Punch Me Poncho

As expected, Freckles has now left Forest. I got her goodbye letter in the mail today.

My friend Jeff, Wah, Jeff! Today is finally the day I leave Forest forever. Thanks for being such a great BFF! Take care! -Yours, FrecklesStatic was sick with a cold. I wonder if the cold gives him electric boogies. I gave him some medicine, so he should be feeling better soon. Hopefully.

Static flips as he takes some medicine.Chow wanted a new catchphrase, so I decided to revive one I’ve used before: if I die. Unfortunately, I somehow neglected to capitalize the “i.” Oops.

Chow: Hmph... I don't want your symphony. Sometimes an animal just needs to be alone, if I die.Tank asked me to make a delivery to Kitty, and that gift was a blue sweatsuit. Kitty didn’t care for it. But Tank still gave me an exquisite rug for my trouble.

I went fishing in the river, and I caught an eel that I put in my house (for future use). I sold the rest of my catches.

When I bumped into Poncho, he asked me for a new catchphrase. I told him to say “punch me.” Partially because it sounds a bit like Poncho, and partially because I want to punch him. Just kidding…maybe. But he has not grown on me in the time he’s lived here. Definitely not one of my favorite next-door neighbors that I’ve had.

Poncho: "Punch me"... Did I hear that right? I mean, whoa.

Freckles Flees

I visited Nan today, and I had to roll my eyes when I saw how she had her telescope positioned.

Nan's telescope faces a wooden crate.
What a crate view!

When I went into Freckles’ house, I saw that she had all her belongings packed up in boxes. She’s about to move out of town. So long, ducky.

Freckles: I don't mind packing my bags.
I don’t mind you packing your bags either.

In the city, I checked out Crazy Redd’s new inventory for the week. He had a timpano drum, a flowery painting, and a lunar rover.

A timpani drum, a flowery painting, and a lunar rover on sale at Crazy Redd's shop in ACCF.In other words: A drum that goes boom, some flowers in bloom, and a buggy for the moon.

While in the city, I also bumped into Savannah, who moved out of Forest last month. It’s kind of sad this is the only place I’ll see her now. Years ago, I used to mention in the blog when I’d see her in the city. I’d hope that she’d move into my town some day. Now she’s come and gone, and we’re back to just occasional meetings in the city again. 😛

Savannah, in the city: I was thinking of getting my shoes shined... But I guess it'll have to wait, since the guy's not even here.Back in town, Tank told me that a very hungry dude (Wendell) was in town. And Benedict told me that he lost his key and locked himself out of his house. So that gave me two reasons to do a little fishing. I caught several types of fish, and I also found Ben’s key.

I caught a key! ...Whose key is this?I took the key back to Benedict, and he thanked me by giving me some cloud flooring. Then I looked around until I found Wendell. He was standing near the top of the waterfall (across the river from Benedict’s house).

Wendell: S-so huuuuuuuungry. M-must eat something!I gave him a freshwater goby, and he gave me the mystery circle A pattern. After that, I saved my game for the night.

I’ve Seen a Ghost

As I walked near town hall tonight, a mysterious voice called out to me. Was it a villager behind the bulletin board? Or a bird on the roof? Nah, that would be ridiculous. It was just the ghost genie, Wisp.

?????: Um... Hellooooooo. Excuse me?He asked me to look for his magic lamp. Sure, no problem.

Up near the town fountain, I bumped into Freckles. She told me she was thinking about moving, and I did not try to stop her. I don’t really care if she lives here or not. In fact, I forgot she did live here until I ran into her.

Freckles: I'm moving, cluck! Jeff: That's GREAT!When I visited Kitty, she told me it’s easy to get too much sun exposure in summer. So she advised me to be careful. Okay, good advice. But then she said it must be nice to be a guy and not have to worry about that. Whatttt? Guys can get sunburned too! I don’t understand what she meant by that.

Kitty: It must be nice to be a guy and not have to worry about things like that.On my 2nd walk around town, I spotted Wisp’s magic lamp on the ground. I picked it up and took it back to Wisp.

Wisp: Whoooooo! Oh, hoooooray! You did it! You found my lamp! Now I can finally return home!He told me to take the lamp to my attic and rub it there. So I did, and he popped out of it. I asked him for furniture and he gave me a modern lamp before disappearing.

Wisp: I gotcha! Hmmm... Let's see... Let's see, what do I have? ...AH HA!