Boots’ Birthday

Late on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning), I found Vivian sitting on the town’s metal bench. She told me she thought it was so peaceful, staring up at the night sky.

Vivian, sitting on a bench: It's so peaceful, staring up into the sky.So I joined her on the bench and also looked up at the sky. And what did I see? A (nearly) full moon! Of course she likes the sky when there’s a full moon. She’s a wolf!

Sitting with Vivian on the bench, with a nearly full moon behind us.I played again late on Sunday night, and the first fireworks festival of the year was underway. I spoke to Isabelle over at the event plaza, and she gave me a star bopper.

Isabelle: When you wear that star bopper, you'll shine just as bright as the fireworks!But before I could turn around and speak with Crazy Redd at his stand, the clock struck twelve midnight and the fireworks show ended.

This concludes tonight's fireworks show.Vivian was disappointed that the fireworks ended, and she said she was still in the mood for loud noises. So she planned to go home and bang some pots together. 😛

Vivian: Aw, the fireworks are all done. And I'm still in the mood for loud noises...Vivian: Guess I'll go bang some pots together!Today (Monday) was Boots’ birthday! I made sure to attend his party, and I gave him a customized circle banner for his birthday gift. He seemed to enjoy it…even if you can’t tell from this screenshot.

Boots: What?! Did you really get me a circle banner?Agent S also attended his party, and she said Boots must be pretty happy since he gets to spend his birthday with the coolest people in town.

Agent S: Boots must be pretty happy. Not only is it his birthday, but the coolest people in town are here!Back outside, I ran into Vivian and she was making up stories about Camofrog! 😮

Vivian: Did you know that Camofrog is allergic to sarsaparilla? Ha! I just made that up!
I guess the full moon turns her into a liar.

Before wrapping up my night in Forest, I set out some money for Booker (my other character, not the dog). He used it to pay off his loan. Tom Nook will be adding a second floor to Booker’s house. I have something planned for it, but it has nothing to do with Booker (the dog) or the police station.

Tom Nook: The work will be fully completed by tomorrow morning. I'm so sure you must be very excited, yes, yes!

My recent dream visitors have been Hallie from Raine, Aricela from Dragolin, Ame from Lima, Kiera from Brooklyn, and David from Breinig. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Once Booker pays off the second floor, the secret storage area will be offered for his next upgrade. Just FYI since you mentioned before Booker (your character) exists mainly for extra storage.

  2. I think it’s really neat that you still daily blog your animal crossing experience. Wish I had that sort of dedication 🙂

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