Big Top’s Birthday

Now that Hornsby is all unpacked and getting settled in, it’s nice to see him out walking around town.

Hornsby: Oh, it's Jeff. Hey there, schnozzle!October is here now, and that means candy is available at the shop. You can stock up for Halloween, if you like. And of course, other Halloween themed items are available now as well.

Timmy: Ah, a spooky lamp! A fine item, yes?

I ran into Jack tonight, and he asked if I’d like to help him out on Halloween. I agreed, even though I’m not sure if I’ll actually be playing that night.

Jack: Hee hee hee! I am the mighty czar of Halloween, Jack!

He gave me a bug mask, so that I can prepare to scare my villagers on October 31st. Other masks will be on sale at Able Sisters.

Wearing a bug mask in Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS.Today is Big Top’s birthday, so I made sure to attend his party. I thought he might be hungry, since he’s always hungry, so I gave him a ramen cup as his present.

Big Top: A ramen cup? I never would have guessed this would be my present!Vivian also attended Big Top’s party, and she seemed pretty hungry too! I hope she wasn’t expecting Big Top to share his ramen with her!

Vivian: You know it's a good party when I show up. For lunch!As I left the party, Big Top told me he loved the present. Happy birthday, big guy!

My recent dream visitors have been Riina from Farhaven, Megan from Parsley, Mary from TG, Kareem from Namekoi, and Rosie from Bumble. Thanks for stopping by!

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