’t the same thing! Don’t make me push you into the river again, mouse lady!

Anyway, Luna told me my most recent dream visitor was Miranda from Seacrest. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. With the new update you get a sapling clock and a ceremony at the town tree on your town’s anniversary, I found this out on Monday which is my town’s 3rd anniversary.

  2. I got my amiibo cards (all 4 series and two welcome amiibo), but none of them were the lions i wanted… My dreamies are bud, lionel, and leopold.

    1. I have leopold in my first pack at toys r us maybe u can come to my town and vist the campsite he might move to your town I don’t want him

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