Repairing the Path

When I started up the game tonight, I found Jay’s goodbye letter in the mail. So long, Jay.

Jay's goodbye letter.When I saw the spot where his house was, I was reminded that his house landed on my path when he first moved in. I had to re-route the path around his birdhouse at the time.

The spot where Jay lived.Mott and Alli were having a conversation near Nook ‘n’ Go. Alli was talking about a pimple on her face, and how she read that you can break out if you dump someone. She figured that it must be because she’s turned down so many guys lately. Mott responded that, instead of getting so many manicures and pedicures, Alli should get a faceicure. Ouch.

Mott to Alli: Instead of manicures and pedicures, you should get a faceicure!

Chow told me he just saw a starving Wendell in town, so he gave him some food. In return, he got some wallpaper. But I can’t help but notice that nearly everyone in town is saying “and cheese” as their catchphrase! I originally gave it to Broccolo the mouse, but it has spread like wildfire. I hate when that happens.

Chow: Wendell looks so happy when he eats. I want to just keep feeding him.As I went around town, I picked up a bunch of extra flowers that were lying around. I took them back to where Jay’s house was and I fixed up the path. The flowers will help the grass re-grow there. Hopefully the next villager won’t move into that same spot!


Packed Boxes & Jay

I got a letter from Aurora in the mail, thanking me for the medicine I took her while she was sick. She sent me a lovely lamp as a present.

When I went to visit Jay, I found that his furniture was now all packed up in boxes and he’s ready to move out of town. Sorry, bud. I tried.

Jay: Packing up only took me 4 minutes!Outside, Tutu reminded me that Festivale is coming up on Monday. I may not participate though; Festivale is really kind of annoying, to be honest.

Tutu: Festivale is right around the corner!I saw a huge fish shadow in the river, so I knew it had to be something good. I grabbed my rod and fished out a stringfish! That’s a nice 15,000 bells!

Catching a stringfish (ACCF)There was a meteor shower in the skies over Forest, so I stopped to watch a few of them go by. I was reminded of the first time I saw a meteor shower in ACCF, and how exciting it would be each time one (or two) went by. I have a lot of memories with this game.

Meteor shower.Benedict asked me to take a gift to Alli, and I did. It was a shirt that Alli didn’t care for, but Benedict still thanked me for making the delivery. He rewarded me with 552 bells, naturally.

Benedict: To thank you, I want to give you 552 bells!

Groundhog Day 2016

Today is Groundhog Day in America, so Tortimer was awake and outside of town hall to hand out gifts for the occasion.

Tortimer: Today is Groundhog Day.The gift is a Resetti model that you can put in your home. Although I’m not sure why you would want to. Maybe it could make a good alarm clock; it could yell at you to wake up and then make you apologize for wasting its time. 😛

Resetti model in ACCF.I went in to visit Jay, and surprisingly, he still wasn’t packed up for his move. Once again, I had the opportunity to tell him to stay, so I gave it another try. But he insisted that it’s too late; he just wants to have some more awesome memories before he goes. I think he’s just trying to distract himself from feeling blue.

Jay: Help me go out with some awesome memories!Aurora was still sick with a cold, so I bought some medicine for her once again.

Aurora takes the medicine.Mott and Alli were having a big argument near Nook ‘n’ go this evening, and then Chow jumped in and started a conversation with Mott. He said a real man needs to be even tempered and relaxed. I know the conversation was just a coincidence, but it sure fit what was going on at the time!

Chow: Real men are even tempered and relaxed.
You can still see the puffs of steam coming out of Alli’s head.