Aurora’s Au Revoir

Last night, Twiggy asked me to play a game of hide-and-seek. She gave me ten minutes to find her, Aurora, and Mallary. Birds of a feather hide together.

Twiggy: Um, do we have everyone? OK! Now we're gonna hide, and you have to find us in under 10 minutes!
It’s a game of hide-and-cheep.

I found Gloria hiding behind a tree near Alli’s house, and Aurora was behind a tree near the museum. And with two and a half minutes to go, I circled back around to my house and I thought I saw a tweety bird!

Twiggy peeks out from behind my house during a game of hide and seek.
I did! I did see a tweety bird!

For winning the game, Twiggy gave me a tall puffoid.

Not much else was going on last night, so I played again tonight. I was a bit surprised to find Aurora was packed up and ready to move out of town! Why didn’t she mention this yesterday?

Aurora: Well, there's no point in hiding it. You've probably guessed, but I've decided to leave Forest.It’s a bit sad to see her go, but at least I still have her in my New Leaf town.

Savannah asked me to make a delivery to Benedict, so I hunted down the red rooster. Birds seem to be involved in everything lately! I laughed when I saw what the gift was: a waitress shirt! Benedict wasted no time in putting it on, either! I guess he can be the waitress at KFC, assuming he still works there. 😉

Benedict: Is this a waitress shirt? Huh. I guess I should make the most of it, though, and give it a try!
I think Savannah successfully trolled Ben.

There was a meteor shower in the skies over Forest tonight, so I stopped at the bridge to watch them for a bit. I was able to catch this picture of two shooting stars on-screen at once.

Two shooting stars in the sky in ACCF.
Ah, there goes two!

Static was talking about the meteor shower, and he wondered how many of the shooting stars were actually evil alien invaders. He must watch too much TV. Don’t believe what you see on TV at 3:33 in the morning!

Static: I wonder how many are harmless space rocks and how many are evil, alien invaders?I made sure to catch several valuable bugs tonight, including this hercules beetle.

I caught a hercules beetle! It's the greatest beetle of them all!Reminders

Remember, there’s only one week left of August! Many of these valuable bugs will be gone once September arrives, so catch them while you can!

I’ll be back Sunday with another entry as I check out the fireworks festival. See you then!

New Cardboard Box

Alli was feeling a bit down tonight, so I bought some medicine for her. She still looked down as she took the medicine, but hopefully it will lift her spirits soon.

Alli looks down at the floor as she flips after taking her medicine.I met up with Static over by the river, and he was interested in my cardboard box. He asked me if it was brand new; I said yes. He gave me a whopping 48 bells for it. Yay, I’m rich!

Static: Oh, hey! Is that cardboard box you've got there brand new?On my southern peninsula, I saw Savannah across the river. I pointed my Wii remote at the TV and pressed the A button to wave to her. Hi, Savannah!

Waving to Savannah from across the river.Pascal was on a bridge nearby, so I got a scallop out (it was attached to a letter) before speaking with him. He told me that when a red door opens, a green door closes. He then gave me a sea view wallpaper in exchange for the scallop.

Pascal: When a red door opens, a green door closes, maaan. I looked it up.
What game are you talking about?

I caught a few valuable summer bugs (including an elephant beetle and a giant beetle) before taking a bus out to the city. Not much was going on there by the time I arrived. Most shops were closed, except for Redd’s shop, and he didn’t have anything I wanted anyway. See you next time!

Gloria’s Model Boyfriend

I visited Gloria tonight, and I found her staring quite intently at her anatomical model. Did I interrupt something? Maybe she was trying to use some Psyduck type psychic powers to make something move. Or maybe she just pretends it’s her boyfriend?

Gloria stares intently at her anatomical model.I didn’t want to witness anything disturbing that I could never un-see, so I decided to announce my presence and have a short chat with her. She just asked me if I knew Wendell from Sumware. I said yes, and she told me that he designed the chocolate shirt she was currently wearing.

Outside, Alli asked me if she should move out of town.

Alli: Do you think it's worth moving to another town to spice up my life?

I told her to stay, and I got the impression that she will indeed stick around…even though she didn’t explicitly say she would. The moving/not moving language used in City Folk is much more vague than it is in New Leaf.

When I visited Static, I found a sprinkler in his house. He’s watering his steel flooring?! Then again, maybe his gyroid just needed a bath. It did have spots all over it, after all.

Static uses a sprinkler to wash off his dirty gyroid.Savannah asked me to make a delivery to Aurora, and I agreed to help out. The package contained a blue sweatsuit, and Aurora’s eyes indicated she was reddy ready for it.

A red-eyed Aurora is surprised by the blue sweatsuit that Savannah sent her.I returned to Savannah and told her I made the delivery. She thanked me by giving me some kitchen flooring.