Twiggy Flies Away

Benedict sent me a letter thanking him for the medicine when he was sick recently. He attached a robo-sofa to the letter. Somehow.

When I visited Twiggy, I was surprised to see she was all packed up in boxes and ready to move out of town. Even though Twiggy wasn’t one of my favorites, she’s been in town a long time–since April 8, 2015! Of my current residents, I think only Broccolo has lived here longer.

Twiggy: Whoa, old dog! You showed up at the craziest time! I'm MOVING! Yeah, like, out of town!
Why didn’t you tell me sooner? You could have tweeted.

Over by the northern waterfall, I spotted a large fish shadow in the river. That’s pretty much a guarantee of something worthwhile, so I fished it out…and caught a stringfish!

Fishing out a large fish in the river near the waterfall. It turned out to be a stringfish.

When I went in to visit Bluebear, she said she wanted to try the squid health kick that’s popular right now. Oh, is there such a thing?

Bluebear: Hey! I totally wanna try that squid health kick that's so popular now, peach!
How about we just play Splatoon instead?

I visited my favorite zebra Savannah, and she asked me to make a delivery to Tank for her. Fortunately, Tank was right outside near her house, so I gave him the package. It contained a bow, which was a bow that you use with an arrow, and not a bow for his hair. ๐Ÿ˜‰ When I returned to Savannah, she gave me 520 bells for helping her out.

I decided to do a little fishing to see if I could find a squid for Bluebear. I wasn’t going to waste too much time on it, just enough to say that I tried. But fortunately, I actually caught a squid after a couple minutes. I took it over to Bluebear, and she rewarded me with 520 bells.

Bluebear: Tee hee hee! I'm so happy! Here, this is for you! Take 520 bells! It's, like, the least I can do.
Yes, it really is the least.

Interesting. That’s the same amount that Savannah gave me, and I’ve noticed it several other times lately too. It must be the new fad. ๐Ÿ˜› The game must decide on a random number and then use it repeatedly over a stretch of a few months. It’s just like the 552 bell trend I noticed in 2015.

Tank told me to take a look up at the sky tonight, so I returned to the game later on. And sure enough, around 9:30 p.m., I spotted the northern lights up above (along with a nearly full moon).

Me standing on the bridge, looking up at the northern lights in the sky, along with the nearly full moon.I’ll be back with another ACCF entry next week. In the meantime, please check out my impressions of the recent Nintendo Switch presentation here.

New Year’s Shirt 2017

I had a lot of letters in my mail box today, mostly Happy New Year greetings. That included letters from Chow, Twiggy, Static, Broccolo, Savannah, and Mom. Mom even included 1,000 bells with the letter.

Over at town hall, Tortimer gave me the New Year’s shirt for 2017. I try to collect these each year.

Tortimer: It's a New Year's shirt. And it's this year's limited-edition model!

I went in my house to take a look at it; there’s a chicken on the front! 2017 is the year of the rooster, so that’s the reasoning behind it. Here you can see me wearing the shirt, with my previous shirts (2010-2016) behind me.

Wearing the New Year's shirt 2017, with the shirts from 2010-2016 behind me.

The shirts have the year on the back. Here’s a look at the backs. Note: I apparently never saved the shirt from 2009, unfortunately.

Back view of me wearing the New Year's shirt 2017.When I went back outside, Tortimer told me the shirt looks better on me than anyone else in Forest. I appreciated the compliment, until he explained it a bit better. Apparently, that was only because no one else wants to wear theirs!

Tortimer: That is to say, no one else seems to want to wear theirs...Of course, my villagers wished me a happy new year. Savannah hopes we have a dreamy year in 2017.

Savannah: I hope this new year is absolutely dreamy for both of us, in stripes!Twiggy told me she plans on being more powerful in the new year. A more powerful tweety bird? What can she do? Chug two worms at once?

Twiggy: The me of 2017 is a new, more POWERFUL me! Like a robot! But without all the gears and stuff.Static even performed a dance for me, called the Dance of the Lonely Creamed Corn. It’s actually just him using a few different emotions in a row, but it’s a nice dance. Even if it is a bit corny.

Static: Anyway, this is called the Dance of the Lonely Creamed Corn! Enjoy!Benedict was still sick, so I went to the store to buy some medicine for him. I felt like I had to. It is the year of the rooster, after all. Also, today marks the one-year anniversary of his arrival in Forest!

An upside-down Benedict takes some medicine.And before I wrapped up my night, I took the bus out to the city. Phineas was there, and I asked him for a bunny balloon. He gave me a blue one.

Standing with my blue bunny balloon next to Phineas in the city.Happy new year, everyone!

A New Year on the Horizon

Soon after starting the game up tonight, I spotted Saharah. She was looking for old wallpaper, and I remembered that I had three of them ready to go from last time. I gave them to her, and in return, she gave me a lunar horizon.

Saharah: Here...a lunar horizon. Very exotic... Treasure it. It is a very rare thing.

I do like the lunar horizon, but I already have one. It’s the lunar surface that I need. In fact, I’ve been waiting to get the lunar surface from Saharah for eight years now! I’ve still never got one from her in all this time. She’s driving me loony! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I went around asking my villagers if they had any old wallpaper to give me. My favorite villager, Savannah, was the only one who did.

Savannah: That's fine! You're really welcome to my old one. It's not like I need it for anything!Benedict was sick with bird flu a cold, so I gave him some medicine that I already had in my pockets. This is him flapping flipping in the air; he is not part of that screen behind him, even if may look like it.

Benedict flips as he takes some medicine.Random, useless trivia: Four of my ten current villagers have four-letter names: Coco, Opal, Chow, and Tank. Four others have eight-letter names: Broccolo, Savannah, Bluebear, and Benedict. The other two have six letters: Static and Twiggy. They all have an even number of letters in their names. How odd…

I was planning on making a snowman today. Well, until this happened.

Animated GIF of a snowball rolling into the ocean in ACCF.While it’s true that I could have gone indoors and come back out to generate a replacement snowball, I wasn’t interested in searching for the new one. I was feeling a bit lazy. ๐Ÿ˜›

Some of my villagers were talking about New Year’s Eve being tomorrow.

Chow: So, you ready to say good-bye to 2016 tomorrow? Got any juicy resolutions to share?
I’m not sure what Broccolo is doing up there.

I don’t plan on playing for the countdown tomorrow night, but I will be back on Sunday (New Year’s Day). I want to be sure to pick up my New Year’s shirt, as I do every year. So I hope to see you then, and I hope you all have a happy and safe new year!