Goat Away

The other night, Lily approached with a deal that was fair.
She offered to sell me her own froggy chair!

Lily: Hopefully I wasn't too pushy as a salesperson. But I think you'll enjoy the froggy chair!On Monday, she asked me to play hide and seek.
She, Rodeo, and Molly hid; I agreed not to peek.

I had ten minutes to hunt all of them down.
They could be hiding anywhere in town.

Lily didn’t hide very well. In fact, she kinda stinks.
Because I found her quite quickly, right near the Sphinx.

Lily peeks out from behind the Sphinx during a game of hide-and-seek.The others’ hiding spots were nearly as lame;
I found them soon after, and I then won the game.

Lily complimented me on my really good eyes.
Then she gave me a breaker, as my winner’s prize.

Lily: To thank you for playing with us, we're giving you a breaker!Tuesday, Molly asked me to join her and I followed my gut.
I sat on the metal bench, and it soon froze my butt.

Sitting on the metal bench with Molly.My friendship with Rodeo is growing, and climbing the ranks.
He started using my nickname, which is sadly, no thanx.

Rodeo: A huh huh huh! OK! Starting today, I'm totally calling you no thanx all the time, no thanx.Something happened today that was worthy of note.
I said my goodbyes to Pashmina the goat.

Pashmina: Things have been hectic, but right now I feel totally wild and free! I'm leaving with a smile! Goat away!I’ve enjoyed having her around, but it’s no time to mourn.
Because I’ll see her again, in Beth’s town of Acorn.

Pashmina: I'm moving to this town called Acorn.Beth fell in a pitfall, but don’t worry, she’s not dead.
She’s just pretending to be Harvey, with a bird on her head.

Beth stands in the face-cutout standee featuring Harvey and a bird.

Jasmine from Cuddles, Penny from Capri, Arwen from Avalar.
They visited my dream. Hope you found Forest to be up to par.

I believe that this is the first time…
That I’ve made a full entry rhyme.

I don’t expect it to make you go crazy, like Lloid.
But I hope that it’s something that you have enjoyed.

Sable is a tailor and Leif is a florist.
I’ll be back in two days, for Friday Night Forest.

9 thoughts on “Goat Away”

  1. My dream of Forest was most heavenly, I had a ball!

    However, I always seem to forget about the pitfall…

    With such blissful ignorance and optimism, behind the cutout sign I trod,

    But bygones are bygones in the land of nod.

  2. #JeffLikesRhyming

    World record broken – most hashtags in Jeff’s comment section. (I think so anyway)

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