Three at Last

Last Sunday night, Aurora approached me and told me she thought I could use a bear costume. Why do I need that? Does she think I’m ugly as I am? I can’t bear the thought.

Aurora: Um, J-guy. I hope this isn't presumptuous, but I think you could use a bear costume.
Thanks, honey.

On Wednesday, Hornsby’s eyes lit up when he saw a bathroom stall for sale at Re-Tail. I told him to go ahead and buy it…although I can’t help but feel bad for the stall itself, knowing what Hornsby is going to end up doing to it. 😛

Hornsby: The second I laid eyes on the bathroom stall, I was sold!

Stitches was camping in the igloo, so I said hello. Even though I didn’t invite him to move into town, it was tempting.

Yesterday, Hornsby asked me for some furniture. The only thing I had on hand was the Resetti model from Groundhog Day. I handed it over, and he thanked me by giving me a satellite.

Hornsby: Nice! I had my eye on a Resetti model just like this one.

Today, the fishing tournament was underway. I caught one fish–a 14.30 inch dace, and I gave it to Chip. He informed me that the dace put me in third place.

Chip: Woo! That puts you in third place! Nyuk nyuk nyuk!

I saw on Tumblr that Breezy was looking for a cream sofa, and I had one to give her. So I invited her over to pick it up, and she gave me some perfect fruit in return.

Breezy arrives in Forest.

You may remember I made a Dream Suite Adventure of Breezy’s previous town Avenir. I also use her Mii on my Tomodachi Life island.

Since this was her first visit to Forest, I gave her a quick tour. I showed her my house, and she seemed to enjoy my rooms…especially the frog room.

Breezy: Frogs are my fav animal.

She hadn’t seen the Splatoon items in New Leaf, so I let her visit Inkwell’s RV and she ordered a few things. Meanwhile, Inkwell told me a tall tale about towing his van across the mountains with his teeth.

Inkwell: I towed this van across the mountains using my teeth. Ha! Splat!

We walked around town, and she also checked out Booker’s house. It actually had some roaches inside…oops! Booker should play more often, uh, I guess…

Breezy explores the Gulliver room in Booker's house.

She went over to the face-cutout standee, and…well, I think you know what happened. 😀

Breezy struggles to get out of a pitfall behind my face-cutout standee.

She was an angry inkling after that, haha. But she seemed to enjoy my town overall. Enjoy the cream sofa, Breezy! And thanks for the visit, and the fruit!

After she left, I went inside of Chip’s tent to check out the fishing tournament winners’ ceremony. As I had hoped, I remained in third place!

Chip: J
Woo! I’m #3!

Aurora was the big winner, and Molly got 2nd place. But I was just happy to finally get my bronze fish trophy.

Aurora, Molly, and Jeff celebrating success at the fishing tournament in ACNL.

I took it up to my trophy room at the museum. I now have all three fishing trophies. Although, I now realize that I only have the gold Bug-Off trophy. So I’ll still need to get silver and bronze to complete my bug trophy collection.

My trophy collection.

My recent dream visitors have been Marie from Eureka, Norrin from Spooky, Mason from Akron, Jack from Shepwell, Cid from Turnip, and Ashley from Lucky. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

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