Alli Goner

When I visited Alli tonight, I saw that she had all her furniture packed up in boxes. She said I was just in time to see her all sweaty and gross.

Alli: No, no! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it! It's just that I'm moving away I'm a little fragile.I kind of like Alli, but I’m not really upset that she’s leaving. She’s had a fairly long stay here in Forest. Bon voyage, Alli! Later, gator!

Twiggy asked me to make a delivery to Broccolo, so I went searching for the mouse. Once I found him, I gave him the item (some ceramic tile). He told me that he loves presents…and men. Alrighty then.

Broccolo: A gift from Twiggy? Neat! I Love presents, and men!When I returned to Twiggy and told her the news, she rewarded me with 520 bells. I’ve been noticing that amount several times lately. Is 520 the new 552?

I made a trip out to the city, but nothing was going on. When I returned to Forest, I ran into Broccolo again. He asked me to make a delivery to Tank for him. Tank was in his house, so it was an easy task. The gift was a one-ball shirt, and he really seemed to enjoy it.

Tank: Oh, a one-ball shirt. Shirts like these are really comfy because they're elastic and stretchy.
One-ball shirt: Comfy.
One-ball pants: Not so much.

I returned to Broccolo with the news, and he gave me a better reward: a gold stereo! That’s more like it!

Rod was locked outside of his house, but it was late and I didn’t feel like fishing for Rod’s rod. He’ll have to sleep outside tonight, even if he ends up being reel tired. See you all next time!

Wilderness Survival Game

Alli asked me for a fossil tonight, so I gave her a dinosaur egg I had in my pockets. Yes, I carry dinosaur eggs around with me sometimes. Don’t judge me. 😛

Alli: This is the way popular dinosaur egg I asked you to find!She thanked me by giving me 520 bells. If I knew that was all she was going to give me for it, I would have gone ahead and scrambled it for breakfast instead!

I met up with Chow, and he asked me to play a wilderness survival game with him. It actually sounded a bit scary the way he described it.

Chow: One thing I do is get some buddies to hide in the deep shadows, then I go after them, see?But he was just talking about hide-and-seek, and I agreed to play. He gave me 15 minutes to find him, Savannah, and Tank. It didn’t me long to find the first of them; I immediately spotted Savannah sticking her head out from behind the bulletin board!

Savannah peeking out from behind the bulletin board during a game of hide-and-seek.I later found Chow hiding behind a tree near Able Sisters. And with 11 minutes remaining, I found Tank hiding behind Scott’s house. That was a pretty quick win. Chow gave me a mini harmonoid as my prize.

Chow: Course, we both know that this loss was a complete fluke! Probably never happen again!Bluebear asked me to make a delivery to Rod, so I took it to the mouse’s house. The item was a dirt-clod wall, which doesn’t sound like a very good gift. But Rod actually loved it!

Rod: What?! From Bluebear?I tracked Bluebear down outside and told her I made the delivery. She thanked me by giving me 520 bells, and she apologized for springing it on me out of the blue.

Bluebear: Nice work, Jeff! Sorry I sprung that on you all out of the blue, peach!I took a bus ride out to the city and saw that the passageway to the Reset Surveillance Center was open! So I walked inside and had a chat with Mr. Resetti. He said he hadn’t seen his kid in a whole week, and then he told me to eat the leftover pizza! This must be a rare occasion where Resetti seems like a sympathetic, likeable character. He’s actually being nice! How odd.

Resetti: Hey, there's some leftover pizza around here, so make sure ya eat it, all right?That wrapped up my night in Forest. But there is some Animal Crossing news that broke today. (You may have already seen if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook). The Virtual Console version of Animal Crossing: Wild World is being released in America tomorrow (October 13th)! It’s already available in other regions, but I’ve been waiting for it to hit America for a while.

I’ll be launching a new Wild World Blog for it, and since it’s on Wii U, I’ll be able to record videos of it too! So stay tuned for that. It’s exciting starting out a new town. I wonder who my starting villagers will be?

Bluebear Moves In

Alli asked me to join in a “fabulous event” tonight, and I agreed to participate. She was talking about a game of hide-and-seek, and she gave me ten minutes to find her and two mice (Broccolo and Rod).

Alli: So, let's lay out some ground rules here, heeeeeyy.Broccolo was the first critter I found, hiding behind a tree near the center of town.

Broccolo: Aw, man! You got me!A bit later, I found Alli hiding behind a tree near the empty house and then I spotted Rod near the museum.

Rod: Yaaaargh, you got me! Ace!For winning the game, Alli rewarded me with a mega clankoid.

As I made my way around town, I spotted a new house on the west bank of the river. It belongs to Bluebear the…blue bear. I don’t know what I expected. Welcome to Forest, Bluebear.

Bluebear: Oh! Hiya! I'm Bluebear!Rod asked me to make a delivery to Tank, and I agreed to help out. The item turned out to be a cat top. Tank said it’s comfy because it’s elastic and stretchy. It must be really stretchy if it’s going to fit a rhino!

Tank: Oh, a cat top. Shirts like this are really comfy because they're plastic and stretchy.When I returned to Rod and told him I made the delivery, he thanked me and gave me an old brick wall.

Benedict was sick with a cold, so I stopped by Nook ‘n’ Go to buy some medicine for him. I took it back to Ben and spooned in the medicine. He flipped with excitement. Get well soon, rooster.

Benedict flips as he takes his medicine.And before I ended my game for the night, I headed up to Able Sisters. I swapped out my green brick path for my orange brick path that I use each October.

The orange brick path I use each October.