New Next Door Neighbor

Freckles was sick with a bad cold today, so I bought her some medicine. She flipped as she took it. Hey, she looks like a duck upside-down too!

Puddles flips as she takes some medicine.I ran into Tank outside, and he commented on my mohawk wig. Is it that obvious it’s a wig? πŸ˜›

Tank: What's that on your melon? A mohawk wig?He said if he had one, he would wear it to skateboarding practice just to mess with people.

I found a new house next door to me, where Broccolo recently lived. That spot never seems to stay empty for long. Cyrano once lived there, Del once lived there, and Elmer too (his 2nd time in Forest). I guess it’s nice to (almost) always have a next door neighbor.

So I went inside, and found Poncho the bear. He’s an okay villager, but I don’t think I’ll like him as much as Broccolo (or Cyrano, Del, or Elmer).

Poncho: Forest's shaping up to be pretty rad. Here's to life in the awesome lane, li'l bear!Savannah asked me for a spider tonight, and I hate to turn down any of her requests. But after shaking trees for a while, I found four bees (three of which stung me), but no spiders. Sorry, Savannah.

Gifts for Static

When I started up the game today, I found Broccolo’s goodbye letter in the mail. I think Broccolo is my favorite mouse in the whole series, although Chico (from the GameCube game) is up there too.

Dear Jeff, Moving day is finally here, and I keep thinking of the fun times we had. Those memories are what I'll take with me to my new town, not just boxes and stuff. -From BroccoloFreckles asked me to make a delivery to Static, and I agreed to help out. Even as I handed Static the gift, which was clearly clothing, he asked if it was a castanet or a cheese pizza. Maybe he needs glasses.

Static: A gift? From Freckles? What on earth could this be? A castanet? A cheese pizza?It was a noble shirt, and he seemed to enjoy it. When I returned to Freckles, she gave me a dirt-clod wall to thank me. Wow. Great reward.

A couple minutes later, Benedict also had a gift for Static! It’s not even his birthday! The gift was a cabin rug. When I returned to Benedict, he gave me a stone wall for my trouble. I’m noticing a trend. πŸ˜›

When I ran into Savannah, she asked me to play a game of hide-and-seek. I had 15 minutes to find Savannah, Freckles, and Chow. Savannah was the first one I found; she was hiding behind her own house!

Savannah hides behind her own house during a game of hide and seek.I later found Chow behind a tree near the museum, and Freckles was hiding behind Chow’s house.

Freckles hides behind a house during a game of hide-and-seek in Animal Crossing: City Folk.For winning the game, Savannah rewarded me with a mini dingloid. But I already have one…

Savannah: Have you ever given any thought to becoming a telephone psychic, old dog?
I knew you were going to ask me that.

Later, I went up to the observatory at the museum. I made a constellation, and then deleted it…just to get Celeste to say this. πŸ˜›

Celeste: ...Farewell, Wii U. I reunite you with your starry brethren.See you all next week!

Broccolo’s Sad Goodbye

It’s that time of year again. I dyed my hair green, put on a mohawk and a club shirt, and my transformation was complete. I am Mohawk McClover once again! As many of you already know, I become this character each March. I’ve been doing this every year since 2009!

Harriet: And here are your things back!Back in town, I got some bad news. Broccolo is moving out. πŸ™

Broccolo: Oh, oh, it's boss... I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to take off without saying anything, so cheesy!Not only was Broccolo one of my favorite villagers, but he’s also the villager that’s been in town the longest…since 2014, in fact! I’ll miss him.

Static asked me to find a pill bug for him, so I went out and caught one for him. He rewarded me with a gold econo-chair.

Opal was infested with fleas tonight. On two separate occasions just 12 minutes apart, I found her itching from fleas! I caught the flea both times. She claimed someone gave her fleas the first time, and then she blamed the second one on a mud facial she received.

Opal: Someone gave them to me! Someone did this to me! Oh, just WAIT until I find out who, kerPOW!Opal: All those mud facials! What a price to pay for a radiant face like mine, kerPOW!After selling some fossils, gyroids, and fruit, I went to deposit some money into my bank account at town hall. My balance reached 29 million bells for the first time.

Your current balance is 29,000,000 bells.