Groundhog Day 2018

On Wednesday night, Molly was in Re-Tail, and she wanted to buy the men’s toilet!

Molly: I love the men's toilet. And I don't normally make impulse purchases, but...

Since she wanted it so bad, who am I to stop her?

Molly: I feel like I got a solid deal today!
Solid? It’s more of a liquid thing…

Vivian the wolf then asked me for a new catchphrase. I told her to say “blue moon,” since she asked on the night of an actual blue moon (the 2nd full moon within a calendar month).

Vivian: So you think I should be saying blue moon?

Today is February 2nd, which is Groundhog Day in America. To celebrate the occasion, Isabelle can be found at the event plaza, handing out a Resetti model.

Isabelle: It's a Resetti model! Please take it in celebration of our town's Groundhog Day!

There’s also a face-cutout standee for the holiday. So I put on my best angry mole face. Look, I’m Upsetti!

Sticking my angry mole mug in the standee for Groundhog Day.

Around 9:00 tonight, I noticed the northern lights up in the sky. Here’s a look at them from Forest’s event plaza.

The northern lights in the skies above Forest's town tree and Isabelle.

I went around shaking some trees, and I caught a bee. And there were two pieces of furniture that fell from trees. Interestingly, they were both from the same set: The modern wood chest and the modern wood closet.

My recent dream visitors have been Ema from Furbies, Mayounna from Amy Rose, Preston from Konoha, Laura from Kaiõ, and Timber from Xing. Thanks for stopping by!

If you’re looking for anything else to read, I recently put up new blog entries for Happy Home Designer and Tomodachi Life. Have a great weekend!

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