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Jeff's ACCF Blog (Animal Crossing: City Folk)
Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Chrissy Says Goodbye

Chip sent me a letter in the mail, congratulating me for winning the fishing tournament last weekend. He included a silver trophy as my prize.

Bunnie approached me tonight and said that a Persian rug was my lucky item. I thought she was going to offer to sell me one, but instead, she gave it to me for free. She called herself a good luck fairy.









I went in to see Chrissy, and she was all packed up! She's moving out of town. Honestly, I won't miss her much, but she was fairly nice to me while she was here. Enjoy hopping down the bunny trail, Chrissy.









It was pretty late when I played tonight, so I was surprised to see Lily outside. There was a good reason for that, though: She locked herself out of her house.









Frobert asked me to make a delivery to Bunnie, so I tracked her down again and gave her the package. It contained a shirt, and she asked for privacy while changing...even though she was out in public, with Pascal and Broccolo also nearby.









I went down to the beach to look for a scallop for Pascal, and fortunately, I found one. I returned to give it to him, and he gave me an anchor in exchange. He then started talking about aliens before jumping into the river.









After several fishing attempts, I found Lily's key! I won't do this for just any frog, you know.









I took it back to her, and she was glad to have her key back. However, she still didn't go in her house; she continued to stand outdoors. She rewarded me with 600 bells.


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Updated: Thursday, March 26, 2015 6:31 PM EDT
Saturday, March 21, 2015
March Fishing Tournament

The fishing tournament was held today, and it was a sea bass-only tournament. I only had about ten minutes before the tournament ended (at 6:00 p.m.), so I started fishing right away. The first five sea bass I caught failed to top Bettina's record. But I caught a sixth sea bass and began talking to Chip. As he was talking, the clock struck six. But I gave him the fish, and it was 43.8 inches long. I won the fishing tournament, even though technically, I gave him the fish after time was up. But he accepted it, so I'm not going to complain!









Chip told me that my prize would be in the mail. 

At the site of a former villager's home (Prince's house, I think), I found a new orange rose. Even though I'm not purposely breeding flowers, and I don't really need them anyway since I have a bunch in storage, I still get that little spark of excitement when a new hybrid flower pops up. It's kind of silly, but BEHOLD THE ORANGE ROSE! Laughing 









Beneath the purple evening sky, Frobert the frog suggested a new nickname for me. He said he's going to call me "big bro."









After completing a lap around town and talking to all my villagers, I took the bus out to the city. I was just paying attention to some details on the scenery. Pictures of Shrunk and Frillard are displayed on the outside of the marquee, and the ABD (ATM) has a picture of a bag of bells on top. And then there's the mystery building on the corner; it clearly has some gifts on display in the window. Too bad that building has no real use (or even a doorway).


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Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Mallary's Fake-out

I received a letter from Bunnie in the mail today. She thanked me for the medicine and gave me a sewing machine. Alrighty then.

It was raining in town tonight, and Lily the frog wasn't very happy about that. She was standing there with her leaf umbrella, telling me she hopes the weather is nicer tomorrow.









Mallary got my hopes up when she told me she's been tempted to move out. But she was really just complaining about her furniture, so I didn't have the opportunity to tell her to get the duck out of town. Sigh. Maybe someday.









Bunnie, now fully recovered (physically at least) basically called me crazy for staying up so late. But it was only 8 p.m.! I think she's lost her marbles.









And now that St. Patrick's Day is over, I headed up to Shampoodle in the city to dye my hair back to its original color. Don't worry Mohawk McClover fans (assmuing there's more than one of you), he'll be back again next March.


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Updated: Wednesday, March 18, 2015 8:50 PM EDT
Saturday, March 14, 2015
K.K. Slider Night

Lily reminded me that tonight is the night that K.K. Slider plays music. I think she's mistaken about him playing in a pond, however.









So I went to the Roost to check him out, and he rocked the casbah.









After the show, Fang invited me over for drinks!









And Bunnie was still sick, so I bought some medicine for her once again. She said it helped her to feel better, but the look on her face seems to say otherwise.


Posted by jvgsjeff at 12:01 AM EDT
Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Frobert Moves In

Today is Wednesday, and it's a true hump day--Saharah the camel was in my New Leaf town as well as my City Folk town today.









She was looking for old carpets, so I began asking my villagers for some. However, Bunnie had other things on her mind. Like barfing. Eww.









Across the street from Bob's old home, I found a new house. Antonio lived here once (back before Bob moved out), but I don't think anyone else has lived in this spot for a while.









Inside, I met my newest neighbor: Frobert the frog! He looks a bit odd, but he seems pretty cool.









Even though I have ten villagers in town, I could only ask seven of them about old carpet. I couldn't ask Frobert because he's new, I couldn't ask Bunnie because she's sick, and I couldn't ask Mallary because she was locked out of her house. Well technically, I could ask Mallary if I found her key and returned it first, but that wasn't about to happen. The only villager that actually had some old carpet for me was Chrissy.









I bought some medicine for Bunnie, and she drank it down. By doing a backflip, of course.









Since I only got one old carpet, I didn't have enough to trade in to Saharah a for a rare one. So I just put it in storage for next time. But while I was in my house, I decided to clean up a bit by eating the chocolate heart that's been sitting there since Valentine's Day


Posted by jvgsjeff at 11:48 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, March 11, 2015 11:51 PM EDT

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