Go Nuts for Nuts

Tuesday was Valentine’s Day, and Isabelle sent me a valentine, along with a chocolate cake. She told me to “enjoy the treat.” Hey now Isabelle, I’m the human, and you’re the dog! I give you the treats around here.

To Mayor Jeff, Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks for always working so hard on behalf of the residents of Forest! Enjoy your treat, and please fell happy and refreshed!

I also received a valentine from Molly, who sent me a chocolate heart, and a Valentine’s Day letter from Mom, who sent me a comfy sweater she knitted.

And in the Roost, I made sure to get my Valentine’s treat from Brewster: Hot chocolate!

Jeff, holding up a cup in the Roost: This must be...hot chocolate!When I scanned my Vivian card yesterday, Wisp appeared (as Vivian) and I asked for a new item. He gave me a men’s toilet.

Wisp, appearing as Vivian: I've got just the thing! Please enjoy this men's toilet!And then today, Camofrog (who appeared to be hiding behind a fish tank) told me his heart was set on owning his own men’s toilet! He offered me 480 bells for mine.

Camofrog: My heart's set on owning my own men's toilet. Will you take 480 bells for yours?I agreed to sell it to him, and he got wayyyy too excited about it.

Camofrog: Ooooohhhh yeeeeeaaaahh! Got what I wanted, got what I wanted! Thank you, ten-hut!Katie was in town, and I told her I would take her somewhere. But first, I just made her follow me around. She can’t fall into pitfalls, but I made her use the face-cutout standee. 😛

Katie uses the face-cutout standee of Harvey.Lily asked me to collect signatures for a petition called “Go Nuts for Nuts.” So Beth opened up the town of Arrested for me, where I dropped off Katie and then began collecting signatures.

Croque: Then again, I can relate. I mean, just take a good look at my face! This is the face of FEAR! GAHAHA!After collecting five of the six signatures I needed, I couldn’t find anyone else. Everyone was either sleeping or just not anywhere in sight. But then Beth told me she found Kitty in Club LOL. So I got her signature to complete my petition.

Kitty: Excuse me? You want a signature for Go Nuts for Nuts?
You interrupted my dancing for a nut petition?

Here’s a look at my completed petition:

Petition signatures for "Go Nuts for Nuts": Croque, Bluebear, Marshal, Fuchsia, Daisy, Kitty.I returned it to Lily, but my reward was a bit underwhelming. Well, at least my friendship with Lily is getting closer. 🙂

Lily: It's a bingo wheel. Thanks so much for being my number-one supporter!

My recent dream visitors have been Matty from Oakville, William from Toontown, Sniggles from Zachary, and Darian from Mannwork. Thanks for visiting!

5 thoughts on “Go Nuts for Nuts”

  1. will you be wanting hamlet back sometime soon? im going to time travel to get the zodaic rabbit and i dont wanna loose him ^.^ ( he is always trying to leave )

    1. No, I don’t need him back. And I couldn’t take him back for a very long time anyway, since I’ve only had one villager move out after him. Don’t feel obligated to keep him for me or anything, you’re free to do whatever you want with him. Good luck with your (time) travels!

  2. Molly is so sweet! When I was Santa on Toy Day, she said Santa reminds her of her good friend Samzyy. No wonder she sent you a chocolate heart, because she has a heart for you.

    Camofrog is acting suspiciously.. why is he hiding behind a fish tank, and why was he so excited about a toilet? Hmm..

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