Dreaming of ACNLpics

I recently visited the dream town of ACNLpics (dream address 5D00-003F-B507). The town has tons of flowers, and looks really pretty.

Marina in the New Leaf dream town of ACNLpics.

The pretty dream town of ACNLpics.

But the main attraction that makes this town so unique is the collection of villager pictures. According to the mayor’s thread on Bell Tree Forums, it has not only villager pictures of all 333 original villagers, but also the 54 special character pics and the 50 new Welcome Amiibo villagers as well. Wow!

Villager pics of bunnies/rabbits in ACNLpics.

The houses have different themes: One has farm animals, one has pets, one has zoo animals, and one has the Welcome Amiibo animals. Each house is arranged by species. One room is solely devoted to rabbit villagers, while another has sheep and goats, and so on. Very impressive, and very cool!

Villager pics of frogs in New Leaf.Villager pictures of special characters.Villager pictures of Welcome Amiibo animals.

If you want to see any particular villager pics, or just want to be amazed at this huge collection, give this town a visit. The dream address again is 5D00-003F-B507.

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Back in Forest…

Anyway, Thursday was the night of the autumn moon (harvest moon). Isabelle was over at the event plaza to hand out wheat bundles.

Isabelle: To celebrate Autumn Moon tonight, I prepared wheat bundles for everyone. Would you like one?

Here’s a picture of the holiday standee, with the full autumn moon just over my head.

Using the face-cutout standee for the autumn moon.Up on Main Street, I spotted Hippeux the hippo. He just started showing up here, so I’ll be seeing him around.

Hippeux: I like the atmosphere of this place right now. It's sort of romantic, don't you think, natch?The other day, I got to see inside Hornsby’s house. This is what it looks like, if you’re interested.

Hornsby: Welcome to Casa de Hornsby, Jeff! Schnozzle!

Today, Isabelle was back at the event plaza for Explorer’s Day (Columbus Day). She gave me a sailboat model for the occasion.

Isabelle: It's a sailboat model! With it, you can really get into the excitement of Explorer's Day!I then boarded the standee ship. Apparently I’m Kapp’n’s navigator, and I don’t know where I’m going.

The face-cutout standee for Explorer's Day.

Boots asked me for a violin beetle tonight, so I was going to look on my tree stump. But when I got to the spot, I quickly realized that my stump was gone! Hornsby’s house wiped out my tree stump! I didn’t even realize until now.

Hornsby's house in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

My recent dream visitors have been Brittany from Oakheart, Xavier from Quigley, Timber from Xing, Gabriel from G-nation, and Cat from CatVille. Thanks for stopping by!

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