When I started up the game tonight, I received Bluebear’s goodbye letter in the mail. She called me a great BFF, which certainly was not true.

Dear Jeff, Wah, Jeff! Today is finally the day I leave Forest forever. Thanks for being such a great BFF! Take care! -Yours, BluebearAs I walked along the river near the top of the waterfall, Benedict told me he lost his key. Ugh. He said he would look around here, and asked me to look near the water. But “here” is near the water.

Benedict: I'll look around here and in the grass, so could you please look near the water?I wasn’t initially planning on fishing for his key. But when Coco asked me to catch a freshwater goby for her, I figured I could work on two favors at once. I caught the key first, so I returned it to Benedict, and he rewarded me with a mega drilloid.

After a few more minutes of fishing, I caught the freshwater goby I was hoping for. I took it to Coco, and she thanked me by giving me a chainlink fence.

Coco: Sweet-J... That is SO sweet. You caught me one!
Too bad the fish wasn’t a sweetfish. That would’ve been even sweeter!

Opal asked me to make a delivery to Chow, so I agreed to this errand as well. Chow gladly accepted the gift, and he said Opal has the memory of an elephant.

Chow: A writing chair? That takes me back. Opal's got a memory like an elephant.
She *is* an elephant.

When I told Opal the delivery was complete, she gave me a cloud flooring for my trouble.

I ran into Tank, and he wanted to do a gift exchange. He wanted a dace I had in my pockets, and in return, he offered me some bamboo flooring. That’s not a bad trade, so I agreed to the deal. Seems like it’s all wallpaper and flooring I’m getting today.

At Nook ‘n’ Go, I did something I almost never do: I ordered an item from Nook’s Point Tracking System (PTS). Since there’s a new Zelda game coming out in just over two weeks, I decided to order a Zelda item. I already have Majora’s Mask, so I spent 6,500 points to order Midna’s mask. I should receive it in the mail next time.

Midna's Mask (6,500 points) available from Nook's Point Tracking System (PTS).

Bus Delays

I figured it was time to change out of my New Year’s shirt, so I bought this snow shirt at Able Sisters tonight.

Mabel: Oh, that looks absolutely perfect on you!
Snow kidding?

Pascal was standing on a bridge, talking about how he has been to the abyss. I gave him a scallop, and he gave me a ship deck (carpet).

Pascal: The abyss is a real place, maaaan. I've been there. I know.When I went into Bluebear’s house, I saw that she was all packed up and ready to move.

Bluebear: Oh, Sweet-J! I'm glad you stopped by...'cause I'm totally MOVING! So long, peach!She didn’t want me to forget what she looked like–as if I could forget Bluebear looks like a blue bear. So she told me to take a good look (’cause it’s the last time).

Bluebear: Don't forget what I look like! Take a goooooood look, peach!
That sounds like something Kitty would say.

Poor Savannah was locked out of her house tonight. I don’t normally bother fishing animals’ keys out of the river, but I’d do anything for Savannah. 😛 Fortunately, it didn’t take me long. The first small fish shadow I saw turned out to be the key.

I caught a key! ...Whose key is this?I took it back to Savannah, and she rewarded me by giving me a purple lava lamp.

Savannah: I'm so glad you were there for me, in stripes!I went to take a bus to the city, but Benedict was causing a delay!

The bug won't come if someone's standing in its route!
Well maybe the chicken should cross the road.

Fortunately, he got out of the way quickly. Not much was going on in the city, but when I returned, I decided to play around with snowballs again. You know how snowballs will often fall apart after even lightly tapping something? Well you can drop snowballs off of the bus stop, and they don’t break!

Pushing a snowball off the bus stop (animated GIF).It doesn’t break when you push it the other way, either! It does prevent the bus from coming if it’s in the “road,” though.

The bus has been delayed due to a massive snowball on the road.

Seeing Wendell’s Eyes

Wendell ambushed me as I came out of Nook ‘n’ Go tonight, asking me for some food. I didn’t have any food on me, so I tried giving him some medicine I just bought. He wasn’t happy that I gave him something inedible, but at least I got a rare glimpse of his eyes.

Wendell: Wh-wh-what is this? I-I-I... I can't eat this!In that picture, you can also see that the northern lights were up in the sky tonight.

Even though I bought that medicine without a specific purpose, I quickly found a use for it. Kitty was sick with a cold, so I gave it to her. How’d she get sick so quickly after moving in? Is she allergic to animals? 😛

Kitty flips as she takes her medicine.Tank asked me to give him a new catchphrase, because he was tired of saying “kerPOW.” I can’t blame him. I nearly told him to say “tank you,” but then I changed my mind. Instead, I got him to say “on my horn.” While it hasn’t produced any particularly funny sentences just yet, it has potential.

Tank: People will get so pumped when they hear it, their forehead veins will bulge out, on my horn!Tank also asked me to catch a pill bug for him, and I agreed to help out. I found one in the very first rock I banged! When I took it back to him, he rewarded me with 520 bells.

The video I mentioned last week is now complete and online! It’s a compilation of clips that are funny, entertaining, or otherwise interesting. Most of the clips are from the past 8-9 months or so, but one of them is an oldie that dates all the way to 2009! Here is ACCF – City Folk Moments.

For more City Folk videos (I’ve made 118 others so far), see ACCF Videos. I’m also adding this link to the menu of the blog. So anytime you’re in the mood to re-live some ACCF memories (whether it’s online gameplay, a town tour, a glitch, or a holiday), you can easily hop right in!