Mushroom Season Starts

As I went in Boots’ house to check out his two lamp on Sunday, he happened to ask me for furniture again. As you might’ve guessed, I already had a customized one lamp in my pockets ready for him.

Boots: OK! This is perfect! I'm going to think about placement and put it up a little later.
Think about placement? Who do you think you’re fooling? We both know exactly where that lamp is going.

Monday, Boots offered to trade his office chair for my zero lamp! That’s the last number I he needed!

Boots: I'll trade office chair o my team. Zero lamp on your team comes over to me.The countdown is now complete!

Animated GIF of Boots' lamp countdown from 9 to 0 in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Big Top asked me to bury a time capsule for him. I buried it in the northwest corner of town (behind Re-Tail), and I’ll be sure not to open it this time. 😉

Big Top: I just put together a time capsule with my most prized possession inside. Now I just have to bury it!

Of course, yesterday was Halloween. I played a little bit to collect a few pumpkin heads I didn’t seem to have in storage any more.

I also loaded up my Booker character, since his mailbox was about to burst. He headed over to Re-Tail to sell some gifts from Mom, and he got harassed by a bunch of pumpkin-headed villagers. He was forced to talk to Molly…for the first time. 😛

Three pumpkin-headed villagers chase Booker around town.As I switched back to Jeff, I took this screenshot of a purple pumpkin-headed villager on the title screen. 😛

A purple pumpkin-head on a villager on the Animal Crossing: New Leaf title screen.Now that I wasn’t carrying any number lamps around, Boots asked me for my clothes instead. So I sold him my lightning tee.

Boots: My secret dream is to own my own lightning tee...I’ve been giving away a bunch of my extra villager pictures lately. The only ones I have left are Agent S, Big Top, Daisy, Molly, and Rolf. Let me know if you’d like any of them.

November started today, and that means that it’s mushroom season now! I found a rare mushroom (worth 16,000 bells), and I also found a mush table disguised as a mushroom.

I thought it was a mushroom, but it's a mush table!At the campground, Harvey was feeding the birds. He gave me another set of beans, even though I already have one set. If you want it, let me know!

Pumpkin-head Jeff feeding the birds.

My recent dream visitors have been Brandon from Coolvill, Annie from Hylia, and Claudia from FairyOak. Thank you all for stopping by!

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    1. Yes, I’ve actually been on there for years, I just don’t use it super frequently. Although I have been on there more in the last few weeks. Maybe I’ll make a new giveaway thread there soon. I’m giving away some Wii U consoles and wet suits (in addition to the 3 villager pics I have left). My name there is jvgsjeff.

        1. Okay I waited through a full charge of my 3DS. If you or anyone else wants the pics, please contact me on social media or on Bell Tree Forums. Arranging a time through blog entries never seems to work out.

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