Happy Halloween!

Today I went to Crazy Redd’s shop to check this week’s new items. He had a basketball hoop, an amazing painting, and a cabin dresser. I didn’t need any of them.

A basketball hoop, an amazing painting, and a cabin dresser on sale in Crazy Redd's shop.I returned to Forest and started trapping my animals in holes. When you do that, they can’t chase after you once the Halloween festival starts at 6:00. It makes the process a thousand times easier. I started with Robin, who warned me about Megan.

Robin: You know, Megan from May West sure is one to keep on your radar, with worms.Next, I trapped Sydney.

Sydney, trapped in a spot surrounded by holes.I made sure to pick up the candy Guest had laid out for me.

Picking up some candy (with ants on it).The last villager I locked up was Anabelle. I got her against the wall by the gate. Nice and out of the way.

Anabelle trapped against the cliff.Thanks to a tip from Tom, I was watching at 6:00 when the trapped animals backflipped into their costumes. Here, you can see Bob’s transformation.

Bob turns into a pumpkin head as the Halloween festivities begin.The festival was now underway. I trick-or-treated at Del’s just to make sure my costume was acceptable. As expected, it worked fine and Del gave me candy.

Del: Oh, it's you! I didn't recognize you in costume for a minute, there!I did a little Jack hunting and got a few spooky items. Then, at 7:00, I opened my gate. Megan Midna came over to visit.

Megan arrives in Forest, wearing a Midna mask.We were searching and searching for Jack. Eventually, I found him on the dead end. Megan actually saw him first, but I didn’t know it until it was too late. I told her to call dibs next time. 😀

Jeff: Got him on dead end! Megan: I SAW HIM!We would coincidentally even things out later on. I found Jack but stopped to check to see if I had candy in my inventory. I didn’t, so I had to get it out from a letter. But by the time I had, Megan was already there talking to Jack. I didn’t even know she was in the area, but it worked out fine and we were back to even.

We tried trick-or-treating at Jeff’s house, but he didn’t come out and give us any candy. What a jerk.

Megan: I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE!Megan posted a message on the bulletin board for all the trapped animals.

Happy Halloween, Forest! Hope you don't mind being trapped the whole night watching humans pass you by with all their candy!Trick-or-treat….

Jeff and Megan, in unison: SMELL MY FEET!Megan has previously said the empty house by the river is her vacation home. So we trick-or-treated there, but nobody came out to give us candy. So I (jokingly) called that Megan a witch.

Megan: NO CANDY FOR YOU. Jeff: Witch!At some point, I found Jack but accidentally hit the Z button (to decline) when Jack asked me if I had candy for him. So he turned something (I don’t know if it was candy or a piece of spooky furniture) into a jack-in-the-box. Oops.

Later, I found Jack by Jambette’s grave. That is, the empty space where her house was. Flowers were planted there, not to honor Jambette of course, but to regrow the grass.

Jack: Excellent! Thanks, pumpkin!I helped Megan complete her spooky set–I traded items she needed for duplicates that she got. When she was done, shortly before 10:00, she left for the night. I played a bit longer. I ran out of candy (although I still had some in my house, I forgot about it) so I did some trick-or-treating.

Egbert: Wait, wait, on a pizza! I'll just give you candy! Just please don't play any tricks on me!By the time I was done, I had earned 309,300 bells on the night.

Tom Nook: I'll put the rest in bags and give those to you, yes? Oh, and don't worry, that fine service is free, hm?After that, I put my clothes and candy in a safe place and freed Anabelle. I got a few extra pumpkin heads and jack-in-the-boxes.

Anabelle: Give me candy, please! Jeff: NEVER!After that, I ended my game for the night. I’ll have a bit of a clean-up to do tomorrow. The patterns I placed down to warn visitors of the animals will be there, as will the candy on the ground and in my house, and all of my normal pocket/letter contents are on the floor of my house as well. It was worth it all though, I had a good time. I hope you all had a happy Halloween as well! 🙂

Update: Here is a video showing many of tonight’s highlights.

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