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Entry 63: Rabbit Hat

Hailey recently told me she had feelings for Blake.

She asked him out on the observation tower, and he said yes! So they are now sweethearts, and Hailey was ecstatic.

Gianna, the daughter of George Sr. and TZ, has now grown up. I sent her off to travel the world.

Mr. Bean and Squishy's daughter Aubree has also grown up and left the island.

I haven't been getting any StreetPass tags for Tomodachi Life lately, so my dock is starting to get a little crowded.

The other day, I caught "Weird Al" Yankovic performing some music for Darth Vader at the wishing well. Ah, the saga begins.

I gave Gaston a raw oyster, and he melted into a pool of gray bunny goo. It was his worst ever food.

As of April 16th, a new SpotPass item is available: A rabbit hat. It's a bit late for Easter, though.

It can be purchased at the import-wear shop for $22.00. It's available in three colors--pink, black, and white. I was hoping for a yellow one, so that Gaston could look a bit more convincing as a bunny, but oh well.

That's all for now, but thank you for visiting. Lately I've been putting up four blog entries per month, but not as much is going on in the game lately. You may have noticed the last few entries have been shorter than they used to be. So I'm going to scale back a bit; there will still be at least two blog entries a month (and occasionally more). But the good news is that I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. There will still be more blog entries and maybe some videos yet to come.

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Notes: Nintendo has graciously provided me with an advance copy of Tomodachi Life. Thanks, Nintendo! All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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