Mouse Trap

Winter is here, and snow now covers the ground in town. I ran into Midge today, and she asked me to play a game of hide-and-seek. I had ten minutes to find her, Samson, and Static.

Midge: OK, so here's the plan. We're gonna hide someplace in town, and you're gonna try to find us!A minute and a half later, I found Static hiding behind his own house! How lazy is that?

Static hides behind his own house during a game of hide-and-seek in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.About three minutes after that, I found Midge and Samson both behind trees near the river. I won the game with 5 minutes, 42 seconds remaining on the clock. Midge gave me a daffodil table as my prize.

I continued my walk around town, stopping in Kitty’s house. I just had to admire her interior decorating skills. Not many people are brave enough to put a trash can in the center of their room like this. Right next to the chair, too! So I can relax and take a deep breath and enjoy the smells of yesterday’s dinner scraps.

Sitting in a chair next to the trash can in the center of Kitty's house.Christmas Eve is just ten days away. And on that night, there can’t be any creatures stirring…not even a mouse. So I set up a mouse trap.

Samson, in a pitfall: The weight of my muscles crushed the planet! AWESOME!
I caught a rodent of unusual strength.

After a trip to the city (where it was snowing), I returned home to bang on my drum all day. Or for a while, at least.

I’ll be back next week with another entry…and a new ACCF video! 🙂 Hope to see you then!

Buying a Festive Tree

As I started the game up today, I got Nan’s goodbye letter in the mail.

Dear Jeff, Today's my last day. I'm leaving Forest. Good-bye, Jeff. I hope you won't forget me! -Good-bye, Nan

I also received a letter from Mom (she sent me an apple), and my monthly statement from the Bank of Nintendo (informing me I earned 99,999 bells in interest for the month).

At Nook ‘n’ Go, I saw Nook had a large festive tree for sale. Since it’s December now, I bought it and put it in my house.

Tom Nook: Yes, a big festive tree. It costs 1,984 bells.

Samson was sick with a cold, so I gave him some medicine I had in my pockets. He flipped for it; I wonder if it was cheese flavored.

Samson flips as he takes some medicine.

Over by the waterfall, Kitty asked me for a new greeting. Since she was still wearing a skimpy bikini in the cold December weather, I told her to say “I feel so cold.”

Kitty: I feel so cold...You can see Wendell’s “mystery circle” patterns in that picture. Speaking of Wendell, he was in town again today. But I wasn’t looking for any of his designs, so I didn’t even speak to him.

Static asked me for a fossil, and he was lucky I was feeling generous today. I gave him a parasaur tail, and he seemed to enjoy it. In return, he gave me a TV with a VCR, which is nearly as old as the fossil. 😛

Static: You really came through for me there, buddy. I'd like you to have a TV with a VCR.

At the gate, I cleaned out the lost and found. I currently have 25 pitfall seeds, not counting the one that’s buried in the corner of town, or any that I may have in storage. Why am I hoarding pitfall seeds? Maybe I’ll put them to use at some point next year. 😉

Nan on the Lam

Nan is moving out of town; I found her all packed up and ready to go today. I don’t know why she’s running away, but I’m okay with it. She’s not bad, but I’m not really a big Nan fan.

Nan: Well, there's no point in hiding it. You've probably guessed, but I've decided to leave Forest.At Able Sisters, there was a Jingle shirt for sale. Since it’s almost December, I decided to buy it and put it on.

Over by the waterfall, Samson asked if I’d like to play a game of hide-and-seek. I agreed, so I had ten minutes to find Samson, Opal, and Benedict. I found Benedict after one minute and Opal after two minutes, so I thought it was going to be an easy game.

However, the timer kept counting down as I circled around town without finding the mouse man. But with two minutes to go, I found Samson behind a tree. He actually wasn’t far from where Opal was. It wasn’t easy, but I won the game. Samson rewarded me with a folding chair. Not a gyroid? Surprising.

Samson: OK, to commemorate your awesome victory, here's a folding chair for ya!I visited my newest neighbor, Champ the monkey, and he told me that he recently challenged Tangy to see who could stay awake the longest. It took him 98 hours, but Champ is the…well, champ.

Champ: But I have to say, it was tougher than I thought. Good thing I'm awesome.But staying awake for long periods isn’t the only thing Champ and Tangy have in common: They both own that cool train set. 🙂

I decided to shake a tree, and the very first tree I shook had a bee in it! But fortunately, I was able to catch the bee before it stung me.

I caught a bee! Bzz! Bzz! Bzz!Midge locked herself out of her house, but I didn’t bother helping her out. I saw Pete out delivering mail, which meant that today was not a UFO day. It’s been a year and a half since I’ve last shot one down (May 2016)! One of these days, I’ll shoot that ship down once again…