Savannah Graduates?

Rod is gone now, and I got his goodbye letter in the mail tonight.

Rod's goodbye letter in Animal Crossing: City Folk.Outside of the museum, Bluebear was talking about Blathers and Celeste. She said that they’re over ten years apart in age, yet they still argue about everything. She was trying to figure out whose fault it was.

Bluebear: Is Celeste all stubborn? Or is Blathers just a jerkface?Static asked me to make a delivery to Savannah, and I did. The gift was a graduation gown! Oh, did Savannah just graduate?

Savannah: Well, would you look at that! A graduation gown!
Congrats! Finishing school is one of life’s biggest hurdles.

After returning to Static, he gave me  a TV with a VCR to thank me for my trouble.

Chow the panda somehow locked himself out of his house. He asked me to help look for his key, but I wasn’t in the mood. Fishing for keys is such an annoying chore in this game.

Chow: I'm a man without keys... A man without a home... A wanderer... Makes me sound kinda cool...When I came up the ramp, I found Tank and Opal…uh…enjoying each other’s company. A lot.

Opal and Tank enjoying each other.
Get a room.

I checked the lost and found, and there were 12 items in there instead of the usual maximum of ten. That’s because Franklin’s tables (from the harvest festival) took over some of the spaces occupied by the sparklers and roman candles I left there. So I took them back, and I also took this kiwi shirt and put it on.

Wearing a kiwi shirt in the gate.See you all next time!

Harvest Festival 2016

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States, which is celebrated in most Animal Crossing games as the harvest festival. I found Mayor Tortimer outside of town hall, along with the tables that are set up for a feast.

Tortimer: Gobble dee HO! Gobble dee HAY! It's the Harvest Festival today!He handed me a knife and fork. The object of the festival is to find Franklin the turkey and give him the utensils. He’ll feel that you’re saving him from being eaten, and he will give you a piece of harvest furniture.

You can also give the knife and fork to a villager for a hint as to where Franklin will be hiding. But the hints generally aren’t that great, so I find it’s better to just look for Franklin on my own. Besides, if you give them to a villager, you still have to return to Tortimer for another set to give Franklin.

I soon found Franklin hiding behind Savannah’s house.

Franklin the turkey hides behind a house during the harvest festival.At first, he thought I was going to eat him. But I gave him the fork and knife so that he didn’t feel so threatened.

Franklin: Why didn't you say so? For cryin' out loud! You scared the tail feathers offa me!He gave me a harvest chair in return. I returned to Tortimer for another set of silverware, and then resumed my search to find Franklin again. But of course, I also chatted with my villagers along the way.

When I visited Rod, I found his furniture all packed up in boxes! He’s getting set to move out of town. I kinda like Rod, but I’m not upset about him leaving. Good luck in your new home, Rod!

Rod: I decided to take my awesomeness on tour, and I was bummed I wouldn't be able to say bye to people.Meanwhile, Twiggy was just chirping nonsense. She said if we had a baseball-playing guppy, we’d be rich.

Twiggy: Seriously! If we had a baseball-playing guppy, we'd be rich! Rich, I tells ya!Benedict wasn’t quite so random; he had food on his mind!

Benedict: Dinner's not gonna eat itself, so I hope you wore an outfit with extra belly room, heeeeeyy!And outside of town hall, Savannah was talking about her bad table manners. She said she eats like she was raised in a barn!

Savannah: I... I hate to admit it, but my table manners are atrocious! I'm serious! I eat like I was raised in a barn!I found Franklin three more times. Of his hiding spots, this one behind a sign post was the worst by far.

Franklin hides behind a sign post during the harvest festival in Animal Crossing: City Folk.He gave me a harvest table, a harvest lamp, and another harvest chair. I sold them all at Nook’s shop, even though they only sell for 3,333 bells apiece–much less than the spooky (Halloween) and jingle (Christmas) furniture.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great harvest festival (and a happy Thanksgiving for those in the U.S.). Thank you for visiting! 🙂

Eight Years of City Folk

Today (November 16th) is the 8th anniversary of Animal Crossing: City Folk’s release. And since I purchased the game on the first day, it’s also the 8th anniversary of Forest. Of course, that means it’s also been eight years since a proper Animal Crossing game was released on a home console, but I digress.

I found my favorite villager Savannah in her house tonight, sick with a cold. So I bought some medicine for her. Get well soon, Savannah!

Savannah flips as she gulps down her medicine.I met up with Bluebear outside, and she told me that she decided to become a mermaid! Her story sounded a bit fishy, but she wanted me to catch her a barred knifejaw so she could become queen of the ocean. I don’t think that’s how that works…

Bluebear: Jeff! Guess what? I've TOTALLY decided to become a mermaid!
You a mermaid? Sorry, I just don’t sea it.

Opal asked me for a new catchphrase, and I told her to say “oh pal.” Whether you dig it or not, I think it’s a gem. 😉

Opal: I love the sound of it... oh pal! It's like a magic word that makes me irrestible, oh pal!I spotted a balloon present tonight, so I got out my slingshot and shot it down. I thought it would be fitting if it would somehow be an appropriate anniversary gift. But it was just a neutral corner. Not exactly what I hoped for…but it does have a bit of a ring to it.

Shooting down a balloon present.
I took the picture a bit too early. Oops.

Anyway, I hope you all had a good City Folk anniversary! If you’d like to re-live my first moments in Forest, here’s a video showing the very beginnings of Forest.

Or for a list of all my ACCF videos (all 117 of them), here is the full playlist. If you’re wondering, I will make my annual slideshow video, but it’s not ready yet. So stay tuned for that.

Have a great day, and I’ll see you all next time!