Coco to Go Go

I found Coco all packed up and ready to move out of town tonight. That’s a shame, because I liked having her around. She was my 4th favorite villager (behind Savannah, Static, and Benedict).

Coco: Well, there's no point in hiding it. You've probably guessed, but I've decided to leave Forest.Over by my northwest bridge, I listened in on a conversation between Savannah and Poncho. Savannah said that she bought an oversized novelty screwdriver. But Poncho thought it was just the start of a story or joke, so he asked what happened next. Savannah got a bit irritated, saying that’s all that happened. Alrighty then…

Savannah: What do you mean? And then nothing. That's it. That's all I did...I chatted with Chow nearby, and once I we were done, I noticed he was walking funny. Every couple steps, he would twitch to the side. I’m not sure what was wrong with him, but it looked kinda glitchy.

In Benedict’s house, the red rooster told me he was thinking of getting a pet. But you already have three fish!

Benedict: You know, lately I've been thinking of getting a pet, cluck.He asked me to catch a yellow butterfly for him. I would be glad to help him, except that yellow butterflies aren’t out this late at night. Sorry, bud.

Chicken Wants a Peacock

Static may be staying in town, but he’s also staying indoors. That’s because he’s sick with a cold. I bought some medicine for him tonight, though.

Static flips as he takes some medicine.Benedict had an unusual request for me: He wanted me to catch a peacock for him!

Benedict: This is where you come in, old pal. Think you could catch a peacock for me? Oh, please?
Are you aware this isn’t a hunting game?

He meant a peacock butterfly, though. Besides, Festivale has already passed, so I couldn’t get PavĂ© for him now anyway.

Freckles asked me to make a delivery to Savannah, so I took her the item. It turned out to be some ranch flooring. When I returned to Freckles and told her I completed the task, she rewarded me with some cloud flooring. But Tank was all up in our business.

Freckles: Check it out! It's cloud flooring! Yep! All yours, doyoing!
Give us some space, Tank. I can smell your breath.

Saving Static

Among some other letters, I got a notice from the Bank of Nintendo in the mail today. It told me I earned 99,999 bells in interest this month. (This was my first time playing in April).

The normal trees in town now have pink leaves, and cherry blossom petals are falling from the sky too. They make town look so pretty; it’s a shame they don’t last longer.

Pink trees in Forest, and cherry blossom petals falling from the sky.While walking around, I stopped to wave at several of my villagers. That included Savannah, Static, and Coco.

Animated GIF of me waving to Coco from across the river in Animal Crossing: City Folk (ACCF).

Poncho got locked out of his house, but I didn’t feel like fishing for his key. These scenarios seem to show up almost every week (even though I don’t always mention it in the blog, unless I help them out). It’s really kind of annoying.

I rode the bus out to the city, and I checked out the Happy Room Academy. My main room was the model room for this month, and Lyle seemed jealous (and a bit angry) that I had a piggy bank in my house.

Lyle: Lyle's been BUSTIN' HIS CHOPS trying to find him a piggy bank!Back in town, Static told me that he was thinking about moving out of town! I told him to stick around, and fortunately, he agreed to stay.

Static: And moving's such a hassle, anyway. All right, you've convinved me, I'll stay in Forest!

Chow asked me to catch an orchid mantis, and later Freckles asked me for a tiger butterfly. I spent several minutes looking around for those bugs, but I didn’t run across either one of them. Oh well.