Static & Chow BFFs

Tank sent me a letter in the mail today, tanking thanking me for the medicine I gave him last week. He sent me a retro TV with the letter. I also got Gloria’s goodbye letter in the mail.

Gloria's goodbye letter.After a stop at Nook ‘n’ Go, I ran into Chow at the top of the ramp. He offered to sell me a screen for 2,282 bells. I declined the offer, and then he gave me the screen for free. Sure, I’ll take anything for free.

Right then, Static walked by and started up a conversation with Chow; I listened in. They were talking about how quickly they lose interest in their hobbies. Static said that he’s now interested in knitting sweaters, and men.

Static: Lately, I've really been into knitting sweaters, and men.After I circled around town, stopped at the store again, and found today’s money rock, I ran into Static and Chow once again. They had another conversation, and again, I listened in. This time, they were talking about food and how Chow took his niece out for lunch.

I made a trip to the city to check Crazy Redd’s new items for the week; he didn’t have anything I was interested in. After I returned to Forest, I had a chat with Savannah. She told me she’s not a horse in stripes.

Savannah: Oh, I'm not a horse, old dog, in stripes!
Yeah, you’re a zebra…

After catching a king salmon in the river, I spotted Chow and Static once again! This is the third time I’ve seen them together today, all in different parts of town! Chow asked me to make a delivery…to Static! So I turned around and gave the gift (a noble shirt) to Static, and he put it on. I turned back around to tell Chow I made the delivery, as Static looked on.

Chow: ...So, what'd Static say? I assume there was lots of jumping around smiling, up a tree?Chow rewarded me with a screen! That’s the second screen I got from him tonight! Is something wrong with the random number generators in the game tonight, or what? 😛

Just for fun, I spoke with Static again. Again, he thanked me for the delivery. But then he also told me to thank that ______. No word showed up there, just a blank space, even though it was surely supposed to say Chow. Maybe because I already returned to Chow and got my reward?

Static: Well, thanks for your trouble, pal. And thank that  for me, and men!What a weird night! See you next time!

Ghostly Encounter

Tank has been sick lately, so I bought some medicine at the store for him. It is World Rhino Day, after all. Get well soon, big guy.

Tank flips upside down as he takes his medicine.
Hey, watch where you’re sticking that horn!

I went in to visit Gloria today, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was all packed up and ready to move out of town! She was mad that I arrived too late to help her pack. As if I would want to help her anyway.

Gloria: Well... you're right on time, aren't you? To see me all sweaty and gross!
But you’re always gross.

I found an empty lamp while on my walk around town. It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen Wisp in this game.

An empty lamp sitting on the ground.I took a bus ride out to the city, where I badgered Phineas for a bunny balloon.

Phineas: Ah, looking for a bunny balloon? Can't say I blame you. I'm a sucker for those cute little guys, too!He gave me an orange one (called a bunny O. balloon).

I stand in the city, holding an orange bunny balloon.I returned to the game later tonight. I took a walk near the beach, where a mysterious voice told me to come closer!

?????: I hope this isn't a hassle, but would you mind coming over here for a second?Once I walked in the right direction, Wisp the ghost appeared. He asked me to find his lamp. When I told him I already had it, he told me to go to my attic so I could rub his lamp in private.

Wisp: Woooooo! Oh, hoooooray! You did it! You found my lamp! Now I can finally return home!So I went up to my attic, which is a place I almost never visit any more. I rubbed the lamp, and Wisp appeared.

Wisp: Tah-Dahh! You rang?He offered me a reward for returning his lamp: I could choose to have him pull weeds, splat roaches, or give me stuff. I asked him for a furniture item, and he gave me a blue golf bag! That’s a subpar reward, and I was a bit teed off.

Rainy Day by the River

It was storming in Forest today, and Alli was not enjoying the rain.

Alli: Hello, old dog. This is some very unglamorous weather we're having.If you look closely, you can see a flea jumping off of her in the above pic. I caught the flea, and she said someone must have sabotaged her by putting the flea on her. Apparently, everyone is jealous of how good she looks. At least that’s what she thinks.

I saw Pascal was in town on my middle bridge, but I didn’t have a scallop attached to any of my letters. But fortunately, I found one when I combed the beach. I took it back to him, and he told me that schools of fish don’t actually learn anything.

Pascal: Schools of fish don't LEARN anything, maaan.He gave me a ship cannon in exchange for the scallop. He then swam down the river, and I was able to take this picture of him going over the waterfall.

Pascal swims over the waterfall.Downstream, I saw a huge fish shadow near my southern bridge. It kept hiding from me, often going under the bridge. But I stuck with it, eventually catching myself an arapaima!

I catch an arapaima from my bridge in front of the waterfall.