Bananas 3.0

As I’ve mentioned in recent posts, I’ve been playing ACCF more frequently lately, as I record footage for an upcoming video. But some of the things I want to record happen in other seasons. Since I don’t time travel in Forest, I decided to create a new town just for video purposes. I decided to name that town Bananas. But this isn’t the first time I’ve used that name; it’s actually the third. If you’re interested, here’s a very brief history of Bananas.

You probably know that Forest is my main town and it has been intact since Animal Crossing: City Folk was first released on November 16, 2008. And unlike the previous GameCube version of Animal Crossing, which allowed you to create multiple towns if you had multiple memory cards, the Wii game only let you have one town per system. But once Wii U (which was backwards compatible with Wii games) was released in 2012, I was finally able to create an additional town.

Bananas 1.0

The original town of Bananas was created on my Wii U as a test to see which features worked when played on Wii U. When you transfer your data from Wii to Wii U, it’s a one-way trip, and I wanted to verify that everything still worked (like online play and the ability to take/save pictures to an SD card).

And indeed, basically everything still worked except for features that required WiiConnect24. That included the ability to send letters to other towns and see your friends’ items at the auction house, etc. But WiiConnect24 features were eventually disabled in 2013 anyway.

The map of Bananas.
The map of Bananas.

When I transferred my Wii data (including my Forest town) to my Wii U, Bananas 1.0 was overwritten. So it no longer exists.

Bananas 2.0

After moving Forest to my Wii U, I had the ability to create a new town on my original Wii. This gave me a second friend roster, which I used to add some new people (since my Forest roster was full). I opened the gate several times, including Easter 2013. The following videos shows some of the highlights.

At one point, we were trying to do the lighthouse glitch. Some town layouts (including Forest’s) don’t allow that glitch to be performed. Bananas 2.0 had a layout that I thought would work…but we were never able to successfully pull it off. I did a lot of the glitches in ACCF, but the lighthouse glitch always eluded me.

Map of Bananas 2.0
Map of Bananas 2.0

Technically, Bananas 2.0 still exists. But it’s inaccessible; it’s saved on my original Wii that can no longer read discs.

Bananas 3.0

This new iteration of Bananas was created on a used Wii I got last year. Even though Wii games can still be played on Wii U, I wanted the replacement Wii so that I could take videos and screenshots of GameCube games using the Wii’s component outputs (higher quality than the GameCube’s composite outputs).  It also allowed me to create a new ACCF town, although I never felt a need to do so until now.

The starting villagers are Tiffany, Peanut, Moose, Rasher, Alfonso, and Margie. I don’t plan on keeping up with this town on a regular basis, although I might check in on it occasionally. But it will help me when I need a screenshot or video clip of a certain event or villager. Here is the town map:

Town map of Bananas 3.0
Town map of Bananas 3.0

I’m not a fan of the layout, although it does feel like a big town. I moved into the house in the northwest corner, close to the shop. I can see Russia Nook’s Cranny from my house!

Tom Nook: Then I suggest you stop being selfish and just give me a hand in the shop!
This guy is so rude.

As for my video, it isn’t strictly about ACCF. But that’s all I’ll say about it for now. I’m hoping to have it done in early May, but I’m not making any promises.

I’ll be back in a day or two with another entry about what’s going on in Forest. Hope to see you then.

UFO #29

Yesterday, I was finally able to talk Aurora out of moving. You’re stuck here a bit longer, penguin.

Aurora: What's wrong with me?! The answer is so obvious! I'm going to stay, and cheese!

When Benedict was standing on the UFO pattern last time, he was apparently phoning home…because the spaceship came yesterday! It appeared at 8:07 p.m., and I chased it down. I accidentally switched to my fishing rod, accidentally picked up a path pattern, and accidentally killed two gold roses in the process, but it was worth it. I shot Gulliver’s spaceship down just before it escaped over the western edge of town.

Shooting down a UFO.This was my first UFO of 2016, and my 29th successful UFO hunt overall. I found the spaceship part just a bit to the south.

Finding the spaceship part.And then today, I found Tortimer outside of town hall. Today is Nature Day (also known as Earth Day), and he was handing out cool globes.

Tortimer: Look at this often and let it remind you of the earth's bounty. And the wonderful mayor who gave it to you.Down on the beach, I spotted Gulliver’s spaceship.

Gulliver's UFO, which crash-landed on the beach.After I woke Gulliver up, he told me he needed his spaceship part and then he started walking up to Tutu’s house. He kept walking into the door like he wanted in. But I spoke to him again and gave him his spaceship part. In return, he gave me a Metroid.

Gulliver: You've found it! interstellar astro-thingy! Well done!It’s felt like the old days lately, with three City Folk blog entries this week! I’ll still be playing ACCF close to daily for a while longer, since there are still more clips I need to record for my upcoming video. So there may be extra entries next week too. I’ll see you next time. Have a good weekend!

Alien Chicken

Yesterday, Saharah was in town looking for old wallpaper. But not a single one of my villagers had any to give me! Well…Tutu apparently had some, but she wasn’t sharing.

Tutu: ...Waaaaah! You're riiight! I have tons of wallpaper and I'm hoarding it in the basement and I can't stop!Benedict was acting really weird. He was standing on the UFO pattern, like he was waiting for one to pick him up! He must be an alien! He had me fooled too, because he tastes like chicken!

Benedict waits for a UFO to pick him up.
This reminds me of E.T. on Atari!

Aurora told me she was planning on moving out of town. I twice told her not to leave, but she wouldn’t commit to staying. I’ve been playing almost daily lately, so maybe I’ll be able to change her mind before it’s too late.

Aurora: You don't want me to go? That's so sweet. It's almost enough to make me want to stay...While on the cliff overlooking my house, Static told me that he heard I got a basement in my house. He asked how I earned enough money to afford it; he even asked if I was squirrelling away bells on the side.

Static: You got stocks? Or turnips? Buried treasure? Just been squirrelling away bells on the side?
Interesting choice of words, coming from you.

When I spoke to Stinky, he was talking about the bugs at the museum. He particularly likes the big scary ones in undies!

Stinky: The bugs at the museum are kinda cool. Especially the big, scary ones, in undies!
I should probably take a closer look at the bugs I catch.

After I was done making my rounds, I took the bus out to the city. The entrance to the Reset Surveillance Center was wide open, and yet no one was home!