Phyllis and Physics

I had a chat with Broccolo today, and he told me he only likes to go inside of town hall when Pelly is working. He said that Phyllis scares him…and men.

Broccolo: 'Cause, um...Phyllis kind of scares me, and men.When I stopped in Alli’s house, I concluded that she is not all right.

Alli's furniture all on the left side of her house.All of her furniture is in the left half of her house! Of course, this isn’t the first time I’ve questioned Alli’s interior design sense. Remember her five shirts and a stereo theme? 😛

I found Pascal again, this time on my southern bridge. I gave him a scallop and he gave me a helm. He also gave his words of wisdom about physics.

Pascal: You can't fool physics, maaan. That guy knows EVERYTHING!He then demonstrated some of those physics as he jumped into the river and swam off into the night.

Pascal dives into the river (GIF).Twiggy asked me to make a delivery to Mac, so I agreed to help out. The item was a No. 4 shirt, which is pink. He put it on without any reservations. Before I headed back to Twiggy to tell her the delivery was complete though, I stopped to watch the little rubber duckie in Mac’s backyard pool.

Rubber ducky in the backyard pool (GIF).
Rubber duckie, I’m awfully fond of you.

None of my villagers mentioned wanting to move out. And that just makes me think that one of them is going to bolt in the night before I play again. We’ll see.

Man Eater

I played again on Friday and Saturday, trying to save Savannah. But she never brought up the topic of moving, even though I left the game on for a long time and kept returning to talk to her repeatedly.

But I did catch this nice tarantula! I believe this is my first of the summer.

I caught a tarantula! I don't wanna arm-wrestle with this guy!Yesterday was Father’s Day, and I got this letter from Dad. He also sent me a bag of red carnations. Happy Father’s Day to the dads out there!

Jeff, I'm just writing to make sure you haven't forgotten what today is. Hint: It has to do with your dear old dad! -DadI found Pascal on a bridge once again today. I didn’t have a scallop to give him this time, but I still had a chat with him to hear his words of wisdom.

Pascal: If fish live in the water, would anyone notice if they started crying? Oh maaan, that's sad.Broccolo asked me for a new catchphrase and I told him to say “and men.” As in Of Mice and Men, of course. He started using it right away, telling me that he would eat some corn bread, and men.

Broccolo: Maybe I should just freeze some corn bread and eat that, and men.Gloria asked me to make a delivery to Static, and I agreed to help her out. After I was done, Gloria gave me some bamboo flooring that she pulled out of her bill.

Gloria: Oh, yes, most certainly... Here's your reward, bamboo flooring.Still no luck with Savannah, but I’ll keep trying until she’s either in boxes or safe.

UPDATE: Savannah is now officially safe. I found out when Alli told me she was considering moving. I was able to talk her out of it on my 2nd try, so hopefully there won’t be any surprise exits next time.

Trying to Save a Zebra

Last night, Savannah told me she was planning to move out of town! I told her not to go, but she wouldn’t commit to staying. She said she’ll think about it some more.

Savannah: If you really feel that strongly, y'all, I'll have to think a little bit more about my plans.I played again today, and Broccolo asked me to play a game of hide-and-seek. I had 15 minutes to find him, Chow, and Aurora. I quickly found Broccolo behind town hall.

Broccolo: Aw, man! You got me!Since I had 15 minutes, I wasn’t in a rush to find everyone right away. I just took my normal walk around town, even stopping in villagers’ houses for a chat. When I visited Twiggy, she asked me to find a dinosaur egg for her! Is she going to sit on it and try to hatch it??

Twiggy: Yeppers! What my house needs is a touch of the old. I totally need to get, like, a dinosaur egg!Back outside, I eventually found Aurora hiding behind the empty house and Chow was behind this sign post! Ha!

Chow trying to hide behind a sign post.Broccolo gave me a tall poltergoid as my prize for winning the game.

Broccolo: Have a tall poltergoid as our way of recognizing your mad seeking skills!I found Pascal on a bridge, and I handed him a scallop. In return, he gave me a ship compass…and he told me that I’ll never see my own tail without changing it. I didn’t even think I had a tail! But I guess I’ll just never see it.

Pascal: You never know what your own tail looks like, maaan. And you can't look without changing it.Savannah was inside her house, and I kept coming and going to try to get another chance to make her stay in town. But the subject never came up. I may try playing again tomorrow to give it another try. Don’t expect another entry, but I might update this one if I have any luck.