Fireworks Festival 2017

The second (of four) fireworks festivals was held tonight. Since I’ll probably miss the next two, I made sure to play tonight. Tortimer was outside of town hall, handing out sparklers and roman candles.

Tortimer: The Fireworks Show is today, sprout! Time to kick back and watch some stuff explode!To keep up with my annual tradition, I burned Tortimer’s back with a roman candle. 😛 It’s part of his turtle wax routine, although I didn’t use a bubble wand to soap him up. Megan used to help me out with that part. 😛

Burning Tortimer's shell with a roman candle at the fireworks festival in Animal Crossing: City Folk (ACCF).Tangy was nearby, and she told me that she takes advantage of the fireworks’ loud noises to scream anything she wants. For example, she told me that she really loves ****! 😮

Tangy: I just use the opportunity to say whatever I want! Like... "I totally love ****!"
Tangy! You can’t say that in Animal Crossing! 😛

I walked over to the bridge and watched the fireworks for a little while.

Watching the fireworks during the fireworks festival in ACCF on Nintendo Wii.I was happy to see that someone was finally wearing a bikini! It was my newest neighbor, Midge. Now it would be really funny if Tank started wearing it.

Midge, wearing a rainbow bikini: I'm glad I didn't go to bed early. I was getting tired, but I couldn't miss the show, tweedledee...Aside from the fireworks, I also used tonight to catch some bugs. As much as I hate to say it, summer is winding down. With only two and a half weeks of August left, I wanted to make sure I spent a little time bug-catching before it’s too late.

I caught a goliath beetle! GOOOOOOOOLIATH!I caught about 60,000 bells worth of bugs (well, that included a shark as well). I put my money into the bank, and that brought my balance up to 30 million bells!

Your current balance is 30,000,000 bells.You may want to check out the fireworks at least once before August ends. And enjoy the rest of your summer. 🙂

Midge Moves In

Today, Tangy told me she needed a Peking Man in her life.

Tangy: Yeppers! What my house needs is a touch of the old. I totally need to get, like, a Peking Man!

So I went up to her house and peeked in her window. Nah, she wanted a fossil…a specific fossil. And she wasn’t the only one with an overly specific request: Opal asked me for a ptera left wing. As you might have guessed, I was unable to fulfill either of those requests today. In fact, I didn’t even find a fossil to dig up!

There was a new house in town, and it belonged to Midge the bird. She just moved in today. I know birds often eat insects, so I wonder if Midge eats midges.

Midge: I just moved into town, and I really haven't had time to get settled yet. My name is Midge.When I visited Poncho, he was talking about the summer heat and how he loves tanning. But would he even get tan? Or would he just turn a darker shade of blue?

Poncho: We gotta get out there and get tan, stat! I'm orderin' myself well done!
“I’m afraid I just blue myself.”

Speaking of summertime, I’ve noticed that (unfortunately), none of my villagers have started wearing bikinis yet! I thought at least one of them would be wearing a bikini by now.

When coming out of my house, there’s something that often catches my eye and tricks me for a split-second. Look at the top-right corner of the following picture, between the bulletin board and town hall.

Colored stripes appear to be a rainbow in the corner.It almost looks like a rainbow. But it’s just the stripes on the side of Nook ‘n’ Go. Still, it catches my eye pretty often.

I turned the game off for a couple hours, but returned later on. There was a meteor shower going on, and Kitty joined me on the bridge to watch them.

Jeff and Kitty stand on the bridge as a shooting star flies by overhead during a meteor shower in ACCF.

Static Wants to Shave His Fur Off

Chow sent me his goodbye letter in the mail, and I received it today.

Jeff, Thanks for being here for me. I'm a better animal for knowing you. I'm leaving Forest behind, but I'll be thinking of you in my new home! -ChowA notice on the bulletin board informed town residents that the fireworks festivals are almost here! They take place on Sunday nights in August, and there are four of them this year.

~Fireworks Show~ The show starts at 7 p.m. this coming Sunday! Come welcome the start of summer with your pals!
It’s not really the *start* of summer, you know.

I’ll try to check out the fireworks at some point this month. Although, I still have some leftover unused fireworks from last year! Oops!

Roman candles and sparklers sitting on the ground outside of town hall in Animal Crossing: City Folk for Nintendo Wii.The hot summer temperatures are making some of the animals uncomfortable. Static even said he’s thinking about shaving his fur off! Don’t do it, Static! Just buy an air conditioner or something!

Static: It's so warm that even I'm thinking about shaving what fur I've got off, cluck!When I had a chat with Tank, he told me that Nan recently became a vegetarian. So I guess that means she ate meat until recently, then? Hmm, I wonder who what she ate.

Tank: Oh, the way, Nan became a vegetarian recently.Opal asked me for a new catchphrase, so I told her to say “I’m a gem.”

Opal: I love the sound of it... I'm a gem! It's like a magic word that makes me irrestible, I'm a gem!
She was surprised to find that it did help her self-esteem.

I then caught a few bugs, but it wasn’t late enough for the really valuable ones to be out just yet.