The Philosopher

When I spoke with Static today, he asked if I’d like to play a game of Cat Burglar and Private Eye. Once I agreed to play, he revealed that he was really talking about hide-and-seek. I figured as much anyway. He gave me ten minutes to find him, Samson, and Midge.

Static: OK, that does it for rules! We all clear? OK, then, I'm out of here, cluck! Hehehe... Ninja vanish!Three minutes into the game, I found Samson hiding behind a tree near the fountain. Another minute after that, I found Static trying to hide behind a sign post!

Static hides behind a sign post during a game of hide and seek in Animal Crossing: City Folk.I probably spent too much time taking the above picture. I was waiting for him to lean out just right, and I got too picky. But I continued on my search. I ran into Groucho, and he told me he was thinking of moving away. I didn’t try to stop him.

Groucho: I mean, I'm not taking off this very second... but I'll be gone before long, grumble.There was only about a minute left on the clock by the time I made a full circle around town. I still hadn’t found Midge, so I began a 2nd lap around Forest. But by the time I made my way back to Samson again, time had run out. I lost the game. So I didn’t get a prize, and Static told me nobody expected me to win anyway. Thanks, pal.

Static: Well, it's not like anyone expected you to win. After all, I'm a battle-hardened veteran at this...
You had an obvious hiding spot. Midge should get the credit, not you.

When I met up with Opal, she told me she saw a philosopher standing on a bridge in town. I knew she meant Pascal, of course, but I don’t recall seeing this dialogue before. I don’t remember anyone referring to him as a philosopher, nor do I recall the game specifically telling you that scallops are what he desires.

Opal: Maybe I'll slip that philosopher a few scallops later, I'm a gem.

Fortunately, I had a scallop attached to a letter. I took it over to Pascal on the bridge, and he gave me a ship deck (flooring) in return. He also advised me not to sweat the small stuff, unless it’s a virus.

Pascal: Don't sweat the small stuff, man. Unless it's a virus.Benedict asked me for a fossil, so I gave him an apato skull. He rewarded me with 520 bells; that’s not very much for a fossil! Then, he said he’s going to sleep with the skull tonight. Uh, okay…

Benedict: Huh huh huh huh! My little apato skull can sleep with me tonight!

New House, New Mouse

In the northeast corner of town (near the homes of Midge and Guest), I found a new house. Inside the house, I found a new mouse. Welcome to Forest, Samson!

Samson: SWEEEEEET! Good to meet you. My name's Samson!In the western part of town, Opal gave me a new shirt–a kiwi shirt. I decided to put it on, since I was in need of new clothes. And this isn’t one of my usual shirts, so it’s nice to try something new occasionally.

Opal: I don't want to get your hopes up, but...this present is exceptional!While standing on the town’s southern bridge, Tangy told me that she was feeling bloated. She just ate 50 pounds of fruit salad! Wow.

Tangy: I just ate, like, 50 pounds of fruit salad, so I'm feeling kinda bloated.
Well, you are what you eat.

Opal asked me to make a delivery to Midge, so I agreed to help out. The package contained a bone shirt…just like the bone shirt I recently gave Rhonda in Wild World. Well, with Halloween coming up in a few weeks, this is a good time to wear your bones on the outside of your body.

Midge: Oh, is that what I think it is? A bone shirt? Well, it's a sweet gesture. I guess I should accept!Kitty locked herself out of her house, and I wasn’t interested in fishing for her key. But I was a bit surprised when I realized what she was wearing…the star bikini! Doesn’t she feel cold wearing it this time of year?

Kitty, wearing a bikini: Wow.

Autumn Moon 2017

I received Tank’s goodbye letter in the mail today.

'Sup Jeff, Today's my last day in Forest. Best thing I did here was be buds with you. I might be sweating in a different gym, but I'll always be lifting for you! -TankI spoke with Tangy, and she informed me of something that I didn’t even realize: Today is the autumn moon (aka harvest moon) celebration!

Tangy: Hey, Jeff! Guess what? Today's the Autumn Moon celebration!
By the look on her face, she was surprised too.

Midge was also in the area, so I spoke with her too. She asked me if I’ve seen the mayor yet today. Hmmm, what do you think?

Midge, standing next to Mayor Tortimer: Oh, yeah! Have you seen the mayor yet today, tweedledee?Since Mayor Tortimer was right up in my face, I chatted with him. He gave me a wheat bundle for the occasion of the autumn moon.

Tortimer: Here, sprout. Take this wheat bundle to celebrate the Autumn Moon festival!I didn’t take a picture of the wheat bundle, since I’ve shown it multiple times before. But if you really want to see what it looks like, check out this entry from 2013.

The grass is now yellowish and ugly (in my opinion) for October. To see how much it has changed, check out my crop circle patterns compared to the grass now. The crop circle blended in pretty well when I first put it in back in June.

My crop circle grass standing out dramatically from the yellow October grass.When I visited Opal, she was sick with a cold. I gave her some medicine I already had in my pockets. I definitely don’t want any elephants sneezing on me. Talk about having junk in your trunk. Yuck!

Opal flips as she takes some cold medicine.I rode the bus out to the city, and I was quite surprised when I took a look at the new model room in the Happy Room Academy.

A small empty room as the model room at the Happy Room Academy.What was going on? I asked Lyle about the model room, and he said this month’s theme is the room with the most grown-up feel. And apparently, none of the rooms in Forest even qualified! So the empty room was just a default room for when nothing matches the theme.

Lyle: ...No rooms matched. None. Zero. Zip. Nada. Ixnay. You guys are bustin' Lyle's chops here!Later on tonight, I returned to the game to take a look at the autumn moon. Have a good night, everyone!

A full autumn moon (harvest moon) in Animal Crossing: City Folk for Nintendo Wii.