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Saturday, January 24, 2015
Bunnies Everywhere!

Fang was sick today, so I went up to Nook 'n' Go to buy him some medicine. I'll never understand how sick animals, who act like they're dying, are able to do backflips when they get their medicine.









Bunnie asked me to play a game of hide-and-seek, and she gave me ten minutes to find her, Chrissy, and Prince. Those are three animals that should probably stay hidden.









I didn't realize this until now, but with Chrissy in town, Forest now has three bunnies. They're multiplying out of control! Tongue out I have no interest in turning Forest into a bunny town (like Avenir) though.

Anyway, I began my search. Chrissy was the first one I found, trying to hide behind a palm tree in the southwest corner of town.









Just a few seconds later, I found Prince hiding behind a tree near where Bob's house used to be.









Broccolo wasn't one of the hiders, but I stopped to have a chat with him briefly. He told me he was planning on moving out of town soon! I told him not to go, but he wasn't sure if he could get out of it or not. 









With about two and a half minutes remaining in hide-and-seek, I found Bunnie hiding behind Guest's house. I'm sorry, but she looks a bit creepy peeking her head out like this.









Finding her meant I won the game! She gave me my prize, a mega oombloid. I know the prizes usually aren't anything great, but a gyroid? Something she dug up from the ground? From someone's grave? Surely you can do better than that.









I decided to test out my rusty snowman-making skills, and I think I did pretty good. This guy was happy with his appearance, so he should be sending me some furniture in the mail.









I later saw Chrissy from across the bridge, and I stopped to wave at her. Too bad I couldn't use the hand that pops up to push her into the river. Tongue out


Posted by jvgsjeff at 4:43 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, January 24, 2015 4:46 PM EST
Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Sass and Coffee

In front of Nook 'n' Go, Fang and Friga were arguing about which one of them was more likely to scare children. Fang was saying that kids love him, while Friga only loves herself.









I found Lily nearly standing on my UFO pattern. Was she waiting for a UFO to fly by? Good luck shooting it down with a fishing rod. 









When I went to visit Chrissy, she asked me how well she was dressed today. Of course, she was standing behind a couch, so I couldn't even see. But still, I told her she looked sloppy. I'm just nice like that. 









In the Roost, both Bunnie and Phyllis were enjoying cups of coffee. Bunnie, who apparently didn't have a face, was trying to look sassy.









But nobody can out-sass the bird sitting next to her. Phyllis is the queen of sass. Although she was trying to be somewhat nice for a change (until I heard her muttering under her breath).









To my surprise, I was able to save both of those pictures on the first try. If any of you have tried taking pictures talking to coffee-drinkers, you'll know that a glitch of some sort often prevents those pictures from being saved for some reason. But it worked just fine tonight. 

Just a heads-up: The flea market is coming this weekend. I rarely participate, but I know some people enjoy the opportunity to buy your villagers' furniture or trick them into overpaying for yours. I'll see you all next time! 

Posted by jvgsjeff at 10:07 PM EST
Saturday, January 17, 2015
Chrissy Moves In

Chip was over at town hall today to judge the fishing tournament. I skipped the full rules, but simply put, the largest horse mackerel wins.









So I grabbed my fishing rod and headed for the ocean. After I caught a couple of horse mackerels, I took them back to Chip. The first one wasn't big enough, but the second one was 17.1 inches and took over the top spot. 









I lacked the motivation to catch more fish and improve my score. So I just waited it out. My laziness paid off, because when I returned later, my fish remained the #1 catch and I won the tournament!









Chip told me my prize would be in the mail.

When I walked over by my house, Bunnie was standing there in front. She gave me a bath mat for free, because she was embarrassed that it was featured in Nerds and Wyverns Weekly.









I saw a human wearing a bunny hood, and I thought Francine (aka Frankengaga) had returned to Forest. But it wasn't her. Instead, it was her partner in crime, Chrissy. She just moved into town. Oh joy.









Fang asked me to make a delivery to Lily, so I took her the item. It turned out to be a polar fleece, which Lily didn't seem to care for.









I noticed the northern lights (aurora borealis) up in the sky, so I stopped for a moment to enjoy them.









Soon after, I returned to Fang to tell him I made the delivery. He thanked me for helping a "simple country animal" and he gave me a cityscape wall to reward me.


Posted by jvgsjeff at 9:25 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, January 17, 2015 9:28 PM EST
Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Rabbit Duck Feud

When I started up the game today, I was a bit surprised to find that I had no mail. I haven't played since Saturday, so I thought it seemed a bit odd to go four days without receiving a single letter. Oh well.

I went to visit Prince, and I had to question his sense of interior design. His house is filled with steel drums! What's up with that? Maybe he's just practicing to join Stomp (or the Blue Man Group).









When I met up with Genji outside, he asked me to play a game of hide-and-seek. He gave me ten minutes to find him, Friga, and Mallary.









It only took me a few seconds to find Friga, since she was hiding behind a nearby tree.









A couple minutes later, I found Mallary. But I was having trouble finding Genji. I made a full circle around town, and shortly after I began my second trip, time expired. About 20 seconds later, I found him. So close...









To get my revenge, I waited until he was involved in a conversation with someone else and then I fired off a party popper above him to scare him to death. He was not happy.









Actually, he was just having an argument with Friga for some reason.

Mallary asked me to make a delivery to Bunnie, but she only gave me about half an hour to complete the task. But I had no trouble finding Bunnie, since she was at home. However, she seriously did not like the gift Mallary sent her (an optical shirt). In fact, she was downright mad about it. She even declared Mallary her mortal enemy! Wow!









When I returned to Mallary and told her Bunnie didn't like the gift, she was peeved. I think we have ourselves a Forest feud.









To get away from all the negative vibes around town, I took a bus trip out to the city--where it was snowing once again. I met up with my old friend (and former neighbor) Rolf the white tiger. He was talking about Phineas, the sea lion who gives out balloons and other prizes. 









Rolf wondered if Phineas could be K.K. Slider in disguise. He thought giving out balloons could be K.K.'s day job. I don't think so, Rolf. But it's good seeing you again.

Posted by jvgsjeff at 8:05 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, January 14, 2015 8:08 PM EST
Saturday, January 10, 2015
A Sunny Winter Day

I got Ed's goodbye letter in the mail when I started up the game today. He's gone off to be a globetrotter.









Outside of Friga's house, I saw a new blue rose! They sure don't pop up very often!









Despite the chill in the air, it was a nice sunny day. Perfect for running around town with my balloon!









But as Katrina might say, running around too much may lead to...accidents.









Once I completed my walk around town, I took the bus to the city. It was snowing there, and I ran into my old BFF Bob! Naturally, he was talking about food.









Of course this was just a generic Bob (as opposed to the specific Bob that lived in Forest), so he didn't remember me. But it was still nice to see him again. Who knows, maybe he'll move back into Forest one of these days years.

I also went into GracieGrace just for the heck of it; the gorgeous furniture is on sale this season. But the thing that struck me was the size of the store. It's a lot bigger than her Emporium showroom in New Leaf.









I then rode the bus back to Forest (so that the snow in the city would water my flowers) and wrapped up my afternoon in City Folk. Have a good day, everyone! 

Posted by jvgsjeff at 3:21 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, January 10, 2015 3:30 PM EST

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